Moving from the Cities – 29 August 2015

Dear People of God,

As I have mentioned before – I would write about the Messages given by Heaven over twenty years where Our Lord has said for mankind to leave the cities and go to the country; other Messages saying that there is no need to do this. Then you have the Messages which say to leave your areas due to possible earthquakes, floods, war etc.

First of all, these Messages are true, but they must be understood in the context of the Message. I put it to you in this way: Jesus does not mean emptying the cities, because millions of souls would not have the means. But those who do have the means, should leave the cities and purchase a farm so that they can grow their own food and become self-sufficient and independent; these places would become the refuge of the Remnant Church, where the Sacraments will be preserved – e.g. Mass.

The reason God is asking this is because, during the Reign of the Antichrist you will not have his “Mark”, therefore you will have the means to survive. Many of those left in the cities will be able to flee to all of these properties; but those who cannot move due to ill health, or other situations, God will protect them. Then there are those who are living in areas where there could be major earthquakes, volcanoes etc. – I would like you to reflect on this.

In America you have a place called “Tornado Alley” – yet people live there and do not move, because they place their trust in God.

So what should we do where a volcano is active? It would depend on how close this was to where you would be living. As for Los Angeles, U.S.A. – California, U.S.A.: it is very clear these cities will be destroyed. If I were you, I would move.

Then you have Private Revelation about Mid U.S.A. splitting in half; it is truly up to you – you must be very certain the Revelations given are coming from Heaven, because over the years so many Revelations were given to hide in bunkers or places of refuge, preparing for the Warning. You need not go hiding for the Warning. When the Reign of the Antichrist comes, then will be the time to go to the shelters. For now we simply prepare for the Warning: storing food, water, gas bottles for cooking, medication, candles, warm clothing etc. – for at least two weeks – as the Warning will change the Earth’s axis and balance before life returns to normal – if you can call it normal.

Do not be afraid; trust in God’s Love and Goodness as He will guide and protect each soul.

The period after the Warning will be crucial as everyone would have been confronted by God’s Presence. Millions will be dead and there will be peace for at least six months as there would be no other faith – only Christians. This will be the time of the New Evangelization, because all of you who have believed in the Messages of Heaven, will be strengthened by the Holy Spirit to go to all those who have been shocked into the truth of God’s existence, and the Catholic Church’s true teaching; plus restoring your family connection.

It will be the most beautiful time God will give to the world before He returns to Earth. There will also be a time of great reflection. People of other faiths and those with no faith, will be open now to the truth, but will not have the knowledge, so your time – once peace is restored – will be to help those dear souls. Then God will send down His Holy Spirit once again like a Pentecost, but much larger and more profound than the First Pentecost. It will be the Great Miracle as promised by Our Lady at Garabandal and all Apparition Places; all Apparition Places that are true – even though so many of them have been condemned by the Church – will be recognized. The Jewish Nation, though devastated by a military attack upon it, will finally accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah.

During these six months, while we pick ourselves up from the floor, the various groups of faithful souls – which will be in the millions – will prepare God’s children for the last stage before Jesus returns – namely, the Reign of the Antichrist. He, the devil, will mobilize his army. The Remnant Church will be ready.

I am only assuming, on my part, that from the time the Mass is truly removed from Rome, the three and a half years will follow. During this period the Church would have divided – like in the time of the Reformation centuries ago. All God’s children will be working together under the leadership of souls appointed by God. The Remnant Church will be very strong and sustained by God’s Spirit and protected by Saint Michael, Saint Joseph and Heaven, but mostly by the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Head of Her Army. The Twelve New Apostles will be organized under the French Monarch and the Last Vicar will then come forward designated by Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

When Jesus returns, the enemy of God will be destroyed and all evil ones. Between the Great Chastisement and the Second Coming is a Short Period.

I hope this will help you to understand things; do not fear; do not be afraid; trust in God’s Love, Mercy and Protection.

The Little Pebble