The Trial of Jesus Christ in the 21st Century


How Jesus would have fared in today’s Justice System – test it yourself:

Arrested and charged in the early hours on Friday. Those charging Jesus were Annas – Caiaphas – Judas – a prostitute – a priest accusing Jesus of violence, casting out the people who had shops in the Temple. He is charged with molesting/harassment of women who were prostitutes, stirring up the public to riots and sedition, witchcraft with fraud (miracles) gathering large crowds – misdemeanour – gathering groups together without a permit – public mischief – causing bodily murder (Doras) – claiming to be a doctor (healer) – subverting the nation by instigation of the people not to pay tribute to Caesar (tax). Speaking against the authorities – namely the elders – rebellion against the Emperor – blasphemy.

The brief is the case against Jesus using Scripture to back up each accusation. The list of indictments follows:

  • Violence – throwing out and overturning shop owner: a) using a weapon, a whip, to inflict bodily harm.
  • Molesting and harassing prostitutes: a) Sexual Assault
  • Stirring up the people to riot: a) Sedition, b) Causing a public nuisance, c) Organising large crowds without a permit, d) Public mischief
  • Fraud: a) Claiming to be a healer – using witchcraft and medicines not approved by the Health Department
  • Murder: a) Causing death (Doras)
  • Subverting the people: a) Not to pay tax to pay tribute to Caesar
  • Rabble rousers: a) speaking against the authorities and leaders, b) using blasphemy.

Total of ten charges – carrying a maximum sentence of life – even death in some countries.

The trial would be before a jury. The jury members would be made up of:

  • a staunch Roman Catholic
  • an atheist
  • a Jewish Rabbi
  • a lesbian
  • a Buddhist
  • a communist
  • a feminist
  • a prostitute
  • a political activist
  • a gay activist
  • a mother of six children
  • a Muslim

The Judge would be an Australian.


Barrister: an agnostic

Solicitor: an Atheist

Witnesses: Priests – (Pharisees) – Judas, prostitutes


Barrister: St Nicodemus

Solicitor: Joseph of Arimathea

Witnesses: The Virgin Mary, St John, St Mary Magdalene, and those who were cured. St Joseph of Arimathea, St Martha, St Lazarus.

Jesus, at His arrest would have been at the Domain in Sydney, praying with His Apostles.

The whole trial would be in the Newspapers, Television and on the Internet daily.

From the writings of Maria Valtorta and Anne Catherine Emmerich, using the questioning of the Elders.

How would Jesus have fared? Guilty! – A Trial by Media

Dear People of God,

In 2009 I wrote this letter as was revealed to the Prophet Maria Valtorta, of Italy in 1945. About how many people were falling into Hell at that time; what then would it be now in 2015?

Jesus has revealed to so many Seers of the world how many people go to Hell each day. How painful must it be for God! It shows how important it is to live each day, one at a time, and take a personal account of our lives for each day.

When you wake up in the morning open up your heart to God and offer the day to God through Mary, so that each action we take can become our offering to God and greet your Guardian Angel.

When you go to bed make a good Act of Contrition and say with Jesus: into Your Hands I commend my spirit – so if you should leave this Earth you have cleansed your soul. Try to go to Confession at least once a week, and remember to pray for your families …

Population of the World in 2009 – 6,587,000,000

  • China – 1318 Billion
  • India – 1127 Billion
  • Europe – 495 Million
  • USA – 301 Million

1.7 Billion Catholic Christians

1 Billion Muslims

500 Million Hindu

300 Million Buddhist

In 1943 Jesus revealed to Maria Valtorta that 10% are saved and 90% go to Hell every day.

In 2009 Jesus revealed to the Little Pebble that 5% are saved.

Births every year are 134 Million

Deaths every year are 56 Million

Every day there are 365,000 born; and 152,000 deaths.

Only 15,000 are saved each day (10%)

137,000 go to Hell every day.

Each year: 5 Million + 60,000 are saved; 51 Million go to Hell.

  • China – Buddhism —> 5 Seers
  • China – Buddhism
  • India – Hindu –> 5 Seers
  • Asia – Hindu, Muslim, Christian –> 20 Seers
  • Europe – Christian –> 700 Seers
  • Africa – Christian, Muslim –> 200 Seers
  • North & South America – Catholic –> 300 Seers
  • 658-700 in the Light –> 10% in 1973; in 2009 it was 5%; the rest of Oceania is 20 Seers.

See this YouTube Link – a Korean Artist – Pictures from the Pit (Hell): (Note: video has been removed)