Message to William Costellia – 15 August 2018

Message to William Costellia from the Mother of God

15 August 2018 (Feast day of the Assumption)

WILLIAM COSTELLIA: Our Holy Mother came today after Mass dressed in white but a very deep blue mantilla over Her Head over Her shoulders to Her feet, there were two large Angel with Her the White Cross was behind Her. This is what She said.

OUR LADY: “I greet you my beloved son Little Abraham, Little Peter — know the World is in great danger. The War is at the door, men must seriously pray very much — for men speak of Peace yet prepare for War. Pray my children, pray for Peace. I love you my children.”

“I send My Blessings to you from the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son Jesus.” +++

WILLIAM COSTELLIA: Our Lady spoke to me about many things privately, then blessed me and said She was very pleased with all I was doing and that I would fulfil all that God had given me. She addressed me as Her Spouse +++

Previous to this My Guardian Angel St Menoloutis spoke to me and said Jezabel and other fallen Angels were tempting seers visionaries and those receiving locutions, also priests, with temptations confusing souls with mixed revelations. This was also very deep within the Church and told me that only prayers — strong prayers will stop this confusion in the Church.

God bless William Costellia