An Address to the American People – 13 October 2016


13 October 2016

Dear people of the United States of America,

I believe it is my duty as God’s servant, to help you to make the right choice in your coming elections. Do not judge or be disparaging regarding the character assassination, or the weakness of men, but look at the Policies that will uphold the dignity of the Nation.

Mr. Donald Trump supports the protection of the unborn, while Mrs. Hillary Clinton supports the murder of the unborn: abortion! There is your answer! God sometimes chooses people to rule a nation regardless of their weaknesses, but that does not make him a bad choice. Vote for Mr. Donald Trump.

Now I wish to address God’s people as a whole. Do not become complacent simply because events have not as yet come to pass regarding the Asteroid, that was to impact Earth. NASA and other Authorities have been playing it down over the three weeks, as major meteorites have impacted several countries and hundreds of fireballs nave been sighted around the world.

These meteorites are not like the normal sightings, that are seen, daily. Look at the Meteor Websites to confirm this. However, the fireballs are the result of nuclear detonations, that have taken place in the past few weeks. See YouTube Nibiru Channel Website.

NASA has made no statement but will, as the nuclear detonations have shifted the Asteroid away from the Earth, but have left us with debris Earth directed. The fireballs are the smaller ones, with the larger ones yet to come.

Russia and the European Nations were put on alert – some would say it was due to meteorites – others would say a possible start of War. But could it be possible that Russia and the U.S.A. would go to War over Syria, drawing all of the Middle East and Europe into the conflict? And God holding the larger debris – which have slowed down – until they are drawn closer to the Earth, even hitting the Moon, as a sign that impact is near; God using this to intervene in an all out war?

In the recent Message given by Our Holy Mother to the Prophet, Luz de Maria, on 11 October 2016, Mary says: (Translation Google) [See Luz de Maria Website]

OUR LADY: “The climate varies everywhere until the crops are wilting in the heat. Rain, pests and famine are more widespread, because of the proximity of the Great Comet approaching each moment nearer the Earth. The proximity of the Great Comet will cause flooding of some coastal cities, as have not been seen before. The Great Nation (will) suffer greatly; the Ocean will rise above it and stop all acts contrary to the Divine Will.

On the 11 October in the early morning, Our Holy Mother came to me and spoke of all that was taking place and why people are becoming complacent, as all are awaiting the fulfilment of God’s Prophecies and to not understand why things are constantly delayed. But Our Blessed Mother says these warnings about events to take place, are only for the edification of man, but are made for those souls who do not take God’s Word seriously.

The matter of the Asteroid is still in the making as all has not yet been fulfilled, but smaller signs have been given to alert man of the more serious matters that will take place. Which includes a sign in the Sun, as a large solar flare will also ignite the debris field.

Our Lady says all that is needed by Her children is to be always prepared, but more so, our spirit, our peace, our love and trust in God’s Goodness and Mercy He shows mankind.

Our Holy Mother explained, the battle of the spirits is far greater than any human conflict, as the battle is for the soul. Mary says, the events currently are not delayed, but are still in progress. Our Blessed Mother urges us to pray very much and go to the Sacraments often, to strengthen our faith.

So I wish to remind souls, the Prophets are only ‘instruments’ of God. The Old and the New Testament make it very clear that God’s Word sometimes is not fully understood by man. So I use the famous Words from the Nibiru Channel: “Keep your eye on the sky!”

[See The Nature of Prophecy]

God Bless