Is Pope Francis an Anti-Pope?



Popes and Antipopes

Are Anti-Popes anything new in the Catholic Church? Who then is the True Pope?`

So what is an Anti Pope? He is a Bishop who claims to be the Pope, but was not canonically elected as Bishop of Rome – Supreme Pontiff. There have been some forty (40) Anti-Popes in the history of the Church – sometimes more than two (2) Popes elected by different factions of the Church. It is important to know that the Church has produced ninety-seven (97) Popes who were Canonized Saints and even some of them were also Anti-Popes.

The history of the Church is one of the most interesting studies of history in world affairs you will ever make. The politics and reigns of various Kings, Rulers and Governments have played a major role in choosing the Popes over a two thousand (2,000) year history of Holy Mother Church. However, it is to be noted that in spite of Anti-Popes and bad Popes, the Teachings of the Church never erred, nor were any Dogmatic Teachings ever given during the reign of any bad Pope or Anti-Pope.

God’s Promise to the Church remains to this day: “And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.” Matthew 16:18.

St. Constantine, the Emperor of the Roman Empire, was the leader who protected the Christian Church and stopped the persecution of the Church. He built Churches and even brought forth the first prayers of the Apostle’s Creed.

The Catholic Church now had ten thousand (10,000) Canonised Saints. This reflects how the Church survived, regardless of the Anti-Popes.

In the early Church of the first two (2) centuries, the Christian Church was persecuted, starting with Emperor Nero, where St. Peter, the First Pope and St Paul, were killed. Then came the Emperor Diocletian.

In the year 303, an edict was issued against Christians. It was in the years from 217 to 235, the first Anti-Pope appeared. He was Hippolytus, who could not accept the leniency of Pope Callistus for fallen away heretics wanting to be reconciled — thus Hippolytus was elected by a small group as an Anti-Pope; but who later realising his serious error abdicated and was reconciled back to the Faith and was martyred with Pope Saint Pontianus. This was following the time St. Callistus – Pope (217-222) was elected. The Schism of Monarchian was enacted. Monarchian is the argument of the Three Divine persons in One God. The problem was that it was not believed — but proposed that there were three Gods.

The Emperor, Maximin Thrax exiled both Hippolytus and Pope St. Pontian to Sardinia, where they were reconciled; both abdicated and both martyred for the Faith.

In 312, the Emperor, Constantine, made Christianity the official Religion in Rome. It was, however, Emperor Galerius who stopped the persecution of Christians after Emperor, Diocletian died. However, Anti-Pope Heraclius, reigned during this time – 309.

In 410, the invasion of Rome by the Goths and other Barbarians, brought forth the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. The Emperor Valens, was killed during this time. Anti-Pope Felix II – 355-365 and Anti-Pope Ursinus – 366-367, were elected. It is to be noted the Vatican States existed then, organised by the Emperors. The Germanic clans and vandals and the Huns themselves, sacked Rome. St. Augustine reigned then – his teachings were a threat to the invaders.

At this time the Church was well divided between the Arians, the Traditores and those who followed Donatus – perfectionists; all became Apostates. Then came Pelagius and other heretical teachings.

Then you had Anti-Pope Eulatius – 418-419. Then Anti-Pope Laurantius – 498-505. Then come the next trials for Christendom, namely the doctrine if Islam – 570-632. Islam conquered all of the Middle East up to taking over Portugal and Spain around 718. However, within the Catholic world you have Pope Theodore – 687, Pope Paschal – 687, elected as Anti-Popes.

However in 732, as the Islamic forces invaded France, the Christian forces won and pushed them back. Then in the years that followed, Anti-Pope – 767-769 Constantine, 768 Philip, 844 John came to be –

The Islamic forces invade Italy, ransack Rome and the Vatican – 846. Anti-Pope Anastasius 855, supported by Frankish Armies, tried to become Pope, going against lawful Pope Benedict III – 855-858.

Then the Christian Crusades began under Pope Urban II – 1095. Before this Anti-Pope Christopher was elected 903-904, then Anti-Pope Boniface VII – 984-985; he was elected twice. He had the lawful Benedict VI – 973-974 murdered; he seized Rome, then Pope John XVI was elected – 983-984, but had him murdered and installed himself.

It was called the Medieval time. The Jews were hated the most in Europe. Crops failed; the plague struck.

Pope John XII – 955-964, became Pope at eighteen (18) He was lazy; he invoked demons; murdered and mutilated men and turned Papal Palaces into whore houses. He committed adultery with many women in their early twenties (20’s) – in bed with married women.

Pope Stephen VI – 896-897 wanted revenge on his predecessor. He ordered the previous Pope to be exhumed, had a mock-court hearing to try him for his crime. Later Pope Stephen was placed in the dungeon and was strangled.

The in 997-998 Anti-Pope John XVI was elected. Then in 1012 Anti-Pope Gregory. Pope Eugene III in 1099 called for another Crusade. St Bernard was horrified at the slaughter of men, women and children, Muslims and Jews, by Christian soldiers.

Then in 1045, Sylvester III, Anti-Pope.

Pope Benedict IX – 1032-1048 – inherited the title Pope, since he was the nephew of two Popes. He was only twenty (20) – cruel and immoral, he raped, murdered and was into bestiality.

Then 1058-1059 Anti-Pope Benedict X.

1061-1064 Anti-Pope Honorius II

1080 & 1084-1100 Anti-Pope Clement III

1100-1101 Anti-Pope Theodoric

1101 Anti-Pope Adalbert

1105-1111 Anti-Pope Sylvester IV

In 1215 the Catholic Church was able to recapture Spain and Portugal from the Muslims and Jews.

1118-1121 Gregory VIII Anti-Pope

1124 Anti-Pope Celestine II

1130-1138 Anacletus II, Anti-Pope

1138 Anti-Pope Victor IV (Gregorio Conti)

1159-1164 Anti-Pope Victor IV (Ottavio di Montecelio) between 1159-1180 where the Holy Roman Empire existed, the Emperor Frederick was quarrelling with Pope Alexander I who was the True Pope – 1159-1181.

1164-1168 Anti-Pope Paschal III, then 1168-1178, Anti-Pope Callistus III.

1179-1180 Anti-Pope Innocent III

Within the years from 800 to 1806, the Holy Roman Empire was formed enclosing most of Europe, with a Crown Emperor by the Pope. However, many of the Emperors would use their power to influence the elections of the Popes.

1328-1330 Anti-Pope by the Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV, because of a quarrel with the True Pope, John XXII – 1316-1334.

Then came Anti-Pope Clement VII – 1378-1394 to oppose the True Pope, Urban VI – 1378-1389 – it precipitated the Western Schism of 1378-1415.

1415 – Then with the corruption within the Church, reformers began to appear, namely Jan Hus, who was burnt at the stake.

But it was in 1431, St Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake due to the wars between England and France.

The idea of witches, warlocks, spells and cures began to circulate during this time, which were the lead-up to the witch hunts in the prelude to the Reformation and the Spanish Inquisition. Coupled with this you had many Schisms in the Church, which drew people to both sides of the fence of the True Popes and the Anti-Popes. E.g.: Arianism then the Nestorian Schism; then you had the East and Western Schism.

The difference between the two groups: The right of the clergy to get married and the heresy was they divided the Trinity between the Three Divine Persons as three Gods.

In 1054 the Schism between West and East became official. The Anti-Popes were once again elected:

1316-1334 – John XXII

1394-1423 – Benedict XIII

1409-1410 – Alexander V

1423-1429 – Clement VIII

1425-1430 – Benedict XIV

From 1309, the Papacy was transferred to Avignon and in the French Court and the Papacy were swarms of prostitutes on the Papal beds, adultery, seduction, rape, incest; orgies, wives stolen or virgins deflowered. Wives and women were sold for gold. From 1314, six successive Popes reigned from Avignon, France.

The division in the Church grew when Popes were elected in France and in Rome. Four Anti-Popes were elected in France. At that time there were three Popes elected – one of these Anti-Popes was Pope John XXII in 1413.

Pope Clement VI in Avignon, was at the time of the Black Death 1347-1350.

1439-1449 – Felix V, after deposing Eugene IV – 1431-1447. In 1439 the Schismatic Council of Basle elected Pope Amadeus VIII – 1391-1440. However Felix, Anti-Pope, submitted to the lawful Pope, Nicholas died – 1451.

It is to be noted during the many years of various Kings, Popes and Anti-Popes, the Inquisition began to set up in the thirteenth century. It then followed to Italy, then Spain and Portugal. These were enhanced during the fifteenth century, during the Reformation.

The Spanish Inquisition was atrocious, as men, women and children were placed in prison and tortured for mostly nothing – by hearsay – sanctioned by Kings and Popes.

1455-1458 – The Borgia family begins. Pope Callixtus III entertain the Crusades against the Ottoman Turkish Empire.

1484 Pope Innocent VIII said the Practice of Priests having Mistresses or being married was not forbidden, as the number of prostitutes living in Rome were some six-thousand-eight-hundred (6,800). He himself had two (2) sons and fathered one hundred (100) children.

1492 – Pope Alexander VI – Family Borgia.

The Moors were driven out of Spain. Columbus found the U.S.A.

The Pope allowed enslavement, due to the Colonialism of the new world. He had mistresses – murdered – he bought the Conclave to elect him Pope. His daughter, Luorezia, had a relationship with her brother and her father the Pope.

Pope Pius III, Alexander’s Successor, only lasted twenty-six (26) days, then Pope Julius III. He also had a daughter – 1503.

1500 – The German Monk, Martin Luther, began the Reformation. He was excommunicated. The 500 year anniversary is celebrated today People judge him harshly because he attacked the Church, but he had justification as the Church was selling indulgences to clean one’s sins and save their souls. Also about the hypocrisy of celibacy, when in fact the Pope had mistresses and fornicated, and even had incest with his daughter. It would not surprise me that he now is a Saint in Heaven.

1513 – The Medici Family: Bankers got control of the Papacy, Pope Leo X.

1517 – Martin Luther began to oppose Pope Leo X.

King Henry VIII in 1521 began his own Reformation at the time when Pope Clement VII ruled. Even though he defended the Pope and the Church, his decision to make himself the Head of the Church of England was no big deal. The Pope should have annulled the first Marriage, because the marriages of the Royal Houses – concerning the political power struggles – were not true marriages. However, King Henry VIII’s greatest crime was that he murdered his Queens and countless other persons, as to where he is before God, only God knows. But in this whole situation, the Papacy and the church were corrupt.

In 1618, the thirty (30) year war began in Europe. Great Thinkers like Isaac Newton, were then around. During the time of the Dark Ages God raised many Saints, like St. Francis and St. Dominic, to reform the corrupt Church.

It was in the sixteenth (16th) century Christian Europe was much divided by Catholics and Protestants and Papal control with Christian Kings dividing the Western World.

During all these moments when the Church went through great trials, God raised Holy men and women and in most cases came from the poor – very rarely from the Priesthood, or those in power and yet if they raised their heads, they would be martyred, like St. Thomas Moore, defender of the faith, and Bishop Fisher.

When we come to Heaven and the New Holy Era, we will all know the true history of the Church and the world – and all the hidden heroes of God will be known.

Pope Clement VII – 1423-1534, known as “flip-flop”

Pope Leo X – 1513-1521, encouraged worshippers to pay monies for their sins – Indulgences were given. He was there at the time when the Reformation was strong.

Pope Julius – 1503-1513, had several mistresses; three daughters. He committed sodomy. He was the Pope who ordered the painting of the Sistine Chapel by Michael Angelo.

You come across the dividing of the rest of the world by them the conquering nations, like Spain, Portugal, France, England, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, where colonies were established. The Great Nations plundered, raped, killed and enslaved the rest of the world in the Name of Christ, supported by Christian Kings and the Popes.

The Popes from 1860 became Holy. In 1860 Pope Pius IX convened the First Vatican Council. In 1870, the Papal States were no more other than the Vatican State, as Italy became one nation.

The twentieth century brought with it that every Pope till John Paul II, were Saints – with Benedict XVI being the last True Pope – also a very Saintly man.

Leaving Pope Francis questionable as to how he became Pope of the twenty-first century, and what was behind Pope Benedict’s Resignation – could it have been a reflection of the times of the Dark Ages of the Papacy.

The nineteenth century produced the hundred year wars, with Napoleon being the main Arbitrator, making himself Emperor and finally Pope – imprisoning the Pope. Two great world wars and many other wars. A century of change on every level.

Now in the twenty-first century we are waiting for the Second Coming of the Messiah with the heralding of the New Golden Age; the Book of Revelation unfolding with the last Anti-Pope on the Throne of Peter, namely Pope Francis and the Last Pope yet to come, Pope Peter II or Petrus Romanus, who will guide the Church in the final hour and persecution by the last Antichrist. The Antichrist will seat himself upon the Throne of Peter and proclaim himself as God.

Yet, we are to believe that the twentieth and nineteenth century did not bring with it tyrants in world power play and huge abuses in the Church, even under the leaderships this time of great men of the cloth?

So why do we think Pope Francis is an Anti-Pope? First, he supports liberal theology; over the years the popes of the past have spoken against liberal theology, namely the teaching of Hans Kung and Teilhard de Chardin – both theologians, condemned by the Church, yet used by Pope Francis as good teachers. Pope Francis is leading the Church into the greatest crisis in her history. Pope Francis is a humanist – believes in socialism and teaches as an encyclical, the environment. Little, if any, does he teach about sin, about Hell or even Heaven.

Pope Francis, who seems to love the poor in showing the world he is a good man of the Gospel. However, this is to mislead the Church and the world – as shown in his teachings about Christ and His Holy Mother.

Let’s take into consideration as to why Pope Francis may be the last Anti-Pope of history.

[See website of Kelly Bowring – Two Hearts Press:]

William Costellia Message 674 – 1 February 2013:

[See full Message:]

[“Evil is perpetrated in the Holy City of the Vatican, behind closed doors – just as they once murdered Saint Thomas a’ Becket (England). The Evil Sects, established well and entrenched in every corner of the Church, had also murdered the Popes of the century gone by; namely, Pope John Paul II, John Paul I, Paul VI and John XXIII, as they had stumbled on the truth of the Freemasons, and the Illuminarians working freely as Cardinals, Bishops and Priests undermining every move the Holy Popes were trying to fulfil. Judases have always been in the Church from the time I started My Ministry in Public on Earth.”]

[“All these hideous sacrilegious acts of murder and grossness conducted in secret in Holy Places, even sexual depravity and corruption – abomination upon abomination – in God’s Holy Sanctuary. My children, if I were to reveal and show you all these sacrilegious acts being perpetrated by Satan and his agents, you would die in horror. Men have fallen so low; it was the crimes of this nature and the others which brought on the floods of Noah’s time, but men have become far worse.”]

William Costellia Message 675 – 15 February 2013:

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[JESUS:“Trust in Me, My children, as I will guide you through these most turbulent times of the tribulation. Remember these Words: even though Pope Benedict has been forced to step down, while he lives, he remains the True Pope. The time will come when Benedict will flee to a foreign land – and this will be your sign that the Great Warning of My Mercy will be witnessed, but the road to Calvary has commenced. I will send many signs to mankind so that they will realise that God truly exists. Continue with your prayers, My children; wear your protective armour with the many Sacramentals Heaven has given you – and nurture your souls and bodies with My Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in My Holy Eucharistic Bread of Life.”]

See MDM Message – 16 February 2013:

[The Schism within the Catholic Church, as foretold, will now be witnessed, for all the world to see. The departure of My dearly beloved Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict XVI, marks the beginning of the end.]

See MDM Message — 19 February 2013:

[My Vicar, appointed by Me, Jesus Christ, to rule over My Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, has been viciously ousted]


See Enoch website:


20 February  2013 – 7:55 A.M.


[“This says the Lord: With the resignation of My Vicar will begin the purification days of My Church. The Peter’s Chair becomes vacant thus beginning all that is written about My Church in these end times. The time of My adversary and his wicked emissaries is about to start; where the carcass is, there the vultures will gather. My Church will begin her sorrowful Calvary; Calvary needed for a new church to be reborn and strengthened in faith, full of Spirit’s Charisma – totally given to the service of My people. Humility, charity, poverty and first of all love will be the slogan of My New Church.”]

So my dear people of God, it is always important to study about your faith and to understand what a great miracle it has been that the Church has survived and not to sit on judgement about our separate Christians, who were able to maintain their Christian beliefs in spite of the great divisions within Christendom, since the early centuries. Because this was due to bad popes, corrupt Kings and leaders in the world and evil governments.

This century will see the re-unification of the Christian world and the integration of all faiths into the Christian world, as we gather together as one Church, waiting for the return of Christ Jesus.

The purpose of this chronological appraisal of the Popes of history was to show you that Pope Francis was not elected in truth, but it was orchestrated by the freemasons, who ousted the True Pope, Pope Benedict XVI. The Seat of Peter will soon be empty and the Antichrist will seat himself upon the Throne of Peter proclaiming himself as God.

The Seat of Peter will be moved to another land once Pope Francis and Pope Benedict are removed.

St. Peter and St. Paul will designate the Last Pope for the Church after the Great Warning.

Long Reign Christ Our Saviour in His Mystical Body, the Church.

His Servant

William John Baptist Costellia