Appeal for the Holy Grounds – 16 February 2016

To the thousands of people who daily search our Website “” – I greet you in the Name of Jesus Christ Our Lord.

On the 11th January 2016, I placed an offer to the members of the Order of St Charbel, to be able to become shareholders of the Holy Apparition Site of Our Holy Mother’s property, being 161C Koloona Drive, Tapitallee, New South Wales, 2540, Australia.

The property is currently under my care, but as there has not been a strong response to my call to save the property (on the 11th January 2016), I now wish to make this offer to the general public. Should we not succeed within the coming months, we will put the property on the market for sale.

I wish to thank all people who have been so generous since the Apparitions began in 1983 and I wish God’s Blessings upon you now and for Easter 2016.

Please read the attached letter (below) dated 11th January 2016. Thank you

God Bless

William J. Costellia



I greet you in the Name of Jesus Our Lord for 2016.

We have worked together for the past 30 years and by God’s Grace received multiple Blessings from God, through the Holy Grounds of Our Lady of the Ark. In the early 1990’s we nearly lost the property as it was owned by private people who were placing it on the market for sale. To protect the Holy Grounds I decided to purchase it myself under much duress and financial burden, needing to take out a loan of $380,000.

Then in 2002 I was arrested and charged. I spent 9 years in Prison and during this period, very generous people helped to pay this mortgage. However, as time went on, money ran out due to the continued detention order I had against me. Now, as the Government Prosecutor has extended my parole for another 5 years, the persecution will continue by the public. That is why the support we had will stop all income. Because of this, within a few months we will lose the Holy Grounds.

So, I have worked out a way to save our Holy Mother’s land where the public Apparitions began in 1983, to form a Shareholder Plan, where you can become part owner of Our Holy Mother’s property, which will be legally bound with a share of $5,000 per Unit. You will then become a Shareholder. The mortgage will be paid out and you become owner in part.

A Governing Board will be established legally and any member from any Country can partake in this venture. The current mortgage is $380,000 approximately with 76 Units to be sold.

Your generous assistance is required please. The legal documents will be drawn up. Should you be interested, please advise the current Superior of the Order of Saint Charbel and the Charbelites. For some many years I no longer have a say in the Order, but I am required to bring this to your attention, as I am the current owner of the property.

This offer remains open until Easter Sunday. Do not send any money, but simply advise the Superior of your intentions to do so.

Wishing God’s Blessings,

William John Costellia (previously Kamm)

Note: Contact Details:

Bishop Malcolm Broussard

or Janice Williams

Address: 161B Koloona Drive TAPITALLEE, N.S.W. 2540 Australia

Office: +61 2 4446 0263