Message to Valentina – Sydney Seer – 8 May 2019

My Shepherds teach people of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

8 May 2019

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VALENTINA: This morning while I was praying, suddenly the angel appeared. He said,

ANGEL: “I come to prepare you to offer some sacrifice for the Lord to console Him. Accept the pain that He gives you.”

VALENTINA: I was tossing all night not sleeping due to the pain in my body. The angel said,

ANGEL: “If you only knew how the world offends Him.”

VALENTINA: Suddenly, our Lord Jesus appeared in a long white tunic. He looked so sad. Immediately, I bowed down in His presence said, “Glory to you My Lord Jesus. May You be glorified for ever and ever by all people!” Our Lord Jesus said,

OUR LORD: “Valentina My Child, I come to tell you that humanity is reaching a point of self-destruction. No one believes in God anymore. Only a small majority do. The rest of the world lives carelessly from day to day, planning how much money they will make, becoming greedier and greedier, and committing sin and living in sin.”

He said, “Never before in the history of mankind has it been so bad, as it is now in the present time. I myself am breaking in two from sorrow. You saw Purgatory how full it is and how overcrowded it is.”

“Many are dying with no knowledge of God. These people are not bad. I cannot throw them into Hell. I feel compassion towards them, because there is nobody to teach them about life after death. I blame Churches and My Shepherds for not telling people the Truth.”

“But let me remind you! Heaven, Hell and Purgatory exist!”

“Why don’t they teach people? They don’t tell them the Truth because that would offend them!”

VALENTINA: Suddenly, a priest appeared standing beside our Lord Jesus. The priest said, “But Lord, when they die we give them proper burials.” Our Lord was so sad and became angry. He turned to the priest and said,

OUR LORD: “Liar!”

“You cannot fool Me. I know everything.”

VALENTINA: Our Lord was too angry. He could not take it anymore. Then the angel said,

ANGEL: “See how our Lord is so sad to the point of breaking in half. Tell people to be serious about this Warning that comes from the Lord for the world.”

VALENTINA: During this vision, our Lord showed Me how overcrowded Purgatory is now. I could see millions and millions of people as far as the eye could see. I praised the Lord for saving them and for being so kind and compassionate and good to all these souls. I could see fields and fields of souls. Some of them amongst ruins, all in different places depending on the type of cleansing needed for different types of sins committed by these souls.

It is not enough to say a short prayer for souls. They are earnestly waiting. We must fervently pray for them and offer sacrifices and Holy Mass for the atonement of their sins. Lord Jesus, have Mercy on the poor souls.