RENAISSANCE – 15 February 2018



The Renaissance

Was the Renaissance between the 14th and 17th Century any different than now?

WILLIAM: Jesus came to me early this morning and spoke to me about this very question, as I have been studying it, in its implication of the modern world. Renaissance means to re-awaken!

Jesus told me, the period of the Renaissance was a very sinful time, where authority in high places was abused – not only in the ruling Monarchy, but in the Church itself – causing the Great Revolution by the Landlords and the peasants, which generated into the Reformation. The poor and the peasants were abused the most, with taxes and starvation – even slavery.

The Church Leaders and the Royal Houses committed great crimes, not only of murder, rape, incest, betrayals, debauchery, usury and witchcraft, but all the Ten Commandments were sinned against – licentiousness, adultery and all types of perversions. Jesus said that Satan seduced humanity in a most cruel way, where immorality was at a high level, similar to the time when Rome had evil rulers who committed grave crimes. Jesus said there were many innocent people and children who were abused and tormented by those who wielded power, bringing much suffering and death to the innocent.

However, I studied the time of the Renaissance and God raised some amazing Saints, who themselves were reformers. Here are some of them:

St. Teresa, St. Francis Borgia, St John of Avila, St. Peter Alcantara, St John of Capistrano 1385, St. Catharine of Bologna 1413, St. Thomas More, St. Catherine de Ricci 1522 and St. John of the Cross.

Also during these turbulent times, great men, who were architects, painters, sculpturers – like Michael Angelo – famous for the Sistine Chapel frescoes – and others 1475. Filippo Brunelleschi 1377-1446, Donatello 1386-1466, Michellozzo di Bartolomeo, Michelozzi 1396-1472 Sandro Botticelli 1445-1510, Leonardo da Vinci 1452-1519, Raphael Sanzio, Giovanni Bellini 1430-1516, Giorgione 1477-1510, Titian 1488-1576, Andrea Palladio 1508-1580, Tintoretto 1519-1594, Giambologna 1529-1608.

You can add another 63 famous men to this period, which shaped the building of the architecture under Popes, Kings and Queens.

The Medici Family, who came from Florence, Italy, were the most powerful family in Europe. They were the Banking Family, who controlled Popes and Kings. During all these times, you had several married Popes with children – many illicit relationships.

During this period of so much change, you had great writers like St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, William Shakespeare and Philosophers – Niccolo Machiavelli and St. Thomas More. Composers: Vincenzo Galilei, Carlo Gesualdo and many more. Then you had the Explorers and Navigators – Christopher Columbus, Vasco Nunez, Prince Henry, Juan Sebastian, Vasco da Gama, Marco Polo and Sir Francis Drake.

You can see how God brought in great men on every level, during these turbulent times and it can be seen also, since the 19th century until now in the 21st Century and during every episode in history, God raises great men and women – holy men and even those who may not be holy, but men of great knowledge, who I am sure are all saved.

Jesus then explained to me about the nude paintings and sculptures. He said these are not sinful, as they were made in the images as God Created them in the beauty of His Creation – which was pure and Holy – for in the nakedness of Adam and Eve, they were Created in the Purity of God, but sin brought forth, that nakedness was sinful, due to concupiscence of the heart and mind.

Jesus then explained that Satan placed his hypnosis, with his devilish whispers, upon Eve, which then overtook Adam into the Great Sin of Disobedience, listening to words of promises which beguiled them into a sense of false security, where Adam and Eve let down their guard – which was simply to trust in God’s Word.

Jesus then explained that now, Satan has become more sophisticated and refined in his mode of tempting man – so much so, that men are drawn into temptations more readily and more easily – for he has used his wiles and superior intelligence, as he retained all the qualities of a Seraphic Angel, to entice men to sin.

Jesus then said, that in the Modern Era of the 20th and 21st Centuries, Satan has used his power over the youth, by introducing his music, which is Rock and Roll and hard core Heavy Metal Music, that sways the soul and the music from the ages of Paganism and Tribal Rhythm – to sway the bodies, inciting sensuality and movement of the body to incite men to sin – as it was in the time when Solomon and other Kings ruled. Paganism was the movement of the body and spirit, worshipping false gods and idols, sacrificing humans and using lust and devil worship to fill one’s appetite for unsavoury illicit actions between same sex people and animals. A depravation as this, is like a hypnotic rhythm, drawing souls into drugs, which desensitizes the body and brain and from this, fornication became rife and from there, murder, vice and crimes of all kinds. This then, is brought into the homes, schools, playgrounds and workforce, through the powerful weapons of Social Media.

Internet, Telephone, TV Programmes and Movies – these become an addictive drug, especially for the youth, who can no longer resist the pull. All looks innocent, especially through the instrument of movies, where nudity, sexuality, violence, drugs and throw-away humans, become the norm of the day.

This is the Modern day hypnosis of the whispers of Satan – to defy God: He does not exist – there is no life after death – no Hell or Heaven. What these sexualized movies do, is that you visualize it day in and day out – like poison, or a drug. You will not notice it because it goes into your spirit and you become drunk with the spirit of sensuality, where everything becomes acceptable as normal. So gradually, the soul becomes weaker to resist the temptation – like a person who is addicted to drugs, or even gambling – so much so, that when you fall deeper and deeper, the soul becomes acceptable to any crime. In this way, Satan slowly places a fishing net over you – a noose around you – where the soul becomes chained in his strong vice.

Jesus said, He has pity upon this generation, because there are so many refined temptations never seen before, since the beginning of creation. The only way to fight such temptation, is with prayer – especially the Holy Rosary – and to call often on God’s Holy Angels, especially Saint Michael, who can break these chains. Always call on God’s Mercy, for He, Our Lord, is always near and never forget to call on His Blessed Mother, Who is the Custodian of every soul created.

Jesus said, because of His Great Love for souls and in a very special way, for this generation, who have had to fight Great Demons now loosed upon Earth, His Divine Mercy will rescue most of the youth and all the children of the world under the age of twelve, before His Second Coming.

Jesus told me that men must begin to live more simplified lives, do everything in moderation and count their many Blessings, thanking God for everything, even their crosses in life, as these crosses are their signpost that they are marked for Heaven. All must trust in His Love for mankind and it is His desire, that every person born in this life – even up to the very last day on the Earth before He Returns – be saved. Because it can be done, if every person on Earth adopts a soul or souls and prays for their salvation.

Jesus also explained to me that He wishes every soul to reflect carefully and search his heart to calculate what he now has, what he really needs and what he does not need, to live and survive. Let every man look at what possessions he has and what he could do without – because a time is coming when man will be stripped of much of his possessions, so that he will learn to live with what is really needed in his life. Jesus explained how much He truly loves souls. He then Blessed me and the world.+

Jesus made me understand that Society – those in power – were living as in the time of the Renaissance, but more sophisticated.

To complete this article, I will show you the Renaissance and the powerful people who lived then – but think of the powerful people of this time and how they have influenced the world in Art, Government, Religion and History.

1423 – 1806 Mettin Electors of Saxony

1623 – 1806 Wittelsbach Electors of Bavaria

1415 – 1701 Hohenzollern Dynasty

1674 – 1696 Jan III Sobieski, Poland

1701 – 1713 Friedrich I, Prussia

1683 – 1861 Ottoman Rule, Romania

1509 – 1547 King Henry VIII, England

1553 – 1558 Queen Mary I, England

1558 – 1603 Queen Elizabeth I, England

1689 – 1694 William III & Mary II, England

1341 – 1364 Charles of Blois, France

1442 – 1450 Francis I, France

1246 – 1285 Charles I, France

1643 – 1715 Louis XIV, France

l804 – 1814 Napoleon, France

1314 – 1347 Ludwig IV, Holy Roman Empire, Germany

1492 – 1503 Pope Alexander VI, Borgia

1474 – 1504 Isabel, Spain

1516 – 1556 Carlos Charles V, Holy Roman Empire, Spain

1361 – 1365 Lorenzo Celsi, Italy

1462 – 1598 Ivan III the Great, Russia

1613 – 1917 Romanoff Czars, Russia

1286 – 1319 Erik VI, Denmark

1387 – 1396 Margaret, Norway

1319 – 1364 Magnus II, Sweden

Same time Queen Elizabeth I, England & Mary Queen of Scotts, Scotland. These are only a few of the Kings, Queens and Leaders of Europe at the time of the Renaissance.

Finally let us look at people who made a splash in the world in the 19th, 20th and 21st Century:

1791 – 1867 Michael Faraday – Physics, Chemistry

1769 – 1821 Napoleon Bonaparte – Military

1847 – 1922 Alexander Graham Bell

1809 – 1965 Abraham Lincoln

1894 – 1931 Thomas Edison

1822 – 1895 Louis Pasteur

1809 – 1882 Charles Darwin


Albert Einstein — Vladimir Lenin

Adolf Hitler — Queen Victoria

Al Capone — Mahatma Gandhi

Marie Curie — Emily Bronte

Charles Dickens — Giuseppe Mazzini

Walt Whitman — Simon Bolivar

Oscar Wilde — Karl Marx

Winston Churchill — Joseph Stalin

Benito Mussolini — Mao Zedong

Leon Trotsky — Nikita Khrushchev

Otto von Bismarck — Francisco Franco

Chiang Kai-Shek — Ho Chi Minh

Charles de Gaulle — Sitting Bull

Golda Meir — Bernadette Soubirous

These are the Saints of the 20th Century – only some, as hundreds were canonized.

1878 Gemma Galgani, Italy

1842 Mary MacKillop, Australia

1835 Pius X, Italy

1832 -1914 Rebecca Rafka, Lebanon

1850 Frances Xavier Cabrini, U.S.A.

1908 Francisco Marto & Jacinta, Portugal

1905 Sr. Faustina Kowalska, Poland

1894 Maximilian Kolbe, Poland

So dear souls, you can see how God set the balance of scales to help poor humanity. Since the 1960’s, when Satan attacked the Church by dividing it through the Second Vatican Council, God raised hundreds of Seers and Prophets – great men, women and children – to prepare God’s children for the 21st Century. He set the stage for the Final Battle of the Spirits and the Return of Jesus in this generation, which Jesus Promised and revealed through Maria Divine Mercy and the Seers of the world.

Jesus has called us to live more simplified lives – and where possible – to return to the land, so that you can grow your own food. However, He will watch over you wherever you are.

Praise be Jesus Christ, Our Loving Saviour and King.

William Costellia