Message to Bright Star and Firelily – 24 December 2018


24 December 2018

BRIGHT STAR: The star has turned into the White Cross – it goes right down through the manger and way high up into the sky. And already the Angels and the Saints are all here; they come around the whole property. There are millions of Angels and Saints and, as we were singing, they were also singing ‘O Holy Night’. Our Lady and St. Joseph have come through the White Cross; Our Lady looks very young tonight. I think She looks the youngest I’ve ever saw Her; She looks so beautiful. Our Lady holds the Infant Jesus in Her Arms and Our Lady is looking at each person here. Our Lady says:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, Amen. I greet you Bright Star of God’s Love and I thank you for answering God’s call. I have come early tonight My son, because My Son decides to give you a gift for your continued fidelity.”

BRIGHT STAR: Our Lady comes down now and She is in front of Teresa and Our Lady takes the Baby and She lays the Baby within the baby that Teresa has in her arms.

OUR LADY: “My son, I ask you to hold My Son close to your heart and ask for something that is good for your soul – and My Son will grant it tonight to you.”

BRIGHT STAR: Our Lady has gone back up and She is standing beside St. Joseph. Mother says:

OUR LADY: “As you do this My son, I ask you to continue with your Rosary.”

BRIGHT STAR: So Mother is going to wait for us to pray and to offer a prayer to the Baby Jesus. Our Lady would like each of us to take the Baby Jesus and ask Our Lord for something. Mother is just smiling now; waiting. (The rosary starts, then.)

FIRELILY: Earlier during the day in vision, I was with Our Lady and St. Joseph on Their Journey to Bethlehem. They met shepherds along the way. They arrived in Bethlehem, which is very busy; people coming and going. St. Joseph went off to find somewhere, and was gone for a while and came back disappointed. Then finally they found the cave; very humble place for a baby to be born and they entered and made as best they could; swept it and cleaned it and settled down for the evening and during that evening Our Lord was born. What a wonderful thing for Him to be born and bought into the world for us. Our Lady now speaks:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. My sweet children We have given you Bethlehem for a reason. Here is the time to bring your problems – to bring your burden(s) – and lay them here in the grotto, in the crib and ask for whatever you need and according to God’s Will, it will be granted. This place is a holy place and will draw many in the future. It is here for you to come dear children. Many, many Gifts and Graces are given here and tonight in abundance. Ask for many things not just one and much will be granted to you. This is the place for peace to bring peace into your hearts. I ask that you trust always in My Immaculate Heart, for much awaits you in the very near future.”

“My dear children, I love you so much. Show your love in your prayers, your meditations and in your daily work. Offer all, for all is needed much in the world. This world is in such a poor state of sin. Continue along the path My children, for at the end of it is Heaven. I love you My children, continue with your prayers.”

BRIGHT STAR: ….and She is looking down on everybody here. Mother has a beautiful, beautiful look upon Her face. She just stares – Her gaze just penetrates into our very souls. I ask Mother to help us offer a gift to Her Son, for we do not know the proper things to offer to Our Lord, for all He suffered for us and He came into this world to save us. Mother has this beautiful smile on Her face as She looks about. Mother now raises Her Hand and She Blesses us.

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you My son and I thank you for coming tonight.”

“O, My children, the world has grown so cold towards My Son. once again We search for a place to come in and We have been refused at every corner. O, My children I thank you for your love and for all that you offer to your God, but My little ones so many turn away now that the just Hand of God is about to shake this Earth and all that is rotten shall fall.”

“O, My children, I ask you to please continue upon the course that your God has set you upon. Do not waiver from the truth, My children, cling to the truth with all your strength.”

“I ask you, My children, to be faithful. So many have turned away from My Son. O, My children We love you so much. We are here at all times listening – waiting for you to call upon Us – so that We may assist you in all that you do. O, My children I ask you to be strong, for the days ahead are going to become very heavy. O, yes My children, the New Year will not be good for many of Our children. Many will be called across the veil, My children, in the coming year.”

“O, My sweet ones – and so many of them will not be ready to cross over the veil. So I ask you My children, to offer this small gift to My Son who is so wounded at this time. I ask you My children to offer up to My Son two (2) days of reparation for all those who will die in the coming year. The salvation of souls are [is] deep within My Son’s Heart, for this is why He came to Earth to save all His children. I ask you My children, to offer these two (2) days of prayer and sacrifice, for the salvation of all those who will cross over the veil.”

BRIGHT STAR: I ask Mother what do we do?

OUR LADY: “My son, I ask you to invite all of those that you think will join you – to unite themselves with you in these two (2) days. Not all My children can come, but they can unite for the same intentions, to save as many souls as possible in this final hour. O, My children if you could see what is about to fall on mankind you would not get off your knees. You would beg continually for your God to show mercy to this world, who is so unrepentant. O, My children I love you so much – you have touched My Heart with your love. I ask you My children, to go forward; let your light of God shine from your hearts to all that you meet. Be the example now, My little ones, because much is about to unfold in your world.”

“I ask you to pray My children for your leaders, because the World is now on the brink of war. Pray, O My children, for Trump, for if he is removed much suffering will fall upon America and upon this world. I ask you My children, please be faithful; set all your worries aside, My children and go forward in faith. I ask you to be 100% united with Peter II, for he suffers much and he is about to fulfill all that God has called him to. O, My Little ones I know well how long the road has been; you have been asked to carry many crosses My children, but remember My Son carried these crosses first, My children. I ask you please My children, to offer everything you can for the hour is now so late. Please My children stay the course. I assure you, you will not have to wait much longer, for even though much suffering will come in this coming year, much joy will flood your heart – for their will be victories for My Immaculate Heart and for My Son.”

“I assure you My children, you will not have to wait long now for the fulfillment of all that God has promised you and to fulfill all the prophecies that have been given over years. I love you, My children and I ask you My children please, please do not waiver from the path your God has set you upon. Love one another, My children and take this love back to your Families and to all that you meet. I Bless you, My children with My Motherly love and I protect you from all evil: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

BRIGHT STAR: Mother is now going through everybody who is here and She is kissing everybody on the forehead – it is really beautiful. Now Mother is back in front of the White Cross. Mother holds out Her Hands and, as She does, much light comes from Her Hands and it is pouring down on everybody here, but it is also protruding throughout the whole world. There is light going everywhere – to all different souls. It is really beautiful to see, because what light is pouring out of Mother’s Hand, She has such a beautiful look on Her Face of love; She loves us so much. O Mother.

OUR LADY: “My children, I will remain here with My Son until the 6th. I ask you all to find the time to come each day to collect the many Graces that will be offered to all those who come to this Nativity. O, My children, your God is offering you much. Please do not refuse him, My children. Love Him for all those who do not love Him and pray for all those who do not love Him. I ask you, My children, be faithful children to your God. I love you, My children and Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

BRIGHT STAR: Mother says to continue with our prayers; that They will stay until the end of the prayers.