Message 740 – 9 August 2016


NO. 740

Also Messages from 3rd & 5th August 2016

Whoever is tested, is tested because he or she is on the right path. Whoever is never tested, should worry and sincerely look around upon what path is he or she walking. [Luz de Maria 17 July, 2016]

The timing of the Warning has been set – The Third World War in its terrible consequences, will now begin – Destruction of the Golden Dome; invasion of Israel; Nuclear destruction of Iran and the major war in the Middle East; Invasion of Europe by Russia – The Warning will come and enlighten mankind. The Antichrist will be struck dumb for some time – Short Reign of Peace before the final stage of the cleansing of the world.

LITTLE PEBBLE: I asked Our Lord about the Message from ‘Still Small Voice’ – about the extended time of the Third World War, at its climax – as I believed that she did not understand its meaning correctly.

[See Still Small Voice YouTube video]

As I woke this morning Jesus came and said:

OUR LORD: “What you had perceived, is correct. My Words to ‘Little Voice’ were correct, but misunderstood. The Warning has not been changed to an extended time, as the timing of the Warning has been set – nor has there been an extension of time. However, what has been extended is the severity of the Great Third World War. The final stage of this war, which will culminate with the full arsenal of the weapons of mass destruction of the Nuclear Warheads, will be triggered at the very end – with the coming of the final Comet that will hit the world, causing the three last Days of Darkness – where all evil will perish. Then I will come at My Second Coming, where all men marked with the Sign of My Redemption, will be raptured – will meet me in the clouds in physical form – and once the world has been cleansed, men will be returned to Earth.”

“However, the Third World War in its terrible consequences, will now begin. Already, the elite families and their Secret Societies, led secretly by the Antichrist, have prepared their armies for the Third World War, so as to destroy many of God’s children, to reduce the populace of the world. This will start with the destruction of the Golden Dome, the attack and invasion of Israel, the nuclear destruction of Iran and the major war in the Middle East; the invasion of Europe by Russia; the attack from China in the Region of Asia and the attack and invasion of the U.S.A. by Communism. This, plus all the many natural chastisements I and My Most Holy Mother have warned you about, over many decades of your Earth time.”

“However, this will be shortened for the sake of the elect, as the Antichrist will emerge as a saviour to the Human Race and stop the war, bring his false peace and bring a new alliance between the enemies of Israel and Israel. It is in these times that the Warning will come and enlighten mankind. The Antichrist will be struck dumb for some time and the world will have time to be evangelised once again, before the last woes of the world begin, as the Antichrist with the Scientists will say the Warning was a natural phenomenon and, as you can see, the world continues as before.”

“Then the Antichrist will persecute the Christians and establish in full, the One World Government and his One World Religion, as there will be no Pope in Rome. He, the Antichrist, will sit upon the Throne of Peter and declare himself as High Pontiff and the Messiah returned.”

“So the three years extended by the ‘Little Voice’ means that the main part of the Third World War will not occur until the very end of this time given to man. So, My children, do not become complacent. All that was prophesied will come to pass, swiftly and the time after the Warning will be like a Short Reign of Peace, so that men will have time to learn about God’s Saving Grace of Redemption given to each soul as their mind, conscience and soul will be illuminated to the truth of why God Created man and what their glorious inheritance will be, once they turn to God’s Love and Forgiveness.”

“This Reign of Peace will last but a short time, before the final stage of the cleansing of the world.”

“Is it now clear, My son and My beloved children, the extension of time is not as it may be perceived, but rather that the major chastisement of this evil war, will be within these three years and this will give all men a sign as to when approximately I will truly Return to the world in My Second Coming, in the clouds, as I Ascended so many centuries ago.”

“Be not discouraged, My children. Know that I, Jesus Christ, the Eternal Messiah, love you and have sent you My Most Holy Mother, with the Heavenly Hosts – led by St Michael, the Great Commander in Chief – to protect you and watch over you with Our Love.”

“Go in Peace, My precious son, My Angel of Divine Love, whom I will send to help My scattered sheep once the Great Warning has passed.”

“I Bless you and all My beloved sheep: In the Name of the Father and of the Son an of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

5th August 2016

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus came to me during the night and told me that I would remember His Words, once I woke up again.

Jesus explained to me about sin – about the effects of games technology on the Internet, on iPads and mobile phones – about the movies that contained violence and explicit sensual expressions and how that affects man, without man realizing it. Thus making man become de-sensitive to sin and man’s true needs of self-awareness and a disciplined control of oneself – very complacent to the sign of the times and God’s Warnings.

Jesus said that on the surface of what would seem “harmless entertainments”, it influences the soul and makes the soul vulnerable, which causes the soul to suffer. At first it is not recognizable, but as time goes on and man becomes abused by the instrumentality of these technologies, the body actually becomes affected. The body becomes lethargic and mental stability becomes over active and brings actions, like violence, sexuality, lust and unhealthy sexual expressions and activities. The body starts to manifest illnesses of various kinds.

There is always an important factor of life and that is “moderation in all things” and a balanced life. There is no harm in games (referring to technical games on iPads, phone, Nintendo). They are only games which have no consequences, but the addition to these games, especially relating to sexual exploits and violence, leads to grave sins and in the end, draws man away from God and leads men to abuse each other on various levels.

Jesus calls mankind – especially parents – to check on their children, as to what games they are using on their technical implements and the same applies to all adults, to be more alert to all that we watch on television, the Internet and other manner of communications, so as to not to be trapped by Satan, to be weakened by external influences.

Jesus told me, that prayer is the “great weapon” of God and the Blessed Mother, to overcome all man’s ills.

Previous to this, Jesus told me that Terrorists are going to attack the Vatican and destroy some major monument.

3rd August, 2016

Jesus came very early in the morning and told me these things:

When the Abomination is manifested in St Peter’s and the Antichrist sits upon the Throne of Peter, all the Eucharists around the world will bleed Blood and lift up to Heaven. Christ’s Presence will then be removed from every Eucharist that exists in the world, except those of the Faithful Priests of His Church.

Jesus will remove all Priestly faculties from the Priesthood that have aligned themselves with the Antichrist.

And as a Sign of Jesus’ Second Coming – just before He returns – all Eucharists will fly to Heaven to meet Him, as One with Him as God in the Trinity. This will occur just prior to the Three Days of Darkness, when the Comet Wormwood, will hit the Earth.

William John Costellia