Who is the Angel of Divine Love?

Dear Followers of the Messages of Heaven from all Seers,

Luz de Maria received a very important Message on the 5th January 2016 with these Words from Our Lady:

OUR LADY: “My Son will send His help – this Angel of Divine Love, who will protect My Son’s people at the instants of tribulation – he will sustain you in the great oppression by the Antichrist and his legions.”

During the years in the 1990’s and early 2000, Jesus and Mary called the Little Pebble with that title. Read below the extracts – even Messages given to the Seer, Sister Danielle (Thornbush) confirming this title given to the Little Pebble.

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You also need to read the Luz de Maria Messages of 5th January and the 31st December Message.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Mother, You mentioned to me the meaning of why You called me ‘Angel of Divine Love’: Is it true what I was told?

On 3rd September 1994, Our Lady answered my question regarding the very profound salutation to a mere human like me:

OUR LADY: (Through Thornbush) “Yes, My sweet Little rock! What I have told you is true. This name has been Created in My Immaculate Heart. I Bless you, My beloved Little Peter, Mountain of Hope and Truth in Our Undivided Hearts: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

LITTLE PEBBLE: The following is Our Lady’s reply to me regarding the same question on the 5th September, 1994.

OUR LADY: (Through Thornbush) “My sweet and cherished son of My Immaculate Heart, truly My Angel of Divine Love: the reason for this highly exalted title of love is addressed to you because you are chosen in a very special way by the Eternal Father and you were Created by God for this special time, to bear witness to God’s Truth.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Mother, can you tell us the Mystery behind the 144,000 that have been marked, who are cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb and marked by the Cross? Are they the Chosen Marian Workers around the world who will pass through the Tribulation in the Preternatural state? Can You please explain, as many interpretations are now being given?

Our Lady answered my question on the 4th October 1993, as follows:

OUR LADY: “I will explain something to you, My sweet Angel of Divine Love, for it is simple. When My children are baptised know that it is at this time they are cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb and marked by the Sign of the Cross. For those who are Chosen – were chosen – during this time and they were also Consecrated to Me, My Little Pebble of Love. I thank you for your precious love and obedience…”

9th October 1993 – Message given to the Little Pebble on the Holy Mountain Apparition Place, Hiroshima, Japan.

OUR LADY: “My beloved son, My Little Pebble of Love; My sweet Angel of Divine Love as I call you; My beloved Thornbush; My sweet Priest-sons, Apostles and Disciples of My Immaculate Heart; My Mystic children and all of My beloved children here present: I bring you today the gift of the Holy Ghost to give you strength and faith to follow the path of My Divine Son, Jesus.”

“Easter is near, My sweet children – the time of trial; the Crucifixion of the Mystical body. Therefore, prepare your souls with the power of the Holy Ghost, to the reception of My Divine Son, Jesus, in the Blessed Eucharist, in Holy Confession. You must all be soldiers of Christ defending the true faith of God – Holy Mother Church.”

21st October 2000 – Message 603

OUR LORD: “I send you My Fatherly Blessing through the Most Purest of all Creatures – My Most Holy Mother: In the Name of the father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And you, My sweet Angel of Divine Love, My Little Peter, you, who have been on trial by the new Sanhedrin – they have already judged you, My son, even before the trial began.”