William Costellia to The United Nations – 4 March 2018

Letter from William Costellia to the United Nations Security Council

4 March 2018

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Most Honourable Members of the Security Council of the United Nations,

In 1945 this Organization was formed to promote Peace and Security for Nations, Social Justice, Human Rights and to prevent international crisis.

You claim to work for Peace and Security for the world, yet you suffocate small Nations and prepare for War – not Peace – and you interfere with the rights of Sovereign States. You sell arms to hostile Nations, claiming to arm them against a common enemy.

The Powerful Nations pressure the little Nations into submission by veto votes, embargoes and trade – threatening them with sanctions, if they do not obey the Powerful – all in the guise of Freedom, Peace and Security. Yet the Powerful Nations arm themselves to the teeth with Nuclear and Chemical Weapons, boasting how powerful they are and threatening smaller Nations – using their might and power to destroy that Nation. This is not Christian or Just.

Every Nation, including North Korea, Iran and Afghanistan have their rights as a Sovereign Nation, to protect themselves – no different than the seven major Nations like the United States, Russia, China, France, England, India, Pakistan and even little Israel.

What right to you powerful Nations have to dictate to the little Nations, believing – behind the cloak of the United Nations Security Council – you have the right to do so. By placing embargoes, trade and other means, to prevent a small Nation to acquire Nuclear Arms – yet by claiming they are a threat to World Peace and Stability – is a mockery of Justice. Yet the powerful Nations, by using this so-called threat, are in actual fact pushing the inevitable threat of Nuclear War – because by threatening such actions and the action of force, innocent people starve – other innocent people, like in Syria, are killed while the Security Council engage in constant dialogue, causing delay, not only by days, but weeks and months – while a idiotic War rages in Syria, simply because the U.S.A. have decided to back up the rebels.

Yes, by all means fight ISIS, which is an evil Organization, but be not involved in a Civil War.

Behind the scenes are many factions, which have nothing to do with a Peace Process – but rather, the countless murdering of innocent children.

Do you truly believe by threatening smaller nations, it would stop them from obtaining Nuclear Weapons? The Powerful nations should have removed their Nuclear arms, then you would not have come this far.

You blame Global Warming for the current woes in the world, but this is not so. The Earth is tilting and it is mans’ sin against God and themselves, that have brought forth all these calamities. The United Nations is mostly controlled by five major Nations: U.S.A., Russia, China, United Kingdom and France – but in so many cases these countries have a veto power, dissolving conveniently, any decision that could be helpful to Nations.

Leave countries to rule themselves. Do not interfere with their Sovereignty. Should, however, a Nation use force upon another Nation, then the World Powers should intervene, but by force, not by diplomacy. No Nation should interfere with an internal struggle, as has been with Korea, Vietnam, Ukraine and other Nations.

This is the scenario, if you continue to place pressure upon North Korea, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and other countries: The Great War will come that will end all wars. Six thousand years ago God punished the world with a Flood – now, He will punish the world with Fire.

Man must change; man must turn to God. The Muslim Nations must leave Christian Nations to live their beliefs and leave Israel alone, to live their faith. Likewise, China must leave Tibet, alone and remove itself, as you are occupying it unlawfully and allow that country to govern itself and the Spiritual Leader, the Delai Lama, to function as a free man in his own country.

The Powerful Nations must use their power for good – securing the world – but not threatening smaller Nations to do their bidding, as the Globalist and the Powerful people may be trying to build their own Utopia, by crushing the poor and innocent people.

Remember this, Most Honourable Members of the U.N., that all of us – great and small – are equal before God. We were all made in His Likeness. We will all stand naked before the Creator with only one thing to offer Him – our Love, in good works for our fellow man.

The United Nations, like all powerful bodies in the world, who are working towards a One World Government and a One World Church, are only catering to the Antichrist, of whom many of you are aware of. Do not cater to him, but go to the Feet of God – Jesus the Christ . Your Salvation depends upon it.

I remain your Servant, but God’s first,

William J. Costellia