Message to William Costellia – 22 July 2018

Message to William Costellia from Jesus

22 July 2018

WILLIAM COSTELLIA: Today after Mass Jesus came as the Good Shepherd holding the lamb. He greeted me very endearingly:

JESUS: “Peace be with you my blessed son, peace to all my children for I am the Good Shepherd — and My sheep know me. I am not pleased with the World as mankind continue to sin gravely. Great men talk about Peace and well-being when in fact they portray with falsehood, just as the Media are giving to the World a facade of truth.”

“The World is corrupt in debauchery and sacrilegious acts causing man to sin, through the world, the flesh and the devil. Also those in Rome offend the Eternal Father as more plans are in the making to change the Church which is not pleasing to God. For this very reason as men cry ‘peace’ then War will come suddenly.”

“The Eternal Father can not allow this to continue — therefore His Hand will fall upon the Nations that have corrupted themselves — in a special way this Nation Australia. The Chastisements will fall — drought with no water for the crops; with other Nations meddling with the Australian affairs; and when the Great Chastisement comes very little will be left of this Nation as They rejected My Blessed Mother’s Visitation and this land where My Holy Mother Appeared will be taken into The New Heavenly Jerusalem.”

“Peace to all of my children.”

WILLIAM COSTELLIA: He made the sign of the Cross and always encourages us to Pray. He spoke to me about many private matters and left. +++

On previous occasions Jesus said only 2000 people will be saved from this land as it has become like the Cities Of Sodom and Gomorrah and all of its Cities will be destroyed like them, the land mass will be very small — 2000 square kilometres.