The Third World War is at hand – 21 February 2016

Dear friends,

Today Jesus came during Mass. He told me what I had read on the site called Em Ca An, was true. The Third World is in its final stages of being declared — is at hand.

That NATO would be drawn into the conflict of Syria and the President of Syria will be removed, assassinated. Russia has been involved to draw the Nations of NATO into this conflict to give it an excuse to attack Europe.

China too will be drawn into the conflict — but will draw into a conflict in Asia, and War will start. The Terrorists will attack the USA, Britain, France and Australia.

All of this is due to God’s Children not taking any notice of God’s Word — and not Praying enough. Jesus blessed all of His Children, spoke to me about private matters, blessed me then left.

William Costellia

Note: see the website of Viral 247 News (referred to by Em Ca An on Facebook).