Jesus to MDM – 26 February 2018



Dear Friends of Maria Divine Mercy,

You need to pray for MDM asking Jesus to bring her back to the Mission.

13 July 2011 – Message from Jesus to MDM: “My dearly beloved daughter, when you turn your back on Me, afterwards you will find it difficult to find Me again. I realize that you believe I make difficult demands of you, but My Word to be imparted to the world, is of such urgency that you must obey Me, as I have requested you.”

I wish to encourage all of God’s children to read the five Books of Truth. The Second Coming of Jesus is near and the New World will follow, as the Old World that we now live in, will pass away.

God Bless

William Costellia

20 February 2012 – God the Father gave the world the Seal of the Living God.

God the Father:“….for I now bequeath the Seal of My Love and protection – with this, you will escape the notice of those who will cause hardship in your countries. No harm will come to you.”

Jesus speaks of the New Holy Era – a New world. All those saved, will enter into a New Paradise on Earth, where we will have a mind, body and soul. We will live in Splendour, Love, Peace and Harmony and will want for nothing.

Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews and all those faiths deduced by the infallible mind of mankind – open your eyes to the True Word of God.

11 November 2010 – Our Lady: “ ….. work side by side in preparing the world for the times facing mankind, as the Earth faces the final cleansing.”

Jesus implores all of you: “Those who have been sucked into the Illuminati and other such evil entities – you are doomed to eternal damnation. I will forgive all who confess.”

“I hope, that through My Modern Day Visionaries and Prophets, that you will finally listen.”

15 November 2010 – The time has come for My Second Coming. The signs are visible now; you must prepare now. You and your families will be lifted with Me in the blink of an eye.

Watch the changes that will become evident for all to see. With My Church, the Second Sign will be seen in the way many of you will no longer be in control of your own country. Do not accept the Mark. Soon you will see that My Word and Teaching of the Truth will be abolished and punishable. Be wary of Global Rule.

Concerning the Antichrist:Many will fall prey to this despicable deceit. He will be seen as the Messenger of Love, Peace and Harmony in the world . People will fall to their knees and adore him; his handsome face will appeal to all.

20 November 2010 – The rise of Satanic Groups and world Control: The Serpent will spring now; he and his wicked evil army are marching with speed through the Banks, Modern Communications, the Military, Religious Organizations and Governments. Once the Beast and his followers control your money, they will control all, except one thing. They cannot and must never try to steal your souls – yet this is what they will try to do.

Find Shelters: Please find shelters as groups of believers. Begin to grow your own food. Save what food you can and put it away. Begin to plan now. Pray for the courage not to accept the Mark – at first it will be an evil identity stamp.

Renew your faith now and when the Three Days of Darkness descends on the Earth, they – My followers – will light their homes with ease. Prayer leads all My children closer to My Kingdom on Earth. Children, open your hearts and call out – ask and if it is God’s Will, your prayers will be answered.

Many Prophets interpreted the Teachings of God in the way the Message was received by them. Some of My Prophets’ Words have been tampered with. All of My Prophets were given Truth – not all of My Prophets managed to ensure that their followers stayed on one path to Eternal Life.

I call all the Churches, Religions and Faiths around the world to pray for mankind.

The obsession with celebrities in the world of today means, that My children feel anxious all the time, as they strive to reach the same heights as those – who follow the Deceiver – claim to enjoy.

22 November 2010 The Great Warning – out of Mercy and Love as a last Gift to My children – will happen soon. Some will be deeply shocked and saddened by the sins in their lives and will immediately turn to Me – others will be so sickened and shocked, that they will drop dead before they have a chance to askfor forgiveness. There will be those who follow the Deceiver – they, in their terror – will flee and will either accept, ask for forgiveness, or they will turn away.

23 November 2010 – I have told you before, that you must tell My children to start to plan now, before the fearsome global war commences which is being orchestrated by the Red Dragon.

Three years before the plot unfolds: Global Powers to control freedom to live, eat and pray. My people must strive to become self-sufficient – grow your food – find shelters in time. Buy the seeds that will not be available then.

20 November 2010 – Global Plan to deplete world population and overthrow world leaders. My children, wake up and fight. This is a very real war; it is a war on you – Secret Meetings – you will find them in your Governments, Justice Systems, Police Force, Business, Education Systems and the Military.

Warning on Global Vaccinations!

Stockpile food – prepare now.

Murder of World Leaders.

18 December 2010 – The Evil One: It is through his influence that technology is tampered with, to destroy and cause destruction in the world.

Tolerance is a Mask for Evil!

20 November 2010 – The Advent of the Great Tribulation: This event will commence from the end of 2012. God won’t allow a Plan to deplete world population to happen.

1 January 2011 – Your money will be worthless and the only way to trade will be in gold or silver,

16 January 2011 – Live simple lives children and do everything in moderation. Eat, drink, sleep, rest and relax, once your physical needs are met; you should not continue to seek more, as it saps your spirit.

28 January 2011 Prepare for the Warning – the Illumination of Conscience.

6 February 2011 – Global Conversion about to happen: You will be made aware of My existence through chastisement.

17 February 2011 – Rise of the Arab World!Three world leaders to be assassinated. More of My Angels who now infiltrate the Earth – as human beings – will help show these poor souls the Truth..

19 February 2011 – Just watch with clear eyes the False Prophet, who will attempt to lead My Church – for he does not come from the House of My Father.

3 March 2011 – Democracy to disappear!

17 April 2011 – New World Order Plan to control your money and food.

1 May 2011 – Russia and China to cause disruptions.

As the One World Order takes control of the Middle East, you will be astounded at how many countries will be under their control.

13 May 2011 – While ecological disasters will occur, please remember that prayer – including the recital of the Holy Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet – will help avert much of it.

15 May 2011 – Reject the work of the New Age Spiritualism – using ancient Pagan tactics – avoid ancient spiritual practices, including use of Tarot Cards, Paganism, Crystals, Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, Spirit Guides, Metaphysics, Faith Healers, the Ascended Masters – these angels do not come from Heaven. The Bible warns mankind of the dangers of Magic, Fortune Telling and the adulation of False Gods – also fanatical devotion to Angels.

19 May 2011 – For those of you engrossed in wealth and the comforts of all worldly attractions – you should know that they will soon be taken away from you, as part of the purification ahead.

Why do you teach your children the importance of manmade materialism at the expense of their poor little souls? You rarely teach them the morals they need to equip themselves – the responsibilities for adulthood, in relation to how they should show respect for others – the importance of honesty, to show understanding towards their brothers and sisters.

20 May 2011 – I will rule the Earth for a thousand years – make no mistake – for I am now in charge of events as they unfold in the world. I have now prepared the way for My New Kingdom on Earth.

23 May 2011 – The skies will open up during the Warning. The Warning will be a dramatic event. Many will mistakenly think that they are witnessing the end of the world.

4 June 2011 – Satan recruits young people through Pop Culture. I warn now, all those in the Music, Movie and Art Industry: If you continue to contaminate My children, you will be punished severely. Every day millions of souls at the moment of death, float swiftly towards the Gates of Hell – powerful people, Teachers, rich and poor, Singers, Actors, Terrorists, Murderers, Rapists and those who have had abortions. None of them believed that Hell exists.

5 June 2011 – Two Comets will collide. My Cross will appear in the red sky. The Warning is close now. Nurture your soul – it is all you will take with you into the next life.

8 July 2011 – The Eternal Father will prevent the New World Order from final persecution of His children.

The New World Currency will be presented to an incredulous world. The Warning will convert millions, including those loyal to the One World Order. It will not be enough to stop these evil slaves of Satan and the Antichrist.

Man to have Blessed Candles – stock up now. Buy gas stoves, blankets, dried and tinned food, water purification tablets, for use during the Great Chastisement, which will follow the Warning.

20 July 2011 – You are now in the middle of the Tribulation.

13 August 2011 – God Created the world – no other Planet can be inhabited by man.

21 September 2011 – Fortune Telling does not come from Me.

1 December 2011 – My Daughter, a Great Chastisement will befall the world, in order to protect the innocent. There is a deliberate attempt being made to create a war, to kill millions.

5 December 2011 – Time for My Second Coming is almost here.

9 December 2011 – Attempts to introduce World Currency in Europe.

11 December 2011 – Transition into the New Paradise will be swift and without suffering.

14 December 2011 – Second Coming to happen soon after the Warning.

4 January 2012 – Attempts at Nuclear War in the East.

Read Message 19 September 2011 – Book One, page 358. Take these Messages to heart and read all the Five Books of Truth given to MDM and the Crusade Prayers, forming Prayer Groups, to save the world.

Pray for MDM so that she will return to her Mission.

God Bless

William J. Costellia

3 thoughts on “Jesus to MDM – 26 February 2018

  1. Did MDM leave her mission? Since when and why? Only if you know since I was not aware of it? I have seeds and have prepared a little over the years of much moving and now I have a severe knee problem and I just can’t do anything? I am confused and wonder why this is happening to me after years and years of preparing, prayer groups, meetings informing others of Garabandal, translating a book on a French saint that I kept for so long and finally on my last move I gave all away and hope they will get to people from this older gentlemen that got the books. I also sent to a monk in England the same book that he was so glad to get and literally killed myself on a ranch and after much work realized I was getting older and in a way it is a good thing I moved because now with my bad knee I am almost bed ridden. I am sorry to say that: had I known I was going to wind up this way; I would have never killed myself to work like a Russian woman. I am a bit disappointed of the outcome and I wonder if perhaps I am not to be here for the era of peace? It seems that we still have to go thru the ANTICHRIST and the second half of the tribulation? WHAT CAN YOU TELL ME? F. J

  2. Greetings to you F.J. Sepich, thank you for your comment. There is a lot of history regarding MDM and much of it is already on this website since the sad events of her disappearance from the Internet in a mysterious manner. Please read through the posts and you will get a good answer to your question. Regarding the other matters of your life — God’s Ways are incomprehensible except by faith. The faith of a child that knows his Father loves him and could never do bad to him. Prayer and trust in God’s Love even when it seems fruitless, is the key to unlock the Heart of Jesus your Saviour. You share in His hidden sufferings because He wills it to be that’s way. It is important not to become angry, resentful and bitter at the negative outcomes around us and in our own life. Be in Peace, after all, you are just a child to God anyway. Take care F.J. Enjoy your reading of the Messages given to MDM and William Costellia. May Jesus Bless+ you and Our Lady love you tenderly. Amen. Bishop M Broussard

  3. I too I’m a foĺlower of MDM. I’ve been distributing messages on my work place and say some of the suggested prayers daily. Once a week we (a small group) meet to say the crusade prayers and the Rosary.Unfortunately I’ve been diagnosed suffering with bad arthrites in my back and hip joints! It’s very painful and sometimes it is a problem for me to meet with the prayer group. I leave it in the Lord’s hands. He knows us all. Be it done according to Him.

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