Visions of 24-25 January 2016



24th January 2016

LITTLE PEBBLE: While at the 12.30 pm Mass today, just before the Gospel was read, Jesus appeared walking through the clouds, with myriads of Angels either side of Him. Jesus said:

JESUS: “Soon I will come with My Mercy and Justice and the Angels are ready!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus made it clear to me that the Angels are waiting to separate the sheep and the goats. He also made me feel things are imminent.


25th January 2016

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus spoke to me today and said:

JESUS: “What man has been told through the Media, about the war in the Middle East – especially in Syria and Iraq – is only partially true, as the real truth behind the forceful migration of the refugees fleeing their lands, is orchestrated by the Superpowers and Secret Societies as they wish to cripple the European Union. Once Europe becomes weakened by internal disruption and finally disunity, from various forced riots and revolutions by the pressed people and economy, it will open the door for Communist Russia to place its ideologies upon a Continent in financial ruin, forcing Europe into war and bringing in a new financial currency, which later will be used globally.”

“However from this struggle the 10 Kings will be raised within the European Union (called to Communism) and rule the Nations of Europe and in most Western Nations, as it capitulates to the forces of evil coming from Russia and China. It must be remembered the U.S.A. is also culpable to this, as are the powerful Secret Societies governed by powerful Families, who are governed themselves by the Illuminati, the Mafia and the Freemasons, who form The Generals of the armies of the Antichrist.”

“You will soon be placed into total chaos and division amongst its nations, bringing hunger and pain. Russia will soon have conflict with one of its previous satellite countries.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus said for these little nations to pray and seek help from his Holy Mother, because the Prophecies of Fatima will now come to completion.

JESUS: “The snow in the Americas is only the beginning, as floods will follow. The purification of human race is well entrenched and My Mercy is always available.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus said he would continue to come this way to me for a while. He blessed me and the world.

JESUS: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

William Costellia