Events in Sequence and Extras from Jesus

19 November 2016


Dear Children of God,

Thank you for all the prayers you have offered for Donald Trump’s victory – which in reality is a victory for Jesus and Mary. The year is nearly complete, with a major year ahead of us; what can we expect?

Over these few weeks I have asked Jesus about the events to follow, in sequence. I asked many times in the past, but I also asked other Seers. I have collected those answers and my answers. I have also added excerpts from the Prophet, Luz de Maria – from her collection of Messages about the Sun and Moon, the prophetic announcements about climate, earthquakes, the magnetic movements and how man has caused so much destruction and will still come.

I wish all of you a Holy and Blessed Christmas and may 2017 bring on the Miracle men need, to strengthen their faith and the conversion of millions of souls. May God’s Holy Countenance shine upon you and His Peace remain with you until you enter your eternal reward.

William Costellia

PS: Jesus recently told me that Europe, Asia and America will have a severe winter for 2016-2017

As you can read from my previous writings, events over all have not changed much, but timing of events is still most difficult to advise, as mitigation of events changes parts of the events.

  1. Outright war in the Middle East and an attack upon Iran and Israel; the destruction of the Golden Dome.
  2. Invasion of Europe, then Rome; Communism takeover; the Pope flees Rome.
  3. Attack upon Japan with the extension of China.
  4. Attack upon the United States of America from China, Korea and a possible invasion through Alaska and Mexico.
  5. Money crash and possible destabilisation of the electronic highway.
  6. Upheavals of nature, in great volumes: Volcanoes, earthquakes, rising seas and meteors.
  7. Division of the Catholic Church.
  8. Antichrist emerges – supported by the Pope – to bring world peace. He will stop the war.
  9. The Great Warning – the First Three Days of Darkness – with the arrival of the Comet.
  10. The Short Reign of Peace, the Great Miracle and the re-evangelization of the world. This period can last from six months, to some years.
  11. The Antichrist emerges again – places himself upon the Seat of Peter and a new Religion is formed. The Ten Nations are formed and a new currency.
  12. When the Blessed Eucharist is removed, then the three and a half years (3½) begin. The Great Persecution of the Christians begins and many people will revert back to their old ways.
  13. Final, the Mark of the Beast will be forced upon the world. This will last until the second Three Days of Darkness. The Rapture will occur a few months before the Great Chastisement, which comprises of the Comet, Wormwood. NOTE: During this time, Pope Peter II – the Roman – will Reign as a Bishop, not as a Pope – as the Chair of Peter will be empty.
  14. After the Chastisement Jesus will return and restore the world – re-created as a New Heaven and a New Earth.

It seems to me that part of God’s Plan has shifted in a time frame and sequence. Jesus explained the time frame being dependent upon man’s response and sequences change, due to that response.

It was believed and understood that after the Warning, the Short Reign of Peace mentioned at Fatima, would come, lasting 20-40 years, then would come the Antichrist. This has now changed. The Reign of Peace now becomes the New Holy Era, which will last one thousand years. The sequence now is:

  • War in the Middle East, Europe, Asia;
  • New instructions from Pope causing the Church to split;
  • Appearance of the Antichrist as the Peacemaker;
  • The Warning follows;
  • All the world is converted – even the Jews;
  • The Great Miracle at all Apparition Sites;
  • The world will be in a lull – shocked;
  • The world will have a short human Reign of Peace, where all those who have followed the Apparitions in the world go out to re-evangelize humanity, explaining the Warning and world events. This could last six months – maybe longer.
  • Once the Antichrist has recovered he will assume power as a Leader with Pope Francis and begin to explain away the Warning and form the One World Church and One World Government. From that moment the Great Persecution will begin from the Antichrist, against the Remnant Church.
  • Until the Three Days of Darkness with the coming of the Comet, which will hit the world and part of it will hit the Sun – Moon; the Remnant Church will be Raptured.
  • Saint Michael will cast the Antichrist and his Prophet into the Abyss and all evil people.
  • Jesus will then return.

To the People of God – 6 March 2010

The Antichrist – The Next Era – The New Era – The End of Time: As you can read there is much that has changed and much has been, due to the Messages of Maria Divine Mercy, which places time, events and space in a very different situation – although the overall picture remains the same in God’s Plan. Maybe with time coming closer to the events, it will become very clear to us all and I am certain the Great Warning will clarify much.

I wish now to explain about the time of the Antichrist the “Next Era”, the “New Era” and the “End of Time”. Also the signs before the Warning, after the Warning and the Final Chastisement. What is the meaning of the “Spiritual Coming of Jesus”, with His Sign in the Sky – also His Second Coming and His Third Coming? Many ask when this will be? I tell you, brothers and sisters, it has begun.

In the writings of Maria Valtorta (Notebook 1944, pages 105-110) Our Lord explains about the Book of Daniel (Chapter 12):

“The last time of three years and six months the most tremendous time ever known by man, will be when Satan, by way of his son, burning with supreme hatred (for the split between the two branches of the people of God will be over and with it, the cause of so any material, moral and spiritual evils), uses his perfect and ultimate acts of craftiness to harm, ruin and slay Christ in hearts and hearts for Christ.”

In Daniel Chapter 7 – Jesus explains about the four (4) Great Beasts of the Apocalypse. The Four (4) Errors which precede the End – Atheism, Power, Revolution and the Demi-god. From these comes the Antichrist. His numberless weapons are symbolised by the Ten (10) Horns. Jesus says:

“O My Saints of the Last Times – if the early ones were heroic during their persecutions from the pagans – 3 x 7 x 7 times (e.g. three times seven times seven times) as holy will be the life of My Last Saints.”

William continues: The Reign of the Antichrist will come after the Sign of Illumination of Christ to His children – the first part of the Warning to come. It is part of the Second Coming of Jesus. His sign will be seen in the Heavens – this will be to strengthen His Remnant Church. It will be a time of Miracles. The Pope – His Holiness Pope Benedict XVXI – will declare the Last Dogma of the Church for this Era. He will then die. Miracles will occur at all the Apparitions places. The Dogma at this time may not be declared openly (2016)

Many chastisements will then fall. The Anti-Pope will be elected. The Illumination will bring the Jewish People to believe in Christ. The Anti-Pope will begin his reign. The Antichrist will appear. The second part of the Warning will come: War and many chastisements – even greater and greater persecution against the Remnant Church. Note well, the Reign of the Antichrist will last (twelve hundred and ninety) 1290 days according to the Lunar Calendar. The Anti-Pope has been elected , but there could be another (2016).

Christ will come in His Second Coming to meet His children, as they ascend to greet Him. Once all of this happens, the world will be renewed and Christ and His Holy Mother will reign in all hearts for one thousand (1,000) years of peace. Once this has happened, there will be a life where there is no illness, no death – only happiness. After the one thousand (1,000) years, Satan will be released for the last time. He will tempt man intellectually, like he did to the Angels before they fell. God will test man through one Final Dogma.

Then Christ will come the Third time, as Judge. Then comes the end of the world. No more starry sky, etc. – only Hell and Heaven.

17 November 2016 – Thomas, the Missionary (Translated from French):

I received this night the following Message from Jesus and the Virgin Mary and the Holy Father John Paul II.

“The ‘small pebble’ must be protected. He will be the Last Pope under the name of Peter II, before the battle against the Antichrist. Pope Francis is no longer the Pope of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is in danger of death – John Paul II tells me that before you are the Pope. There will have to be an exiled Cardinal from Rome, who will make the transition under the name Pius and then you will be the last Pope as His Holiness, Peter II.”

Then for the world Jesus said that the United States will be faced with riots following the election of Donald Trump. Europe will be struck by terrorists attacks by Christmas; the Police forces must be on alert, especially for Belgium, France and Germany.

That Jesus and the Virgin Mary watch over you.

23 October 2016 – Raindrop 1: (Answer)

Dear William, I asked the Lord to put His answer in terms that I could write, for I did not exactly know what the question was. Jesus instructed me to write His Words:

The question was related to what Scientists are now doing.

JESUS: “My daughter, I AM the Great I AM! The Great Physician and the Great Architect. Scientists can never fully understand these Mysteries, because they are unable to produce proof of their hypotheses. This is because man does not possess the capabilities of producing this same resonance, that God has Created. But through their meddling in “science” that they do not fully understand and don’t care if they do, they are destroying many of the safety nets that are natural to the human body and to the planet, both below and above. These men, in their haste to ‘create’ are destroying the Earth and the lives that inhabit Earth and they have little care for the harm they produce. My son will be led in the direction I wish him to go. He will fully understand what I wish him to do. This is all for now. Go in Peace.

22 October 2016

Dear Raindrops 1 & 2 and Yellow Lily,

Blessings to you. Here is the question most difficult. The Scientist asks this question for Jesus, please. I too, will be asking. Don’t be afraid of the question. We now have the evidence of the Asteroid, which we will be placing on our web soon. Thank you and God Bless.

William Costellia

10 November 2016 – Yellow Lily (Answer)

YELLOW LILY: I approach Our Most Blessed Lord with a question sent to me almost two weeks ago – a science one about the magnetic fields, ions, the Earth and mankind affecting it. With prayer and a calm heart, asking for Saint Michael to protect me from anything false and offering Jesus my heart and love. Lifting my head from prayer – Jesus comes. He is with me. He smiles gently in a white tunic and standing tall and beautiful in His usual ‘spot’. He understands me. Jesus is so serene, as usual, which makes me more serene too and confident. Our Most Blessed Lord holds His Hands together at the front, His Fingers knitted together:

JESUS: (smiling sweetly, with a slight nod of His Head)”Good morning!”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus steps forward:

JESUS: “Peace! Be not afraid! The Scientist, the gentleman, may know indeed he is correct. Man with the evil one and using his infernal knowledge, knows how to disrupt the energy of the soul. Man’s call to God with every beat of the heart, as the heart has been programmed to match this resonance and improve or disrupt ‘man’s hearing’. The devices that have been placed deep underground are designed to disconnect this resonance, to disturb man, increasing sin and illness.”

“Know those devices, HAARPS are truly evil. They increase the ‘negative’ ion; they disrupt magnetic field, sphere and deplete man’s protection. Know too, the chemical spraying that has been occurring for many, many years, has filled the skies and this concoction of poisons and metals in trace amounts, that just as tiny grains of sand accumulate, accumulated, accumulated and accumulated, can overcome affecting sphere.”

“Within the centre of the Earth – within its hottest part – the core of which as a great centrifugal ball bearing, with the Sun, the Moon, the Poles, the water, the land – yes, even the placement of the Planets, hold all together – there is nothing separate, yet man with his ‘advances’ acting as a ‘god’ trying to control all, – the weather, the water, the rocks, the skies, space and Sun – how foolish!”

“Does it not make sense that in all creation, God would so please Himself – that all things would Glorify the Creator and good, making everything in the service of man for his betterments – his greater good – and a stronger connection to God?”

“Look at HAARPS workings. These weather machines, if we understand even a little of the energy of a thundercloud: The mix of magnetic, gravity and electricity these contain, made by God so holding positive forces, man imposes, intervenes with evil intent and these ions, energies do not match, creating more of the negative, false, unnatural ions, disrupting the resonance, the tremble, the ‘vibration’, of the Earth and this happens all over the world!”

“These negative ions, pounding the fabric of the Earth’s atmosphere, tearing holes through the levels, so also the diabolic plans concerning the Sun may more surely terrify man.”

“In the end it matters not; in the end all will be restored; in the end there will be elect Scientists who will understand more than the enemies of God.”

19 November 2016 – Raindrop 2 (Answer)

Dear William,

After Mass, Rosary, Chaplet and Confession, I decided to ask the Lord for your answer. I’m only trying to do as you ask and let you decide what is good. You are my Spiritual Father and you take Jesus’ place in this crucifixion before the Second Coming.

First of all, in your last letter for posting – the amalgamation of Messages – it sounds as if Jesus is saying what ONLY I SAID TO YOU – I should have made that clearer, so now I get to correct you, William. The part you put into parenthesis are my thoughts about the aliens being stupid. Jesus didn’t say that – I thought that was clear – needless to say I laughed long and hard. I’m sure it amused Our Lord to a certain extent and that is how error can creep in. I thought, at any rate I believe He said you could change it or not – possibly He thinks the alien thing is stupid too. The answer I received from your last email …

JESUS: “My beloved daughter, I AM the Great I AM, the Lord of all things. Come to My Heart and find rest – The Great Physician Healer of all – Spiritual and Physical King of Salvation History. To answer My son’s question is to go back to his earlier beliefs when things were much different, as the Saints of old believed in their time – their understanding. Today, time has been condensed, as I have given more time. So both scenarios hold pieces of the truth.”

“William, My son, you are not to worry over differences, as you will see all come to fruition in MY TIME. The short Reign of Peace will be in the hearts of men after the Three Days of Darkness. The Reign of My LOVE in men’s hearts. Many will die during the Warning, but the prayers from my prayer warriors, will save many souls. Yes, the first scenario is correct, but in that great upheaval will many of the second scenario come into play.”

“Technology will falter, but not completely. All will occur during the three and a half years (3½), where many of My children will be protected at My refuges – others will fight for Me for the countries that have been chosen to go into the Era of Peace.”

“Many will lay down their lives in this cause and many will be rewarded in the Era of Peace. This is all part of MY GREAT MERCY. Yes, there is a second Three Days of Darkness in readiness for the lifting of My children, to be taken into the Era of Peace. When the bombs fall then the rapture will occur. Many of My children will come to me and many will return with new Missions, gathering the elect from the four corners and going into the whole world, with My Message of Repentance and Love. In this way many more will be saved, because of the alien deception. You will be protected from the Antichrist by My Holy Spirit, if you are chosen for this Mission.”

“The bombs falling in the United States of America are part of her invasion and purification. My Great Mercy has many parts to fulfil. After this Great Harvest comes Wormwood and then the fulfilment at last of My Second Coming. Much depends on the love and prayers of My children. There is always room for improvement in all prophecies, so have no fear.”

“My Love to all the children of the Earth. We await the Great Harvest of Souls that are all part of My Great Mercy and Great Plan for the salvation of souls. Go in Peace and Love, My daughter, My beloved Raindrop.”

RAINDROP 2: So that was the Message and while I was thinking on some things, then I heard this:

JESUS: “Before the end of all this, two thirds will have been taken and one third will go into the Era of Peace – but many who will perish will be washed in the BLOOD OF THE LAMB. My Great Mercy will be fulfilled. Love Jesus, your Saviour and God.”

7 November 2016 – Manuel (Answer)

The Three Days of Darkness are distinct from the Warning. I have a Warning Package I can send to you.

The Warning and the Illumination of Conscience will occur after the seven (7) Year Treaty, which signals the end of WWIII. Yes, after the Illumination of Conscience we will have forty two (42) months of peace and re-evangelization. Saint Paul and Saint Peter will come to Earth to preach and they will participate in a Conclave in which Saint Peter will appoint the future Pope Peter II.

The Antichrist is Jewish born of a Jewish Nun. He is already walking in the world, influencing the Illuminati and the American Election. He will appear to the general public in television, at the seven (7) year Treaty, which will end WW III. That’s when we will have a glimpse of the Antichrist. Till then he will operate secretively in the world. I have also prepared a package about the Antichrist.

  • The Asteroid fragments are supposed to hit the world in the near future – days or weeks. They are the bigger fragments of the Asteroid NASA has deflected.
  • The schism will occur before the election of Pope Peter II, perhaps during WW III, which will start this year, 2016 and it will be lethal and brief.
  • Christ’s Second Coming will occur approximately seven (7) years after the seven (7) year Treaty.
  • The invasion of Europe, America and the invasion of the Vatican will be part of WW III. The invasion of the Vatican and the fleeing of the Pope will occur as part of the invasion of Europe.
  • The final crash is beginning and an economic rebound will occur before 2020.

NOTE: Two thirds (2/3) of the population won’t be killed during the Warning. It will be only a small percentage of wicked people who won’t support the vision of their wicked souls. The Warning is a manifestation of the Mercy of God and the salvation of souls.

29 October 2012 – William (Question)

Jesus has told me that the Antichrist will arrive as an Alien and the Governments will tell the world he has come to save the world. Could you ask Jesus about this please?

5 November 2016 – Raindrop 1 (Answer)

Dear William,

I hope all is well with you. I know you have waited for an answer for a while. Here is what the Lord gave to me this evening.

JESUS: “My daughter, Peace to you! I AM the Great I AM, the Great Physician, the Healer of Hearts, Minds and Souls. If My children would seek Me they would find great gifts and healing readily available to them, but instead they seek other pleasures. Their time is consumed with feeding their own wants and desires and they leave little time for Me, who should be their first priority.”

“My son seeks an answer to the question concerning the Antichrist and how he will appear. The evil one has long planned out different scenarios to use to introduce his puppet master. This one concerning him as a saviour from the Heavens, an Alien, has long been Satan’s favourite plan, as a mimicry of My own self coming down from Heaven to save My children. He has long been building this scenario through “movies” and sightings. My poor children who do not wish to believe in a Triune God who loves and cares for them, who created all for them, so that they could share Heaven with Us, but do believe in “entity’s” out in the universe that they wish to have contact with, share knowledge with – will swallow ‘Father of Lies’.”

5 November 2016 – William to Raindrop 1 (Question)

My beloved Jesus, You know my heart – I, as well as many souls who love You, are confused about events in the line of time line as to the Great Warning.

In some of the Messages and even from the saints of the past, we are to believe that the first Three Days of Darkness is part of the warning, where we use the candles to light up the darkness. During that time and this period, is the Illumination of Conscience, where millions of souls will perish – but the whole world will be converted and it will be a time of re-evangelization of the whole world – a short Reign of Peace. The one promised by Your Holy Mother.

But just before this the Third World War would come in the Middle East. The Antichrist would show himself and bring peace; that the U.S.A. would be invaded; the Asteroid parts would hit the world, then the invasion in Europe and finally in Italy the Pope fleeing Rome. The crash of the money; the Division of the Church. And during this Great Warning part of the Poles shift. That is what I personally believe.

However, in other Messages the Warning comes and kills two thirds (2/3) of the world’s population; the world is in poverty; we go back to horse and buggy; the technological age is gone; the Antichrist comes into power and takes over the Vatican, as there will be no Pope. The true Pope will be in hiding. A new currency comes; the One World Government, the One World Church and the Mark of the Beast – for three and a half (3½).

Then comes the second Three days of Darkness with a Comet, Wormwood. You also light the candles, then comes the rapture and the Second Coming of Jesus. I personally believe in the first scenario and part of the second is part of the first.

The reason I say this Lord, is because how can You destroy two thirds of the population before the people have the chance of Your Mercy during and after the Great Warning? Please, my Jesus, help us to understand. Thank you, my beloved Jesus.

18 November 2016 – Raindrop 1 (Answer)

JESUS: “My dearest daughter, I AM the Word Incarnate, I AM the Great I AM, the Great Physician. I wait patiently for My children to seek Me out. Even when they do not, I come to them.”“

“Know this, My son, you are correct in your evaluation of the first scenario, but also the second fits in there also. Some things have changed, but My Mercy is always there waiting so patiently for My children’s yes! This could be before or even after their death. Mercy does not end until My children say No to it. My Mercy is second only to My Love, for without Love there could be no Mercy.”

“Throughout time, time Prophets have been given the Will of God and future events in the hope that My children will come back to Love, to do God’s Holy Will. The Warning is etched in stone; Life and Death are etched in stone; My Love is etched in stone. All other prophecies can be mitigated by My children’s prayers. Come to your Father and trust Him. Prepare with your love and prayers first; prepare how I have instructed you – the rest will be in My Father’s Heart.

Go in Peace and Love, embraced in My Mercy. Read the Gospel of Luke for this day. (19:41-44)

15 November 2016 – Revelations about the Earth – Luz de Maria (excerpts – Google Translation)

The moaning of the Earth –



Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart:

At this instant in which much of My Son’s Church remains inundated by Freemasonry and Illuminati, My Heart grieves at the incompatibility of these secret societies with the religion that My Son instituted.

High positions in My Son’s Church are under the power of masonry, unleashing great confusion concerning the acceptance of norms contrary to the Law of God. These practices have drawn satan’s smoke towards My Son’s Church, taking power in order to conceal its true intention.

My children, you must know Sacred Scripture in order to recognize the difference between the True Path to My Son and the various wrong paths that lead to the worship of the body, of Creation and of satan.

Do not forget that at this instant the devil has activated all his tentacles in order to lash out at you without your perceiving it. The stench of the enemy of the soul covers the streets of cities, spreading hatred and confusion over Humanity, which walks in disorientation, listening to various voices, sinking instant by instant into error, into denial and acting outside of the Commandments.

Evil has invaded Humanity, it has reached unthinkable levels of power, within the religion of the peoples: economic, social, political and moral power; it has taken possession of the lukewarmness of My children, and causes them, under the guise of fraternity, to neither be true Christians nor true children of God.

Dates regarding The Warning, The Miracle, The Punishment, catastrophes, regarding The Days of Darkness and The Second Coming of My Son are spreading like the wind throughout the world.


Do not be like the hypocrites who wait with anticipation to be examined in order to ask forgiveness and thus exempt themselves from the penalty of their sins; they forget that God knows the least of their thoughts, works and acts.

My Son will come without warning, thus He will take His people and allow them to examine themselves.

You should be aware of the urgency of this instant and not be like the foolish who deny the signs of this instant in order to deceive the naive.

10 February 2016 – Luz de Maria

JESUS: “Pray, My children, pray; land will continue to open without the man to lend importance.”

6 August 2016 – Luz de Maria

JESUS: “Beloved My People, pray – the Earth trembles, sinks and geographically transformed – nature strikes with all its power to mankind Events unseen never been experienced by this generation.”