UPDATE #15: Large Asteroid Sighting + New Coordinates

UPDATE #15: Large Asteroid Sighting + New Coordinates

From: [Name Withheld]

Date: 15 October 2016 at 6:24:08 AM AEDT

To: William Costellia

Subject: >>>>>>>>>> Large Asteroid Sighting – Astronomers + Fireball in U.S. seen by many Oct 12 <<<<<<<<<<<<

Dear William,

Here is the unusual report of a “giant sparkler” type of a brilliant fireball witnessed in eleven US states on Oct 12, 2016.

NASA does not know where this meteor fragment came from. The Fireball witness sighting reports from states include Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, Arkansas, Ohio, South Carolina, and Texas.


Oct 12, 2016: A Fireball, described by NASA as a “Fragment” from space, lit up the morning daylight sky in the US and has been referred to by a news agency as: “Supernatural sighting? WWL-TV investigates the ‘fire in the sky'”

The Fireball was described by one witness as “shooting off sparks almost like a giant sparkler”, and “Bright, bright, bright. The tip of it was almost solid white and then the rest of it was bright bright green and bright blue”

Sighting information, from 613 eye witnesses in eleven US states, were reported to the American Meteor Society AMS.

NASA’s lead scientist, Bill Cooke, with the NASA Meteoroid Environment office stated “What entered the atmosphere above Alabama and Mississippi this morning was a fragment of a comet or an Asteroid, so it was a natural object not a piece of space junk.”

NASA noted that this fragment’s origin was unknown. (article clip: Where did this thing come from? I asked Bill Cooke is the lead scientist with the NASA Meteoroid Environment office. Cooke answered “Well we don’t know that.”).

Full News Story link Below.

God Bless


AMS event report:

US Fireball Event 3903-2016 (Oct 12, 2016 6:47am CDT, 11:47am UT)


AMS received 613 reports about a fireball seen over MS, GA, TN, LA, FL, AL, KY, TX, AR, OH and SC on Wednesday, October 12th 2016 around 11:47 UT.



Supernatural sighting? WWL-TV investigates the ‘fire in the sky’

Wynton Yates, WWL 5:30 PM. CDT October 12, 2016

As I sat at my desk this morning, a mysterious folder was dropped off. Sightings all across southern Louisiana. People saying they saw something in the sky.

The sightings weren’t just in New Orleans. This was a mass sighting from as far West as Crockett Texas through south Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia and up through Nashville and bowling green Kentucky.

The descriptions were eerily similar: A bright light, streaking through the morning sky, but what was it? It was time to find out more.

“It was shooting off sparks almost like a giant sparkler” said Lee Hinson, one of the hundreds of witnesses.


FOR the Astronomers: A recent sighting reveals new coordinates of the Large Object that is moving away from Earth.

Dear William,

Please pass the following information on to any astronomers looking for the “object”.

A recent October sighting of the large “object” provides better coordinates for Astronomers seeking to precisely locate the object.

Further Proof of Nuclear Space detonations:

This new EE Longitude provides solid proof to the degree of the mitigation(s) performed by the nuclear space detonations. For such a sizable object to be changed in multiple distinct vectors in the series of days during the “mitigation” efforts, confirms the X,Y data with the Z data. From the very large dimensions of this object, to be moved with such a series of very powerful detonations also reveals the risk of a sizable existence of “fragments” that likely were ejected from the power of these detonations.

Hopefully, most of these fragments will miss the Earth. Keep in mind that different ejecta radii of fragments may enter into a delay curvature that spirals towards earth. The original solutions of an “early arrival window” was based on direct Earth facing fragments at the distance away from the object. The slow differential speed of the large object at the time of the last two massive detonations would have created slow moving differential fragments that had an “earth gravity well” capture capacity. Any of these slow moving “angled to Earth” fragments could take a longer time to impact earth. This is the same “effect” that satellites experience as they decay in their orbit to eventually fall to earth – but in this case the delay -or- spiral decay would be much faster for the fragment(s).

Where to look:

Current EE Latitude (Oct 11, 2016): -13.0 S EE Latitude (13.0 South of Earth Ecliptic).

Rate of EE Latitude change (measured from Oct 3 to Oct 11): 0.99 to 1.01 degrees to the South per every 24 hours.

Current EE Longitude (October 9): 133 degrees EE Longitude.

(note: since there is some variance to the precision of this new sighting, it is suggested to look +/- 10 degrees from the 133 degree Longitude.)

Distance Update (October 9):

As the prior trigonometric solutions were based on a Longitudinal value from a Sep 16 sighting, the new sighting provides an updated Sin/Cos factor to the Object.

Daily X,Y coordinates have been accurate (from a confidential source). An accurate Z coordinate required direct eye witness “sightings” (verses “camera” sightings that create false artifacts from internal lens refractions/reflections).

Given the updated EE Longitudinal result, the Object calculates out to be closer than the prior estimated 4.19 LD value. Look for a distance closer to 2.3 to 2.5 LD (884,122 km to 961,002 km)

Observation tips:

The spherical object will exhibit a brightening of a reddish hue in a window near 10 minutes before sunrise. It becomes bright enough to illuminate through a thin cloud cover foreground. It will then fade quickly as the sun rises.**

The object was estimated to be near 32 degrees above the horizon at the time of this “reddish hue illumination window”. Accounting for atmospheric refraction of the sun + the ten minutes before sunrise, the resulting angle from the line of the center of the sun results in a value near 47 degrees.

Another important observation factor: The optimal detection of this “object” illumination during sunrise would be at Earth observation latitudes to the south to align with the current 13.0 degrees South to Earth’s Ecliptic (~ 9.45 degrees North to Earth’s Equatorial Latitude).

This provides an optimal refraction illumination alignment with the sun just before sunrise. Look to an elevation near 32 degrees just prior to sunrise. Again, due to some variance to the precision of the new sighting, provide a wider field of view in observation.

Note: The last update denoted a “slow” velocity of the large object that could inhibit NEO observation techniques. It should be stated that this “slow” velocity is relative to Earth’s velocity (near 29.78 km/s*). The object is moving with Earth, but at a slow rate away from earth.

Thus the Absolute Velocity of the large object is 28.78 km/s sum [vectored velocity away from earth]. The net vector of this relative velocity differential to earth is thus “slow” for a typical Terrestrial NEO object detection method. The net vector of the Absolute Velocity differential added to the Earth’s Velocity is greater than the 28.78 km/s*.

Note1: ** Anticipated to be from a balance of the refraction angle off of the large “object” verses the intensity of illumination of the morning sky. (i.e. the slowly increasing faint illumination of the morning sky is low enough where the degree of the reddish hue refraction reveals the object prior to being overcome by the rising sun illumination, thus causing a “fade”.)

God Bless