UPDATE #17: Very Large Object Near Earth Revealed

UPDATE #17: Very Large Object Near Earth Revealed

Dear people of God,

Peace and blessings to you.

Update #17 like many updates are specifically aimed for the many scientists, astronomers and Government officials who are studying our website. You will find proof beyond doubt that our scientist and others who have joined us — have given the World the evidence to show that an Asteriod came our way in September 2016. Keep an eye on our website because in the next few days we will show you how close we are for World War 3.

I wish to thank our brave Scientist for giving us this information and the many millions of souls who are supporting this work.

God bless,

William Costellia,


From: [Name Withheld]

Date: 20 October 2016 at 11:31:57 am AEDT

To: William Costellia

Subject: Update #17 – Very Large Object Near Earth Revealed

Dear William,

Now that the Very Large Object has been safely moved away from the Earth, it can now be revealed publicly to Astronomers via Space Telescope images and Sunrise illumination video that identifies how to precisely locate this massive Space Object.

Below is a video that provides this information. I had purposely downplayed the size estimate of the Very Large Object in my updates as not to cause great alarm. This provided video reveals how deep space satellite images show the massive size of the Object (emissivity & size at a great distance).

Object now in Arc from Sun‘s gravity:

The latest observations of this Object have inferred that the Object is beginning to reach an inflection point in its new orbital path. It now seems to be responding to the Sun’s gravitational field and causing the Object to arc in the X,Y data. It is likely this Very large object will curve in a manner towards an angle between Earth’s Orbit and the Sun – analogous to a “short-cut” in the Earth’s orbital “elliptical circle”.


This video should identify any coordinate questions from Astronomers regarding its position and history of its trajectory path. Just the X,Y values from past images become obvious to the changes in velocity and angles that were from detonations.

Note: Requires the appropriate computing and high resolution GPU based display and system.

It should be noted that this video requires a higher resolution system to view the details and images adequately. However, anyone familiar with the subject matter would be able to independently verify the data.

Video for Public and Astronomers:


God Bless


A flaming meteor-like object plummeted from the sky above Cardiff – Wales Online