Sandra Costellia – HERE IS THE TRUTH – 14 August 2019


Sandra Costellia – Early 2019

William Costellia carrying the Cross with Christ

Early this morning, I woke suddenly to an interior voice stating “Let’s get down to the Nuts and Bolts” Thoughts were ordered in my mind and this is what I received.

Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts: A man is charged in 2002. The so-called offences occurred in 1993/94. Two girls charge him. Money is paid to them by the Media – lots of it for many Television interviews.

There are 2 trials as security in case one fails: Victim 2 admits on oath to lying 15 times. See the court transcript on line.

At the Committal Hearing the Judge states: “even though you lied, I still find you a credible witness.”

The man is released on Bail back into his community of two-hundred (200)people including eighty-five (85)children for over two (2) years – with no conditions. Between the arrest and the Trial there are over four-hundred (400) Media articles (retrieved from Media archives) aired and published on this man. The Jury sees many of them. It is Trial by Media.

At the Trial the Judge states: “this case could have gone either way.” Clearly his verdict was not beyond reasonable doubt. So what were the convictions?

Rape? No

Paedophilia? No 

He was charged with consensual sex with a girl of fifteen (15) and ten (10) months, after the girl admitted on oath this was not true.

A Paedophile is someone who hurts children sexually under the age of ten (10).

He was charged with sexually touching a girl in a car in front of a public school near a bus stop at 3pm, when parents and children were around. He was charged also with touching this same girl in a car after she was picked up from TAFE by him when she was 15 and 6 months.

Girl 2 states she attends TAFE at 14 and a half years old. There is no record of this enrolment – especially as at that time no one could enrol at this age. The TAFE officer was not permitted to state this in court.

Victim 2 and her boyfriend state on oath that the Police have fabricated their statements and forged their signatures, altering dates in order to gain a conviction.

The Media contract between Channel 7 and the girls, criminally stating that the Channel would double the amount of $60,000 to $120,000 on conviction, was conveniently lost by the channel, as they say it was mislaid when they relocated to Martin Place.

• William is sentenced to prison. 

• He serves 9 and a half years. 

• He maintains his innocence throughout his incarceration.

While in jail, he is examined by six (6) Psychs who rate him on a risk scale as -2  (-3 being the lowest risk and 3 being the highest).

His sentence is extended and nine (9) Parole Hearings fail, as he refuses to admit guilt.

He is finally released in 2014 – secretly as Media camp outside the prison.

As Media conduct a tainted interview with his ex wife at his community, where she has been living rent free with her druggie boyfriend for over three (3) years.

He is on parole and under strict surveillance. He is low risk and Parole state, because of this low risk he is not a candidate for an electronic bracket. So Corrective Services pay four (4) Psychs – all Atheists – who know nothing of private revelation and visions, to make him high risk.

The first one interviews him and gives him three-hundred (300) questions. William answers the questions honestly. The Psych states his answers are too perfect – that he manipulated the test – as a man of this much virtue does not exist. The Psych introduces a violent scale. There is no violence in Williams history. The Psychologist writes his damning report and hands it to the next Psych who reads it, interviews William and writes his report, then these two reports are handed down the chain to the third Psych, who does the same and so on, until four damning Psych reports declare William medium to high risk.

Not one was able to explain his visions. Not one was familiar with private prophecy. Not one was objective. They all agreed he was not delusional. So the word manipulative was used and in their expert opinion he was a Narcissist (self obsessed) – that was his crime. Why? Because he stated he had met Pope John Paul II and many other famous Leaders. Facts which are all true!

We go to Court to fight this. The Crown spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax payers money on Barristers, who hold the Psych reports as evidence. The Judge allows the bracelet.   Despite Corrective Services stating that the bracelet that costs tax payers $2 million per man per year does not prevent crime; despite the fact that William lives in a unit of five-hundred (500) people – at least one-hundred (100) of them children – with a public swimming pool, in a city of four (4) million; the public are satisfied. Why? Because of what the Media tell them. Does the Media state the facts? – that William’s land, where he wishes to return and where he is easily monitored, is home to fifteen (15) elderly people, mostly over the age of 70; that the risk to the public is nil.

Does the media report that we are criminally prosecuting four people in high places in government for Perverting the Cause of Justice? Officials in high places who conspired together to crush William and keep him in chains. We have the evidence.

Despite sending our Prosecution papers to the Media and despite Channel 7’s Evan Batten holding them outside the Court during a News Report – he failed to mention this corruption.

Parole and the Media work hand in hand. Parole leaking William’s whereabouts to the Media -Classified information – so a story can be made. We have the evidence written by Parole themselves.

The Media governs the mind of the weak public who do not wish to know the Truth, but only gossip. So let’s strip away all facts as the public wish too – facts that prove that this man is innocent. Let us now examine briefly how things are.

God asked the prophets in the past to take many wives. Is this the same God Who speaks to man now? Is it possible that God can ask this again in our time? If you agree, you admit that with God  all things are possible. If you don’t, what crime are you accusing your brother of? The crime of having multiple spouses? Many of you have fornicated with many women and men in body, mind and heart over the course of your lives and all of you committed sin of all kinds. And you justify this.

You point the finger at your  brother eagerly, digesting Media Reports and idle gossip, which brings false comfort to your consciences. At worst, he is a man like you. But is this really what you believe? No it is not. Why?

Why has the Australian Government spent over $7 million in convicting this man. Why does the Media still hunt and persecute him some twenty-three (23) years later, for crimes that don’t exist. The “victims” admitted on oath!

So let’s get down to the nuts and bolts. Which one of you has ever had the courage to stand up publicly and speak the Truth? The truth about the corruption in the Church, corruption in high places in government. To write to Presidents and guide them with the Words Of God.

Which one of you has ever spoken publicly of sin and the need for man to return to God. Of the importance of the Rosary and the Sacraments?

Have any of you ever studied the messages of Our Lady he receives? Messages you state are not true. Which part of any of these messages are false – which part?

Why is my husband persecuted more than any other man? Because he alone has the courage to be the Voice of God. That Voice which will never be silenced. And all God’s Prophets are treated this way.

If you wish to know the Truth, for your sake, pray, wait and do not judge.