Message 746 – 27 November 2016


NO. 746

Sacred Heart of Jesus
Sacred Heart of Jesus

These are very precarious times; you must live each moment as if it were your last – The coming year will begin with turbulence – Unusual Alliances will be made by Powerful Leaders, but will be broken and the Western Alliance of Nations betrayed – Israel will approach a difficult confronting time and will be betrayed – You are approaching the most difficult part of the Apocalypse – the Tribulation – Terrorism will strike hard in several Cities of the U.S.A., Germany, Italy, Spain and England – as an act of revenge.

WILLIAM: Jesus came. He heard my prayers, as the evil one was attacking me very much. I prayed and He came this time in a Sphere of Light and His Sacred Heart appeared in this Light.

OUR LORD: “See My Sacred Heart that loves mankind so much – so much! Fear not, My son. I am always near. Call on My Beloved Mother and pray to Saint Michael, as he will rush to your aid and My Mother and yours is always near you, son, as you are Her predilected spouse.”

WILLIAM: Jesus spoke through His Sacred Heart – beating heavily with each Word.

OUR LORD: “Son, I come to your side, as I will to all of My children who only need to whisper My Name.”

“Son, I wish to address all of My children: My children, these are very precarious times. You must not become complacent, because you have become anxious, as you seek to know times of events, to help you to understand how you are to prepare your households. Children, as I have said in the Scriptures and to many Seers and Saints, over many generations – you must live each moment as if it were your last. This does not mean being scrupulous or uncaring of your responsibilities. No, My beloved children, live for the Father – live for the life with God and His Blessed in Heaven.”

Live moderately – a balanced life. I do not ask that you pray all day or work only. No, everything in moderation, as My Father Created the Universe and all things on Earth for your pleasure, for your happiness on Earth, as you travel towards your inheritance – My Father’s Kingdom.”

“My Father knows everything – every thought, word, act and deed of your hearts, mind and spirit. He knows your past, present and your future. Therefore, trust in God’s Goodness, His Love, Mercy and Care for you.”

“The coming year will begin with turbulence. The peace that men dream and preach about in the world, is a false peace. Unusual Alliances will be made by Powerful Leaders, but these Agreements will be broken and the Western Alliance of Nations will be betrayed.”

“My Homeland, Israel, will approach a difficult confronting time and will be betrayed by powerful men.”

“My children must not believe that nothing is going to happen this coming year, simply because time and life goes on – just as the Gospel of today. For men and women were partying, marrying and living life, as if they had no care in the world and the rains came and washed all away – so shall it be in these times. before the Son of Man returns.”

“My children, it is truly time for all to reflect upon one’s life. Think of it this way. If I were to come to your door today and say to you: ‘Your time has come!’ Would you be ready to meet me as your Judge? What would you say to Me, as the Angels open your Book of Life before you? Do not leave what you were going to do [for] tomorrow – believing you have enough time to rectify your life. Do it now!”

“The Commandments I gave you through Moses and My Commands of Love I left to you through My Teachings, are sufficient for your everyday lives. Spend time with those you love. Families, spend time together reading the Word of God, if only for a few minutes a day. Re-read the Messages and pray those prayers that you love to say. Come, spend time with Me in the Eucharist, as I am still there waiting for your visit. I am your best friend – your best brother, husband, wife and child. I AM WHO AM – greater than each one of you. I am lonely too, My children, as I am left alone in the many Churches around the world.”

“Know this, My beloved children, you are approaching the most difficult part of the Apocalypse – the Tribulation. All My children must unite – love each other, forgive each other and care for each other. Unity is the strength of the heart. Without unity of each of the body’s members, the heart is wounded and afflicted and cannot function properly.”

“I am the God of Love – the God of Order. Men have become disorderly and in chaos. Satan rules in chaos.”

My children believe life will go on as usual, but this is not so. The Planets and Nature are also revolting against humanity, as sin has become a way of life. The natural disturbances will only increase, until men have come to realise that they are the very cause of all calamities.”

“There is much disturbance in the world. Terrorism will strike hard in several cities of the United States of America, Germany, Italy, Spain and England – as an act of revenge. The timing of these is related to special days of celebrations for Christians and Muslims. The Authorities must be very watchful. Men must turn to God and repent of their sinful lives. Pray, My children, pray!”

“The turning of the year will be one of many surprises: Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions – far greater than previous times – will come. Revolution is in the air, as a prelude to war and the events that will precipitate the coming Warning. Once again I tell you children, watch the Heavens as many signs will be given to mankind.”

“I so love you, My children and you, My holy ‘instrument’ – go forth in the Light of the Holy Spirit and continue to spread the Gospel of the Advent of My First Coming and My soon Second Coming.”

“I Bless you, son and children, for this Christmas – May all celebrate Christmas, as it is meant to be. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Your Jesus

WILLIAM: As Jesus left He said:

OUR LORD: “Next year is one of many Miracles, as My Holy Mother has a Plan to rescue all My children who belong to Her – and Her chosen children will receive this Plan. Oh what a wonderful Mother you have.”

WILLIAM: The Sacred Heart then dissipated with the White Cross.


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Parts of the Asteroid — which after the nuclear detonations in September 2016 — are now falling upon the Earth.