Message to William Costellia – 24 May 2018


24 MAY 2018

WILLIAM: At 3.30 am. this Morning Our Holy Mother came with the Baby Jesus, under the Title of ‘Mary Help of Christians’. She spoke to me about many private matters first.

I saw the White Cross in the sky. Then Our Holy Mother said that the extravaganza surrounding The Royalties of The British was way over the top – as it is with many Nations – with Leaders forgetting the needs of the poor and needy. Our Holy Mother was not referring to the recent Royal Wedding. Our Holy Mother said that because of this a great Chastisement would befall Britain.

Then Our Holy Mother said Pope Francis – who is not a Pope – would fall ill and go to hospital as an act of Mercy from God, because God also loved him, as He was created by Him too and is his child – giving him a chance for repentance.

Then Our Mother said there will be another Volcano that will erupt like the one in Hawaii. Australia too would be chastised, with great rain, with ice and sleet and a Tornado Cyclone in the Northern part of Australia, because the people sin gravely against God.

Then Our Holy Mother said to pray to her Infant son Jesus, for unity in the families – that those who prayed to Her Divine Infant Son Jesus for their families would bring all of their families together.

Our Holy Mother asked for prayers. Jesus then left the arms of Our Holy Mother came over to me and kissed me on the forehead. Then Our Blessed Mother threw some white flowers on the ground. Both Jesus and Mary Blessed me and left back through the White Cross.