Jesus Calls for MDM – 5 August 2015

Dear people of God,

Since for some time, God’s enemies — as mine, have been attacking me strongly — I have learned that God’s enemy is trying to shut down our website because it is reaching too many souls. Just like they did with MDM’s website. Your prayers are requested.

Secondly I am calling on God’s Prophet, Maria Divine Mercy to return to the Mission of God’s Work of saving souls — knowing that we are all sinners and can be tempted at any given time.

Maria, my little sister in Christ, be not afraid, trust in God’s Mercy and Love. You are needed now more than ever to assist Jesus to rescue souls. The Antichrist attacked you to make you give-up through fear! But you are stronger than that. Jesus needs you — we need you, God’s children need you. Come, my little sister, we all love you. Jesus is calling you.

I ask all groups who support MDM to see if one of you can reach her. We are all united in prayer.

God Love and keep you.

God Bless you.

William, the Little Pebble