Message 742 – 16 October 2016



The Church will soon go through a crucible of great trials – Were the Great Warning to come, six billion would convert; two billion will still be struggling – The Seals of the Apocalypse now open, with the Sixth Seal to come – What is causing the reflection of the second Sun is a large Comet approaching the Earth and this will become the second Sun – The Poles will shift, as the Sun will eject a major flare; it will distort the Magnetic Field of the Planets – Had this Asteroid hit the Earth, there would be no life left – President Obama must bring the Armed Forces back home now; There is a plan to attack the U.S.A.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Today at Mass Jesus appeared, as He appears in the Mercy Picture. He was beautiful. He Blessed me and said:

OUR LORD: “Peace, Peace, My son!”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Then He spoke of private matters and said His Blessed Mother would come this afternoon. He said men were preparing for the Great War and we were to pray as the world was in great danger.

Jesus then Blessed me and the world. He said He loved us all very much and – as He returned into the Sacred Host that was exposed on the Altar – little Hearts of Love came from Him.

Later: I am praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet as I await the arrival of Our Holy Mother. I see the White Cross with two Suns behind it. On the White Cross is the Sacred Heart of Jesus and from His Heart, there are Rays of Light coming towards me, forming a ‘street of light’ and at the side of this street are lilies – very large ones. I see Our Holy Mother coming through this Light of the Sacred Heart, with St. Gabriel on one side and St. Raphael on the other. Saint Michael is behind Our Holy Mother with wings out-stretched, protecting Her and behind them are millions of Angels.

Our Holy Mother is holding a pure white lily and, as She arrives at our Altar, She hands me the lily and greets me:

OUR LADY: “I greet you, My precious son, My ‘Little Angel of Divine love’!” (and She makes the Sign of the cross):” In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our Holy Mother is dressed under Her Title of “Our Lady of Fatima’.

OUR LADY: “Peace be with you and all My children around the world! I come today to continue to give direction to My beloved children, who are under a heavy attack from the underworld of evil spirits – who have come to the world by order of My adversary and yours. Children, you must remain vigilant especially at this time, as My Father in Heaven is now sending down His chastisements upon a generation who do not wish to know Him – so He has to send many major upheavals upon the land, air and sea, to awaken a lethargic people, who are drunk with the sins of the flesh and the spirit. If God did not awaken Our children, many souls would be lost to Him.”

“I, as Queen of Heaven and Earth, have been entrusted by Our Heavenly Father, to save the world and bring God’s many lost sheep to Him. I have brought with me the Army of Heaven to fight the infernal spirits, but I need also, your help, your true yes of faith – trusting yourselves to My Maternal Care.”

“My Divine Son’s Church on Earth will soon go through a crucible of great trials – far worse than in times past. Therefore, I call on all the clergy to be attentive to Our calling – to bring God’s children to pray the Holy Rosary in Church – before My Divine Son Jesus, hidden still in the Tabernacles of the Churches and call all My children to the many Shrines around the world – where abundance of Graces are poured out to men – to cry out for God’s Mercy. Man must now take time to pray – to clean their souls in Confession – to prepare themselves for very dangerous and dark days.”

“The Words I gave at La Salette, at Fatima, at Akita, at Kibeho and hundreds of places in the world, will now be fulfilled. The cups held by the Holy Angels of the Apocalypse, will now be emptied upon mankind, until man remembers that he is but dust and [to] dust he will return, but God seeks the salvation of all His children.”

“There are some eight (8) billion people on Earth and many still to be born, before My Divine Son Jesus, returns. At this stage in time, were the Great Warning to come – six (6) billion would convert, but two (2) billion will still be struggling. But Jesus, My Divine Son, wishes to bring all men to Our Eternal Father in Heaven. God only wants your love – He does not want your destruction.”

“You must love your neighbour, My children – forgive and help your neighbour. Sin is rampant upon the world, where men are no longer men created in the Image of God, but have become beasts. Prayer on its own is not enough, My children, you must act upon it, with kindness, with goodwill, with sacrifices – consider your brothers and sisters in need.”

“The Seals of the Apocalypse are now open, with the Sixth Seal to come and finally the Seventh, with the return of My Divine Son, Jesus. Open your eyes to the truth before you. God has sent you many signs of recent months in the Heavens and on Earth – do you not recognise them? The Great Nations speak of Peace, yet prepare for War.”

“There is much confusion amongst Our children regarding Comets, Asteroids, Planets, the Sun and the movement of the Planets – also about the two Suns.”

“My children, all that has been revealed to many of Our Prophets and Seers will be fulfilled. However, each of My Privileged children receive a part of the Puzzle of God’s Divine Plan for the Earth and man. But let not fear entertain your hearts, for fear is a tool of the enemy, as is lethargy and complacency.”

“Also, seek the Divine Will of God in the secrets of your hearts and in the quietness of home, for there, God will speak to you and reassure you, that there is no need to be afraid, as all must now come to pass, as My Divine Son Jesus’ Second Coming is not far off.”

“Concerning the Nibiru matter and the two Suns: There is much misunderstanding about this. Nibiru, or the large Planet X – as it is called – is true. However, it has nothing to do with the second Sun. What is causing the reflection of the second Sun is a large Comet, which is approaching the Earth and this will become the second Sun. It is due to this and the Asteroid, that came close to the Earth some weeks ago and has been bombarded by nuclear bombs, through various Government Bodies, has broken parts of it – but the main body was pushed away out of range. For had this Asteroid hit the Earth, there would be no life left.”

“But the danger is not over yet, My children. Much debris will follow in the coming weeks and months. For this reason and others, the Governments of the world have begun to prepare the Authorities, who place into action what is required for an emergency.”

“The second Sun is the Comet, which will form part of the Great Warning, but the large Asteroid that was deflected and now is in an orbit of an egg-shape, will return when the Great Warning is to come and it will collide with this large Comet. The Poles will shift, My children, as the Sun will eject a major flare not previously seen – it will distort the Magnetic Field of the Planet and other Planets of the Solar System. As it has been said in Scripture, My children, there will be Signs in the Heavens in the Sun and the Moon.”

“But you must concentrate on your lives, on your wellbeing, on your families and children – and more so – on your spirits, your souls, for this battle is not of the flesh, but of the spirit. Pray, dear children pray! Prepare your households and trust in God’s Love, Forgiveness and Mercy. Reconcile with God first, then reconcile with those you love, even if you have separated from them, due to weakness and sin.”

“I, as your Heavenly Mother, have come to you to show you how much, as a Mother, I Love you. God the Eternal Father has placed you all in My Arms – and together, We will vanquish the enemy of God and souls – as I have a Divine Plan not yet revealed in its entirety, of how Heaven will triumph over evil. You, My Little Rock are part of this Plan. Parts are revealed to Luz de Maria, to Maria Divine Mercy and many other souls.”

“So, all must now pray much more, as the Great Powers are now on the verge to launch the Great War – not in small skirmishes – but all out conflict.”

“The elections will not be as it seems, My children, concerning the U.S.A. Much prayer is needed. President Obama must bring all the Armed Forces back home now, as there is a plan to attack the U.S.A., while it becomes vulnerable.”

“Continue to go forward, My holy son and be not afraid. All that We have promised you will now come to pass. Heaven will send you an Army of helpers – even from quarters [places] you would not have imagined. Trust in God’s Love and protection.”

“Today I send the Apocalyptic Angels, which is the Army of Heaven under the Leadership of St. Michael, to all My Remnant Church on Earth. Pray children for My Son’s Church. Pray for the Servants of God and pray for the Prophets, who have much to carry at this time. With time, I will reveal the Full Plan of God, which is in My Heart, to My children, for victory is with My Immaculate Heart, to bring the world to the Holy and Undivided Trinity – Father – Son, Jesus Christ – and the Holy Spirit. The Alpha and Omega!”

“I Bless you William, My Angel of Divine Love, Prophet of My Immaculate Heart and all My beloved children: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Your Heavenly Mother of Fatima +

[See Link:] This is the Executive Order of President Obama on 13 October 2016.