USA – Unity of the Seers

United States of America


The first Seer who united with me was Genevieve, of the ‘Knotted Cord of Love Rosary Mission’, Sunset, Louisiana, U.S.A. She rang me in August, 1984, and gave me these words:

“Jesus said to Peter: “Upon this ‘rock’ I will build My Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it”. Upon a ‘Rock’ Jesus built His Church; upon you, a Pebble’, He will restore it. The Pebble’s’ Mission will be to restore the Church. The Mission in the U.S.A. – through Genevieve – He will save the world. “Through the Mission in Australia – through the `Little Pebble’ – I will save the Church”.

Prior to receiving this Message about me becoming the Shepherd – in 1983 Jesus and Mary revealed to me and seven other workers, secretly, that I would be the last Pope for the Catholic Church. This Message was again given late in 1984, privately, to be handed to the present Pope later in April, 1985, at the private audience. Genevieve was told that I was going to be the last Pope. I was very surprised that this information came from her as this was secret knowledge given to me in 1984. Genevieve was the first public Seer to unite with me, and Jesus and Mary spoke about me, publicly, through her Messages.

The following is an excerpt from Genevieve’s letter dated 20th August, 1984: “Yes; She (Our Lady) has shared with me about the importance of your Mission for uniting all true Seers. United with you I will be instrumental, also, in this work that God has entrusted to so humble and loving a soul as yours”.

Excerpts of Messages from Our Lady to Genevieve:

OUR LADY: – 22nd August, 1984 – “Continue, My daughter, to unite your prayers, of others, but especially with those of My precious son in Australia known to many as the `Little Pebble’, for so great a Mission God has entrusted to this humble soul.”

OUR LADY: – 19th September, 1984 – (again referring to unity) “Those places of Apparitions that choose, because of the antics of Satan, to not be united to other true places of Apparition, will fall.”

OUR LADY: – 21st November, 1984 – “Yes, I have confirmed, My child, to My precious son – My precious `Little Pebble’ that you, indeed, will help him in bringing forward the victory of My Immaculate Heart.”

OUR LADY: – 8th December, 1984 – “Not long ago I again made reference of My precious Knotted Cord of Love Rosary’ to My precious Little Pebble’ of Australia.”

In August, 1985, division occurred because Genevieve received a message that I was not going to be the Pope. Also, she was having problems at the time with other Seers who had separated from her.

OUR LADY: – 21st November, 1984, Vol. 18 – “… Yes, I have confirmed, My child, to My precious son, My precious `Little Pebble’, that you, indeed, will help him in bringing forward the victory of My Immaculate Heart.”

OUR LADY: – 8th December, 1984, Vol. 20 – “…..Not long ago, I again made reference of My precious Knotted Cord of Love Rosary to My precious Little Pebble’ of Australia in the following message: The victory of My Immaculate Heart will come through the power of prayer, the Holy Rosary, and with this Cord of Love, the Holy Rosary, must be worn the Brown Scapular. These are the two signs of My Immaculate Heart, My child and children. Be assured, My child and children, Satan can never promote these great and powerful weapons’ of love, the two Sacramentals of Mercy, the Holy Rosary and the Brown Scapular.”

The ‘Little Lamb’

In December 1987, Jesus asked me to make known the Messages of a Hidden Soul of the most Holy Eucharistic Heart, whose mystical name was the ‘Little Lamb’ of the Eucharistic Heart. This little soul had been a ‘Victim Soul’ for Jesus for most of her life. She had several Spiritual Directors, and since the early part of 1987 had been instructed by Jesus to correspond with me, as our hearts were to be bonded in the Heart of Jesus. I had also been advised by Our Lady to tell the ‘Little Lamb’ to have some of the Messages She had received from Our Lord and Our Lady, put in booklet form. I did this, and was the custodian of her works until she separated from me. Please pray for her as her Mission is very important for the salvation of the Priests of Holy Mother Church.

Dr. Mary Jane Even

Letter from Dr. Mary Jane Even, Seer of the U.S.A.

“13th August, 1990”

“Dear ‘Little Pebble’,”

“Peace be with you. Praised be Jesus and Mary now and forever. A few weeks ago I sent to you by Fax a brief note explaining that I was in great need of the latest list of Seers and those united with you. I did not ask this of myself, but the Lord has specifically asked me to obtain such a list now in order to prepare for my Apostolate and Missions. I wish to thank you for sending the two page list from 1987 to me last week but I am concerned. This list does not include many seers who are on other lists. Do you have a more up to date list? I assure you it is imperative that I receive an up to date listing of all seers with addresses. Please ask Jesus to support this request for it comes from Him and is directly related to the Glory of the Blessed Mother.”

“Thus I must ask again. Would you send me a full list of seers and addresses. I know you are so busy. Please forgive my earnest persistence – I do it for Jesus and Mary. I now have a fax machine and ask you to forward the list to me as quickly as you possibly can. Many thanks and Blessings on you.”

“In addition, Jesus has asked me to alert you to His great desire that I come visit you in a short while and asks me to ask you if such a visit would be acceptable. He has assured me that He has spoken to you of this. Would you mind me coming to visit with you? Would such a visit be welcome? Could we spend some time discussing some important matters? Could I make some presentations to those on the Holy Grounds and those of the Order?”

“Since this is a preliminary request and while no formal arrangements can be made as yet, I wanted to seek your input early to understand how you would respond to my later request. I feel this is necessary to give me a sense of your support and enlightenment in regard to my Apostolate and Missions. Thank you so very much, Little Pebble…”

Linh-Duoc Nguyen

Testimonial on 7th February, 1986, from Linh-Duoc Nguyen, California, U.S.A. Miraculous Cure from Brain Cancer.

“My wife, Duyen, had a brain cancer; the doctors condemned on October 28th 1986 that she would die in no more than seven days. This period is now long overdue. It happened during our vacation, October 10 to November 2nd, 1986. Sure she is alive, now much healthier than ever before; besides, her skin has become as a baby’s skin as all her black spots on her face and her pimples and freckles disappeared.

Yes, a Miracle was worked during our Pilgrimage to the Apparition Site in Nowra, Australia, of Our Lady of the Ark, Mary Our Mother, Help of Christians’. In fact, we left Los Angeles for Sydney on October 20th, 1986. On the Nowra Sacred Ground we twice witnessed the Miracle of the Sun and many prodigies. That was on October 13th 1986, as promised by Our Lady. We can show you over 250 photographs, and 9 recorded audio cassettes to relate about our stay in Australia – either at your Prayer meetings or at my home. We will have, hopefully soon, a video tape too. This will be announced as soon as it will be available. But the greatest Miracle for my family is still my wife saved from a sure and immediate death. May this letter express our thanks and Glory to the Living God and to Our Blessed Mother, so Merciful to us, for having saved my wife as well as my family. This letter would also replace our report on our Pilgrimage to Nowra Sacred Grounds, Australia, where Our Blessed Mother continues to appear to the Little Pebble’.” (Enclosed for the `Little Pebble’: three reports from the Doctors.

Letter from Mr. Linh-Duoc Nguyen to the Director of 20/20 Program, California, U.S.A.

Dear Mr. Director, 18th June, 1988

“I am not a regular TV viewer however the 20/20 Program last night, Friday June 17th, 1988 was most wonderful, especially when you presented the Apparition Site of Medjugorje in Yugoslavia. Many pilgrims have circulated their own presentations in Video tapes, however your presentation is the best to me and to some of my friends. Why? Because it’s made by specialists and by impartial observers.”

“Now that there are many new apparitions as well known as Medjugorje, for instance the Nowra Apparition, south of Sydney, in Australia, where I was twice, the first time in October 1986 when my wife obtained a cure from brain cancer there and when I found about one thousand people, – the second time in February 1988 when I found about five thousand people; each time we have observed many miracles. The Australian TV has made fun of it – that does not mean it’s not true. With your competent technicians under your clever direction, you may find out attractive truths. With hundreds of my photographs, a number of which are miraculous photographs, I will be available to furnish you some information; and with some knowledge of mine, as I work closely with the Seer of this Holy Ground, I can help you in the shooting of a film and in the contact of the main Seers and the main people to get accurate information. May God Bless you and Protect you…” (Reference is made here to a well known Seer of Vietnam also known all over Asia.)”

Letter from Phuong Nguyen, Anneheim, California, U.S.A.

“4th November, 1987”

“Dear ‘Little Pebble’,”

“I write to you today for several reasons. First, I want to congratulate you for your very successful trip of a month long. I am waiting to read its full report in the coming Messages.”

“Secondly, I am instrumental to convey to you the most sincere and warmest greetings of the Seer Ho Ngoc Anh from Vietnam. Back from prison some ten days ago, he hastened to write to Peter Nguyen to console and encourage him, because, in the prison, he has learned from celestial sources that Peter is suffering severe assaults from Satan. Exactly in this letter, Ho Ngoc Anh sent to you and to your family his highest respects. About Peter Nguyen, he is suffering devastating tribulations coming from Hell itself.

Last but not least, I express my wish to have the papers for registering myself in the Order of Saint Charbel. I think that all the arrangements concerning this matter must be done the sooner the better, because the day when a true Mass cannot be distinguished from a false Mass is almost at hand. Besides, if I belong officially to your Order, I might help something in financial matter, because, then I will be no more in recluse as I am now. People know a lot about Truc Long because of his writings and his works, but nobody knows who Truc Long is. Again, I want to thank you for everything…”


Excerpt of Messages given to Michael, Seer, of U.S.A. re: the ‘Little Pebble’s’ Mission overseas, on the 3rd March, 1986:

OUR LADY: “… My child, this now concludes tonight’s Message. You will pray now with Me and you will remember long enough to include with the Message all of the Words of My prayer for the parents. You will later pray for the fellow mission in Australia. My ‘Little Pebble’ will need your prayers while he travels in your nation.”

SAINT JOSEPH: – 14th February, 1985 – “… You are to stay in contact with the `Little Pebble’. I feel it would be of benefit to you both…”

OUR LADY: – 13th March, 1985 – “… My child, you are to listen to the advice from Australia. You will use the advice from him, as it is THE TRUTH!…”

Franz Joseph Keiler

Excerpt of a Messages given to Franz Joseph Keiler, Seer of the U.S.A. (This Seer has the support of a Cardinal, who also supports the ‘Little Pebble’ privately. He has three priests as Spiritual Directors. He has also seen the Pope privately many times.)

OUR LADY: – 27th February, 1987 – “… Good bye for now and God bless you, continue to spread my Messages and those of My Divine Son, Guard your health and your door. send My Blessings to all My Voice-boxes, especially My son in Australia. Remember my children, read all, compare none. Go in Peace.”

OUR LADY: – 11th November, 1985 – “… My child, again I stress that no one Apparition site is more important than another; no one message is more important than another. I send My Blessings to you, My son Franz, and to my special son from another Continent (refers to the `Little Pebble’). Pray for each other for both missions are very important…”

OUR LADY: – 12th March, 1986 – “… My child: your meeting with the other Voice-boxes brought a great deal of peace to you, and brought greater Glory to the Eternal Father. My Immaculate Heart is joyous over the reception of My children. Pray for all the Voice-boxes, My children, for this period will be very difficult for them, for many are criticised unduly. Stay faithful to the messages, My children, for they will bring you much consolation.”

Leslie Garay

Letter from Leslie A. Garay, Seer of the U.S.A. dated 20th November, 1984, as follows:

“Many thanks for your good letter of November 1st, including the very informative messages given to `Little Pebble’ by Our Lord and Lady. Needless to say I count it a special privilege as well as a Blessing to have received these on November 13th, for which day I made a special preparatory Novena. The contents of these messages are a tremendous help to me personally, for they confirm the prophetic messages I am hearing from my Lord, and which I disseminate locally to the few with listening ears. Indeed, the time is very, very short …”

“On September 4th, Our Lady asked the `Little Pebble’ to propagate the message of Dozulé which are of great importance to the world. Could you send me xerox copies of these messages, or give me an address where I could obtain them?….”


Message given to Marianne, Seer of the U.S.A. on the 14th February, 1986:

OUR LADY: “… I send My son, the `Little Pebble’ on this arduous journey, to Bless you and shower Graces on you through the Eternal Father. You who are here will receive special Graces for being here. Those who, through legitimate reasons, were unable to come, I will bring in spirit to join you…”

Sister Mildred Mary

Sister Mildred is a Contemplative Sister from Fostoria, Ohio, and is united with me and My Mission. She has been receiving very strong Messages from Our Lady and Our Lord for many years, and she has been approved by the Church. Sister Mildred wrote to me in 1988 regarding some miraculous pictures she had taken. The following is some excerpts of Messages given by Heaven to Sister Mildred:

OUR LORD: – 22nd May, 1954 – “God is Light, man is darkness, and unless he comes into the light, he will be forever darkness.”

OUR LORD: – 11th July, 1954 – “Woe to parents who set a bad example to their children! Terrible will be their judgement. I will demand a strict account of every soul entrusted to their care. Woe to parents who teach their childen how to gain materially in this world and neglect to prepare them for the next! Woe to children who disobey and show disrespect towards their parents! Honour thy father and thy mother. On this shall they be judged most severely. My children, every home and every soul is My Father’s House, for He made them and they are His.”

OUR LADY: – April, 1957 – “My sweet child, unless My children reform their lives they will suffer great persecution. If man himself will not take up himself the penance necessary to atone for his sins and those of others, God in His Justice will have to send upon him the punishment necessary to atone for his transgressions.”

Testimonial – 1986

Mildred Howell, Tombstone, U.S.A.

“My son is writing this letter since I am too sick to stay up. Last month Our Lady requested that I write to the ‘Little Pebble’, tell him what is happening in our Church, and offer once again to join with him for the Unity of Marian workers and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

“Last year, when I was taken to the hospital, Jesus asked me if I wanted to go home or stay and continue working for His Mother. I chose to stay. After the first two operations I asked why I had to be disabled when I had a job to do? Our Lady told me I could witness to more people in the hospitals than outside. Our Lady arranged for the third operation to be at a time when the Bishop was holding a big dedication ceremony at the hospital, but the Bishop refused to visit me.”

“Since I was in the hospital, we have a new Priest who has installed Altar girls and women Eucharistic Ministers. He believes it is proper dress for the women to wear men’s trousers and cut their hair. He wants everyone to take Communion in the hand and on the run to save time. He has preached homilies against the idolatry of Mary describing her in blasphemous terms and stated that no priest in their right mind believed in any of the Apparitions of Mary. He has called me demon directed and a liar.”

“Our diocese has a television station. It is promoted as a religious family channel. It has one hour of religious programming each day and the other 19 hours is trash, some of it too filthy to be shown on secular network TV. Our Bishop has reinforced the position on alcohol content in the Blood of Christ. Even the alcoholic priest must continue in his drunken state. He has abandoned the Catholic newspaper that reached all the members of the diocese.”

“Our Parish holds saloon, run-way, and belly dance classes in the old church building. It holds karate classes and elections. It holds gambling, dinners, and sales, but it cannot hold a public Rosary, Eucharistic Vigil, prayer vigil, procession, or Bible study without the Bishop’s approval and he does not approve devotions he has not sponsored and he does not sponsor anything but large tour groups and events that have national media coverage.”

“The hand of Judgement is on the Church when it’s priests are drunken fornicators and child molesters and the people must sue their Church to obtain protection for their children from reprobate priests who are condoned by Mother Church. How can the sheep ever reach the safety of the sheepfold when the shepherds are wolves, the spiritual directors are serpents, the prophets are bears, the teachers are lions, and Mother Church has born a brood of vipers?….”