Message 776 – 21 December 2018


NO. 776

This time of the year is the time to consider My Birth into the world. -The world is now going towards the Great Cleansing because mankind have denied the Truth – There are about fifty (50) million people who accept My Word – The Great War is soon to come to mankind. Millions upon millions will die – Pope Francis is leading the Church into the hands of the Antichrist – You will return to the property and rebuild the Community. You will not stay very long, as your Mission will be in the Philippines.

WILLIAM: The White Cross is in the sky and has been there for a long time; it had been there even while we were walking. There are many Angels floating around the White Cross – many big Angels. Now they are pointing to me and pointing to a road that comes to me from the White Cross. It’s a beautiful street.

The Angels are waiting for Our Lord and Our Lady to come through. Both Jesus and Mary come through the White Cross and glide on the white street which ends up here in our place. Both Jesus and Mary are dressed in white and they have a blue sash that comes across Their Chest -both of them have a blue sash. Jesus is to the right of Our Lady and Jesus holds a beautiful cross and He gives the cross to Our Lady. Both Jesus and Mary have entered the place where we are and many little, little Angels are floating around Jesus and Mary and in the room. Our room is full of beautiful Angels in different sizes.

Now, a very large Angel comes behind Jesus and Mary and this Angel is holding the White Cross that was in the sky. The Cross now takes up the whole sky. Jesus and Mary make the sign of the Cross:

JESUS & MARY: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Jesus is smiling and so is Our Lady. Jesus looks down upon the Earth. I can see the Earth under myself now. Jesus is just looking down, but he is very sad now and He says:

JESUS: “See, My beloved son, how the world has come to this point.”

WILLIAM: Jesus now takes His right Arm and waves and the wave opens up the area of the world. Jesus makes the Sign of the Cross and so does Our Lady:

JESUS & MARY: In Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

JESUS: “See, My beloved son, how the world has become.”

WILLIAM: Now I see in different countries how the people are. In the Western world, I can see people are too busy dealing with Christmas – the Western world – that’s Europe, America and Australia. The people are too busy dealing with themselves.

Now Our Lord moves His Hand and I see Africa and South America. Most people are very unhappy dealing with worldly pursuits; dealing with themselves. Now Our Lord’s Hand draws further to Asia. Very few people are acknowledging God.

JESUS: “There you see, My Son, the world as it stands right now. I will show you how many people in the world are offering prayers.”

WILLIAM: I can see the Light beam from all the countries reaching up towards Jesus. There are not many Light beams. They are even thinking about themselves – the people. Even in Australia, the Light beam is very weak. In the Philippines the Light beam is much stronger. Most of Asia doesn’t even consider Our Lord.

Our Lady holds onto the other Arm of Our Lord and She looks to Our Lord, but in sadness.

OUR LORD: “There you see, My son, how many people truly, truly believe in the Son of God. This hurts My Sacred Heart and the Heart of My Most Holy Mother, Mary the Immaculate Conception.”

“This time of the year, is time for men to consider My Birth into the world – the root of salvation for mankind. My Most Holy Mother was the first to acknowledge this gift, but mankind have put asunder what I and My Most Holy Mother desire mankind to acknowledge.”

“The world is now going towards the Great Cleansing, because mankind have denied the Truth. I tell you most solemnly, My dear children, out of all the many millions that are baptized in the Trinity, only few have accepted God’s Word in its entirety. There are about fifty (50) million people who accept My Word. The rest of the world lay dormant, because mankind have forgotten their God and it saddens My Sacred Heart and the Heart of My most Holy Mother.”

“Today I am going to speak to you about world events, which are coming upon mankind. In the past months I have spoken to some of Our Seers in the world, revealing to them and to Our children, that time is very short. I have mentioned this many times in the last seventy (70) years, but the end of mankind, as you know it, will soon come, because mankind have fluttered away their lives thinking only of themselves, forgetting about their neighbour and their very own.”

“The Great War is soon to come to mankind and when this comes, We of Heaven, will be very sad, because mankind have forgotten what they were born for. Millions upon millions of people will die in the world – good and bad people.”

“I ask Our children throughout the world to consecrate themselves to Our Hearts, so that Our children will be saved and protected. After the War mankind will find peace, but the peace that men will find will not be long, because peace without God is not peace. Therefore, I ask Our children to consecrate their hearts to My Heart and the Heart of My Most Holy Mother.”

The plans for the War are already prepared. Mankind believe that men will live in satisfaction forever, but they forget that eternity is at stake. The Great War that will come to the Earth, will be one that will start in Europe and in the Middle East and from there will move on to Asia. Your Nation, Australia will be drawn into this War with heavy casualties. I have warned the people of this country, Australia – many times – but they have not listened and placed aside the Apparition of My Blessed Mother.”

“Pray, dear children of Australia, for the Holy Grounds, because the Sacred Grounds given to My Most Holy Mother, is [are] forsaken now. The Grounds of the Holy Order of Saint Charbel, will prevail. Pray, dear children, for the time of the Great Deluge of humanity will soon occur, because Pope Francis is misleading Holy Mother Church and leading the Church into the hands of the Antichrist, who will soon make himself known.”

“The Ten (10) Secrets given to Our children of Medjugorje, will soon be known and the world will suffer, because men have rejected this Holy Place, like they have rejected many other Holy Places on Earth. Pray, dear children, pray during this very important time of Christmas, so that the Divine Light of God will shine in all hearts, because I desire all children to be saved and none to be lost.”

“And you, My beloved son, My Little Pebble of Divine Love and Light, you will go into the next stage of your Mission in the coming year. Be not afraid of the temperance of your heart, because I know that you are suffering in this way. But you are to know, dear son, that I am preparing you for the next part of your Holy Mission.”

“You will return to the property where I Founded the Mission and you will rebuild the Community for the End Times. But know, My son, you will not stay there very long, as your Mission will be in the Philippines, where the Community of My Sacred Heart and the Community of My Most Holy Mother Mary, will flourish. It will be the ‘cornerstone’ of Holy Mother Church in the New Jerusalem. Be not afraid, dear son, for you have nothing to fear. You will be travelling to several Nations before I call you, for your road has only just begun and you will lead My children – all of My children of the world – into the New Era of Peace. And all that I have told you concerning your Mission, will be fulfilled. You will meet many people, ones of great standing in the world, who will assist you to do the work that I have for you.”

“Be not afraid. I will, guide your hand and you have My Holy Mother, Who will love you and guide you at every moment. Take courage, My son and know that I am always with you. I Bless you, My son: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I will ask My Most Holy Mother to speak to you, My son and My children.”

WILLIAM: Our Holy Mother now stands with the Crucifix in Her Hand. The Crucifix is very much aglow and the Crucifix – the glow of that – comes right into my body. Our Holy Mother smiles and makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LADY: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved sweet son, be at peace and know that I am with you always, as your Spouse and as the Divine Intellect, to give you the knowledge and the strength that you need – for your Mission is very great. You are entering the new part of your Mission, to be completed at the Second Coming of My Divine Son, Jesus. You will restore Holy Mother Church and you will bring all of the children to the Truth. Be not afraid. Many children on Earth are in great darkness now, but they will be enlightened as the days progress.”

“The Church will undergo much suffering. When the War begins, it will not only be between country and country, dear children – it will be between the Truth and falsehood, because men have chosen falsehood instead of the Truth.”

“My Apparitions in the world will slow down, but they will continue until the Second Coming of My Divine Son, because then, there will be total victory for Holy Mother Church and for all of Our beloved children on Earth.”

“Pray for Holy Mother Church, dear children, because the Vatican will be emptied and destroyed in the coming years, because the Antichrist will take over – but the True Church of My Divine Son, Jesus Christ – will always survive, so do not be afraid, dear children.”

“Pope Francis is making a decision which will bring great disunity amongst the true believers of My Divine Son and this will come in the coming year. Many of Our children will be given Light, to understand what is occurring in the Church and many will come to believe in the Truth and come to understand that Jesus, My Divine Son, will soon return to the Earth.”

“I call on all of My Children of the Light to pray, because Satan’s time is nearly over, sweet children, but [in] the last few years he will bring death to many children of the world. Therefore, unite in prayer. Grasp onto My Holy Rosary, which will be a strength for you and for all children and pray for children that are suffering now under the yoke of the Evil One.”

“I love you, sweet children, as My Divine Son loves you. We come today to console you and to encourage you not to lose heart, but to remain strong in Our Light, for soon, all will come to an end and the new world will begin afresh for a thousand (1,000) years, dear children.”

“Many trials will come upon the children of God. These are the last trials before My Divine Son returns. But you, My Holy Son, William John Costellia, will be a Light to the world. But before the Great Warning, I will take you to Heaven and Jesus, My Divine Son, will enlighten you, as to how to direct you and Holy Mother Church, after the Great Warning. Be at peace, My beloved son and be not afraid. I love you, sweet son and Bless you from My Pure Immaculate Heart: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“My beloved son, I give you directions now. You are to send it [them] to those souls concerned. Tell them that their Holy Mother, Mary, is watching over them and seeks them to listen to Jesus as He calls them. I love you, dear children and Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Both Jesus and Mary look at each other and take the Cross and bring the Cross in between Them.

JESUS & MARY: “We Bless you, dear child of God: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Peace be with you and all of Our children in this time of great remembrance of Jesus being born in the world, to save humanity.”

WILLIAM: Jesus now speaks and says:

JESUS: “I wish all My beloved children a Holy Christmas and I ask every child to consider what Christmas really means. I love you all.”

WILLIAM: Both Jesus and Mary glide back into the huge White Cross.