Cross upon the World – 1 July 2015

Regarding the Message 719 dated 12 June 2015. Jesus placed his Cross on the world. Today, 1 July 2015, I had a chance to study this cross upon the World and the Countries it affects. Here are those Countries.

It would be good to read the Message of MDM – 16 May 2012 (link here) about the Second Seal and World War III. I believe we are now at that stage, considering the event in Greece. (Pray also Crusade Prayer 54 to dilute impact of WW III)

Please prepare your stock of food and essential items.

Countries affected:

Sudan, Ethiopia, Chad, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Myanmar, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Albania, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon,

France, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Malta, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Liechtenstein, Germany, Macedonia, Greece Turkey, Cypress, Montenegro,

Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Moldova, Georgia, Monaco, Bosnia, Taiwan, China, Russia.

God Bless,

The Little Pebble