THE OCTOPUS – 13 April 2016



13th April 2016



Dear Souls and Children of God,

The Divine Spirit, the Holy Spirit has asked me to write to you about the deviant plans of Satan – of how he plans to destroy the Church and the world and kill as many human beings as possible, before Jesus returns.

The Holy Spirit says, as the signs for all events of major proportion are near, when we see them – especially the Great War – we are to call all our family members together and those who are of a deep faith, to advise them that the Warning is near and to prepare, repent, forgive one another, and to reconcile – to prepare their homes with food, water, medicines, warm clothes, bedding and holy items: Blessed candles, Sacramentals etc. If possible, to go to the Sacraments – especially Confession and Holy Communion.

Once the Warning comes, all communications will stop for some time. Most of the power resources will go. It will be important to store gas, oil, wood or other combustion.

The world will be devastated and silent, when all men realise what has happened. Men will see millions of corpses of their loved ones and families. It will be a very difficult time, but God will console and comfort His children. This will be a great time of reflection and healing of families.

All those who have been faithful to God will re-evangelise the whole Earth and all will become Christian, except those who do not turn to God.

The Four Seals will now be opened. Three, Four, Five and the Sixth Seal will be the Great Warning. We are to read about them in the Book of Revelation and spend time in studying the many Messages Heaven has given.

So what is the Octopus? It is the Antichrist’s web of deception, using the modern tools of mass media, the electronic highway, key personnel in the Church and the governments of the world – through various internet connections, movies, banks and Government Power Groups, schools, indoctrination, mind control, spiritualism.

The modern Psychologists and Psychiatrists will replace the personal connection with God, His Priesthood and Ministers of Religion (who over the centuries were the Light of the World Order).

Most of those who practice in the area of psychology are Atheists, as their founder, Sigmund Freud was a practicing Atheist.

In the writings of Ralph A. O’Connell in the National Catholic Review – Archbishop Fulton Sheen said: “If Catholics made a good Confession, they would not need a Psychiatrist”.

Sigmund Freud maintained his stance as an uncompromising Atheist. He described belief in God as a “Collective Neurosis” – he committed suicide. Pope John Paul II also wrote much on this subject.

So why am I writing and emphasising about psychology and psychiatric evaluation? Because, society has been trained and taught that these are the medicines mankind need to evaluate their situation and they deride the basic principles of faith – thus destroying fundamental values.

Through psychology, people are profiled into categories of individuals. This, however, does not disqualify some aspects of the clinical assessment of individuals.

Satan has set his plan of dominating clinically the mind of man and reducing him to a cabbage, with accepting no responsibility for one’s own actions. Satan initiated the “Great Plan” of the takeover of man’s intelligence, with so many distractions.

The tree of the underworld was formed on the basis of the Seven Capital Sins: Pride, Envy, Lust, Anger, Gluttony, Greed and Sloth. War, disease, violence and hatred were the tools used as punishment.

Some several hundred years ago, in 1717, Satan formed the first Lodge in London. It was also in existence under various forms in earlier centuries and spread to France, Germany and the world.

The Freemason’s plan is to rule the Church and the world. It has already succeeded. They are a powerful group and have members in every Organisation. The Army, Police, Education, Banks, Health, Parliament and the full Justice System, are all controlled by the five Grand Masters of the world – those in the highest positions. They all hate God and worship Satan.

Freemasonry is called the Synagogue of Satan – see the teachings of the Church.

The Freemasons rejoiced in the election of Pope Francis.

Freemasonry is a humanitarian movement – a camouflage.

Within this group is the Mafia, the Rosicrucians and the Club of Rome.

The Club of Rome is a group of leaders on every level who have a worldwide “think tank” that rule the world through World Industries and Corporations.

The Mafia is an organised structure of the criminal underworld. They operate within the Church and government. They have a wide sex trade: slavery – drugs.

The Rosicrucians deal with the occult and the religious beliefs and practices including Hermeticism, Jewish Mysticism and the Christian Gnosticism. It is related to Ancient Mystical Order.

One of the strangest satanic groups is the Illuminati, a Secret Society founded in 1776. The New World Order. This Organisation controls the Entertainment Business and Multimedia Corporations. They give subliminal mind benders in their industries, creating havens for sex and drug control. This Organisation controls billions of people. They are preparing the New World Order and are interwoven with the Freemasons.

There is a group of the Fallen Angels called the Yeti. They are the evil spirits that are worshipped in Freemasonry and by the Illuminati. They are also part of the Masters of Maitreya – the name of the Antichrist.

The World Bank controls the world finances, plus the World Agriculture Organisation controls the quotas as to what a country can grow in terms of food. Then you have large companies controlling the Electronic Highway. One company being Apple – the sign of Adam eating the apple and defying Gods Law.

The Corrective Services around the world and the Justice System, which is totally corrupt, is a huge business.

Laws are created which are unjust and then this unjust “justice” is used within the system to place many people in prison who are not guilty. This creates a business of industries, of products and food and employment. People are also used in drugs and the slavery trade.

Families are broken up and society totally destroyed.

God has also revealed that many preservatives such as fungus are placed in food to destroy life.

The Supreme Grand Masters and their Judeo Masonry – the Antichrists – are the powerful enemies of God’s people. Heaven speaks about the Yids that come from Russia. It means “Jew”

Communism is the arms of Satan – Zionism.

Satan’s own chain of command: The Illuminati – Witchcraft – WICCA. Many clairvoyants are related to these when they seek knowledge, that is not beneficial to your salvation. Tarot Cards, Ouija Boards or Séances are not from God, but open the door to the entrance of evil spirits.

In the United States, the White Knights (KKK) are an Organisation that work against races and bring divisions among God’s people.

Heaven said – through the Bayside Apparition in New York – that astrology is for unbelievers. Our Lady said in July 1977 “Psychologists and Psychiatrists rationalise everything.”

18th June, 1978 – (To Veronica Lueken, Bayside): “The Luciferians are loose in great number; there is an octopus – a web of evil.”

Hard rock music is consecrated to Satan. Rock and Roll is dedicated to Satan. This music causes God’s children to fall under a spell and hypnotism leading them into promiscuity, deviant sex, homosexuality, drugs, murders, abortions and all manner of foul deeds. It is interesting to note that Satan was given the great gift of music in Heaven and now abuses this to destroy Gods children.

Symbol used by Satan to influence mankind – the Italian Horn.

Satan brings in the hedonistic teachings of false gods in the Church. He used this doctrine as it was a world of pleasure.

Third “Worlders” and “One Worlders” wish to take over the Church.

One must be mindful of the purpose of Satan’s rule, as to why he wishes to rule the world. It is because he believes he is above God. He believes he is another god and wishes that all men and Angels worship him, rather than God. His hatred and envy of God is so great that his great vengeance is upon men. God showed Satan before he fell, that He would bring forth a woman – namely Mary – who would be the highest in Heaven, due to Her profound humility and all creatures would honour her next to God.

Satan did not like this as he was the most beautiful Angel in Heaven and he had so many gifts from God – even to lead all the Angels in the Glorious Choirs, as he was the conductor and creator of Divine Music. Hence, he now controls the Music Industry, Movies, Media, Fashion and Creative Art.

You can see through these channels how he now influences all forms of entertainment. However, the greatest deception of all that Satan has introduced to the world is the United Nations – in the form of a One World Order – to control the world on all levels. It is of course a camouflage of atheism and ideologies, believing in human rights and dignities. Yet China and Russia – both communistic countries – have the veto power.

And who places most of the monies in this organisation? It is the United States, Germany, Britain and France, with little input by Russia or China, yet the United Nations dictates as to what is controlled over the world in the project of Peace and stability. However, if Russia, China or their allies commit a crime of international proportion, nothing is done or said, especially in human justice violations.

The groups that are affiliated organisations to the United Nations are the National Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), the World Health Organisation, (WHO) the World Bank, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and all other acronym groups and the United Nation’s unelected, controlled non-government Agencies.

They control Immigration.

They control world population growth.

They create Free trade.

The United Nations is the head of the Octopus, controlled by Freemasonry and the World Power Group.

Finally, we come to the real control of humanity – the many Secret Societies. There are countless websites – if you Google them you will see that what Heaven has said for over 100 years is reality now.

There are 13 major families in the world who are behind the control of the world. These families control all monies, corporations and government. These 13 families are Dynasties that control the world, but it is still only part of the great cover up of world leaders, as all these Dynasties have links with past gods of ancient times.

Jesus and Mary have spoken over 100 years about the Secret Societies.

The United Nations is the hub of the New World Order. The foundation members of the World Order are America, England, Israel and Australia. The main families under the Illuminati Royal Blood line are Rothschild, Astor, Bundy, Collins, Du Pont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li Onasse, Rockefeller, Disney, Russell, Van-Buyn, Merovingian and the Reynolds.

The following are also related to the Secret Societies:

Council of 13

Council of 33

300 families

B’Nai – Brith – Grand Orient Communism, Scottish Rite, Yol Rite

White Masonry – Rotary, ELKS


Blue Lodge

Masons without the Apron

Secular Humanism

When you look into the Pyramid of the One World Order, under the powerful families, it shows the “think tank” Club of Rome. This then leads to the Banks, then to the various Corporations, then to the Governments Intelligence Community, Military, Police, Courts, Prisons, Schools, Media and Religions.

Satan has his finger in everything, but most of all in the Vatican.

The Octopus are the tentacles of every Evil Organisation who control mankind, and Satan is now preparing mankind for his son, the Antichrist.

Please look at several tube links on the 13 Most Powerful Families, the Illuminati and many more. You will see the world is in great danger.

Jesus and Mary say: “Pray! Pray! Pray and prepare!

To finalise this article, I have been asking Jesus about the very popular series called the Game of Thrones. Jesus said this programme is a reflection of today’s society. One where the Ten Commandments are not lived, as the gods mankind worship are the idols of Corruption, Hatred, Vengeance, Violence, Lust, Power, Greed, Envy, Pride, Debauchery and every conceivable sin of the heart, flesh and spirit.

This program is a reflection, not only of the world today but of generations gone by, namely of the time of Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah, Nineveh and through the dark ages of Christendom.

But now, as the flower of evil – the age of the Antichrist – approaches, many programs depict these realities. However, there is a greater sinister plan behind this. The Seven Kingdoms mentioned in this program are an antithesis of the Seven Churches of the Apocalypse, mentioned by St John the Evangelist.

Many of the programs given to the world, through the powerful Media, are a reflection of how far man has descended into the pit.

Jesus said: “Only My Divine Intervention and My Mercy will save this Generation.”

I wish God’s Blessings to you all and I encourage you to read the Messages of Luz De Maria of Argentina, Veronica Lueken of Bayside, New York and the Messages of Maria Divine Mercy.

God Bless

William Costellia

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