Message 717 – 16 May 2015

Heaven weeps because mankind goes hurtling towards the Abyss – How much more must My Father endure because you are so obstinate in your sin – Satan seeks souls that are consecrated to Our Most Sacred Hearts – Priests of My House, turn back from the path that you have allowed in My Church – You must spend time in reflecting upon your lives; let each day be a new beginning – Greater Chastisements are coming also to Australia, which has been protected so far.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The White Cross has been in the sky since 4 o’clock – I knew because I saw it as we were still watching the singers and listening to the music. The Angels were already telling me that Our Lord was coming very shortly. The White Cross is still there, and I was told what we have to pray. (The Divine Mercy Chapel was recited)

Jesus has now come through the White Cross, very powerfully, and He comes down on this beautiful Light – it is like Our Lord is passing through mist, coming towards us – it is very strange. It is as if Our Lord is walking through a fog. He is coming very close to the building now, as I often see him in the Divine Mercy picture. He is so beautiful.

Our Lord has taken a rose from His Heart. He says it is from His Holy Mother as a gift for my birthday. I see Saint Simon Stock standing to the right of Our Lord holding a scapular.

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Lord is pointing to His Most Sacred Heart; but more Light has come from His Heart, and it is like “whoosh” and It goes all over the world.

OUR LORD: “I greet you, My beloved son, Our Little White Rock, and all My beloved children gathered here before My Most Sacred Heart, and all My children throughout the world. How I Love you, My dear children. I have given you my life on the Cross of Calvary. I have given you My Most Holy Mother and so many Sacrifices for mankind – and still My children will not love Us. How Heaven weeps at this time, because mankind goes hurtling towards the Abyss, not caring or knowing where they go. It is a sad time for mankind and yet a time of Great Mercy. Why, dear children, have so many of you abandoned My Father?”

“Consider now, very carefully, your Blessings – the Blessings that We have given you from country-to-country. My Holy Mother and I have travelled throughout the world to gather the sheep, but there are many that are far away from Us – these too must be gathered. For this reason there have been so many Visitations from Heaven to Earth. Please, dear children, listen to Our Hearts. Time is so short, as We have told you for so long. How much more must My Father endure because you, My children, are so obstinate in your sin. We long to gather you and bring you under Our protection.”

“All the many Chastisements that you witness at this time are a sign to you to wake up from your slumber. Turn away from the path that you have chosen – and many of you have chosen the wrong path that leads away from Eternal Life. Satan, Our enemy, seeks souls that are consecrated to Our Most Sacred Hearts, because these souls are ‘jewels’. Already he has gathered many to stoke the fires, My dear children. More Chastisements will fall – greater ones than you have witnessed in these past many years – until mankind awakens.”

“Consider your souls, dear children – your souls were created in Our Image. Do not sully them with sin and corruption. Satan is very clever, dear children – and cunning. He offers you many gifts and distractions to take you away from Our Kingdom, which is the Kingdom of Love”

“Pray, My sweet children, pray! Offer up many sacrifices for your brothers and sisters, for the Great Warning that We have spoken of for many years, will soon be upon you and very little time will be left then for humanity, before I come as Judge. This time is still a time of Mercy. Consider well every decision you now make, My sweet children. Walk in the path of Light. Pray for discernment and enlightenment of your hearts and consciences. Think well of what you do, what you say and what you think – for remember well, that everything that happens in your lives is noted in the Book of Heaven. The Angels are with you seeking to help you, but you need to ask for their help.”

“Heaven does not seek the destruction of souls nor the pain of suffering that now is upon Earth – but you, My children, have allowed this in your lives because of your sinfulness, forgetting about God and His Kingdom, losing your charitableness towards your neighbour – judging one another – cursing God and yourselves. Do not allow, My sweet children, for evil to enter your lives, but act according to truth and justice, faithfulness and hope. Those, My dear Servants – Priests of My House upon Earth – turn back from the path that you have allowed in My Church and in the world, to bring to destruction those who are called for Paradise.”

“Those in high places seek to change the law – the Law of God; the Law through Moses; the Law handed down by the Fathers of the Church over many centuries. But I am the Foundation Stone. Hell will not prevail against the Church. It may try to crush My dear children. However, the Remnant Church of My Heart will remain strong in these times of great turbulence.”

“My sweet children, you must spend time in reflecting upon your lives. Let each day be a new beginning for you as you walk the path towards Paradise, hand in hand with Me, your Divine Saviour and with My Most Holy Mother – with the assistance of the Holy Angels and all the Blessed souls in Heaven and on Earth. These are special times, dear children, never to be repeated again.”

“My Second Coming is very near, but the Great War will soon come upon humanity. The enemy is waiting, because Our true sons and daughters are asleep and when you least expect it, sweet children, humanity will be in great mourning. Have you not noticed, dear children, how many times the Earth has rumbled and quaked in many places and many children have perished, But these are but minor Chastisements upon the world – greater ones are coming and yes, dear children, also to this Nation, Australia, which has been protected so far. War with the North will soon come and Asia will be aflame. Therefore, sweet children, try and be ready at each moment, for no-one knows the hour, but the Angel will come to bring you to Judgement. There are many devotions given to mankind by Heaven – utilize them to save your brothers and sisters.”

“Today I bring with Me Saint Simon Stock who was given a gift from the Immaculate Heart of My Most Holy Mother – the Scapular. This Sacramental has been discarded by many, and yet it is so protective for Our children. Pray, My dear children, and know how much God Loves you – all of you are the apple of God’s Eye, precious to Heaven.”

“In a few days, dear son, My Most Holy Mother will come to you, as it is Her Great Feast Day – and yes all those for whom you have prayed, I Bless them that they know that Jesus Loves them. Yes, Our daughter is in Heaven.”

“This year, My sweet children, will be a very difficult year, for much suffering will come to Earth – so do not forget to take up the Rosary of My Most Holy Mother and My Beads of Mercy. Pray for all the Messengers of God, for they are under a heavy attack from Satan, because they bring forth My Word – but fear not, Heaven will triumph.”

“I Love you, My children, and the Rays that come from My Sacred Heart today, I send forth throughout the world to help to touch many hearts. I Bless you, My children. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Go in peace, My children, and be not afraid, for I Am always with you. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus slowly goes back through the White Cross and many beautiful lights come from the White Cross to the Earth. Now He has gone.

Here are the extra parts of the Message Jesus gave me this month:

4th May 2015

Last night Jesus came to me and told me that: “Once the Church has gone into a full division, Pope Frances will be removed and the Antichrist will sit upon the Throne of Peter. Also, that Pope Francis is going to Jerusalem.”

10th May 2015

Jesus came today and said: “Men honour the memory of World War II and World War I, but prepare for World War III.”

13th May 2015

Saint Jerusalemaeus, the Great Guardian Angel of Australia came and said: “All the Angels of each country are asking the Eternal Father for Divine Justice.”

Jesus then came and said: “The Earthquakes at this present time are God’s Anger, plus it was to slow the Antichrist down, and that God needs many prayers to avert the many Earthquakes coming, and other natural disasters, as God is much offended and His Holy Hosts are crying out to God to send down His Wrath.”

Jesus says to: “Pray! Pray!”

17 May 2015

Jesus said, as a Gift for the Feastday of Our Lady of the Ark [18 May 2015] Jesus will grant a Plenary Indulgence for those who wear the Brown Scapular [Our Lady of Mt. Carmel] and the Medal of Salvation given to MDM — will not see Purgatory, but Heaven and the New Era.


Have a look at this YouTube video. See how they scourge Jesus:

La Imagen de Cristo – Nunca Visita