SINGAPORE – Unity of the Seers


‘White Rose’

In 1986-87, a very important Seer named Christine Lee, from Singapore, came into the picture. She, with two other Privileged Souls, Moses Chia and Julie Lim, united with me receiving many messages about me being the last Pope and also Little Abraham’.

The following are excerpts of an Apparition given to ‘White Rose’ – Christina Lee – Seer of Singapore

WHITE ROSE: – 4th September, 1993 – “…(words missing)… on Our Lord’s right Hand was Pope John Paul II. He was wearing his Papal robe, but he had a Crown of Thorns around his head and on his left hand side of Our Lord was the Pilgrim Pope – Heaven’s ‘Little Pebble’ of Love. He was also wearing a Papal robe, but a different colour. It was of the Order of Saint Charbel and he too, had a Crown of Thorns around his head. Blood was dripping down from Our Lord’s Head, and Jesus said that it was for the Church of today that He shed His Blood – over and over again.”

“There was blood dripping down from Pope John Paul’s head too – blood of sorrow; blood of martyrdom. On the ‘Little Pebble’s’ head there was lots of blood, bleeding for the intention of Holy Mother Church. Our Lady, too, had blood on Her Immaculate Heart and a Crown of Thorns around Her Heart which, also, was dripping with blood. There were many Angels to the left and right of Our Lord, and then these two Holy Vicars were hugging each other beneath the Feet of Our Lord, and Pope John Paul’s Crown of Thorns was entwined onto that of the Little ‘Rock’. Pope John Paul handed over the Cross on his chest – the cross that he has worn during his Papacy…”

The following is an excerpt of the Message given during the Rosa Mystica Devotion on the 26th January, 1989:

OUR LORD: “… But in the end, the Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart will triumph and then you will see a new Heaven and new earth and the Son of Man descending with brilliant glory. All those who are faithful and true, all my dear children, will rise and live in this great peace. There will not be any sufferings, pains, sorrows, sickness and mourning. There will be only joy, love and peace and living with My light and love. My ‘Little Pebble’ will enlighten all of you. I Bless all of you. In Nomine Patris et Filii at Spiritus Sancti. Amen.”

Augustine Savery

It is important to mention here that Augustine Savoury was the Promoter at the time, who worked hard under heavy persecution from the Church, to maintain the growth of the Mission, but Christine, like Julie and Moses, separated from me in 1994.