BOOK OF TRUTH – Bk 1 (Main Points) – 7 September 2019


Maria Divine Mercy

Main Points (13th November 2011 – 3rd January 2012)

7th September 2019


11th January 2011: The time, My children, has arrived for the signs as foretold when the Seals are to be broken and the trumpets to herald the changes. Evil will not be tolerated by God, the Creator of mankind and will be stamped out in the world for good. No follower of the Evil One, irrespective as to what level of commitment he has for Satan and his empty promises, will be spared unless he repents.

Love, My children, will be shown to all of My followers and those of the Eternal Father when you open your hearts. Satan, however, has manifested himself to such a level of exaltation that his power has now infected so many of My children that they no longer believe in virtues such as honesty, good deeds, respect for life either for each other or for their own families. Brother is turning against brother, sister against sister, neighbour against neighbour, Priest against his Superiors, Bishops against the Teachings of the Holy Book.

Why do you punish Me with your lack of love? My children have even turned their backs on this beautiful planet – so lovingly presented to you by God the Father, the Creator and Maker of all things. What have you done? Why do you punish Me with your lack of love for your Saviour? Why do you turn your back on your own needs – the urgency of freeing your own souls, of quenching your thirst for knowledge of My Father’s Kingdom, Heaven – your promised inheritance? You, My children, are turning your back on your own salvation. Don’t you realize this? Please believe that unless you examine your own conscience now and pray for guidance, that you cannot and will not be saved?

Priests ignoring Teachings: My sacred servants, the very shepherds appointed to guide My flock have not explained the existence of the Evil One. They, in their quest to appear as modern, open-minded and practical teachers, have failed to point out the dangers of ignoring the Teachings contained in My Father’s Book. The Book that States clearly the existence of the Evil One and how he works through each and every one of you, so that he can take you away from your final but rightful home – the New Paradise – which I promised you all when I died on the Cross for you. I did not die for a faceless group of people. I gave up My Life for each and every one of you so that you can be saved.

Remember although My Love for you is all encompassing it also causes Me deep suffering. This suffering comes about because you ignore My existence. You chose, blindly, continuing to believe naively that earth provides all you could ever wish for. You forget that life, the life after this, will continue indefinitely.

Prophecies given to you out of Mercy: Signs, Messages and Prophecies have been sent to you children through the years as a result of My Mercy. With the exception of My followers, very few of you listen; open your eyes or ponder for even one moment to ask yourselves this question. Could this be really a Divine communication? If it is then what do I need to do? The answer is to listen and accept the Truth of your future options. Decide what path you wish to take. Pray then for your souls and those of your loved ones.

For those of you who arrogantly turn your back in scorn when My Name is mentioned, or who wave your hands in disrespect when My followers proclaim My Truth, then you are lost to Me. I can only, through My Mercy, give this world signs and Messages to help guide you. Because of the Gift of free will given to mankind by the Eternal Father, God the Creator and Maker of all things, I cannot force your hand. While a message of love and compassion will always be My underlying reason for communicating with you, so too will My sense of hurt and distress.

My suffering pain and hurt is intensifying as My children jump into the open arms of Satan. This means that I now have to show clearly to all of you what fate lies ahead of those who reject Me and My Eternal Father.

The reality of Hell: Choose the lies promoted by The Deceiver – the main one being that God, the Eternal father does not exist – and you are doomed. On entering the Gates of Hell you will then realize the horrible mistake you have made. Believe Me, My children, if you could just witness the shock and sense of horror of those souls when the final Truth after death is revealed to them, you would not be able to withstand even just one moment of this torment. Should you witness just a glimpse of this place now, in human terms, you would drop dead with sheer terror of the fate that befalls those who chose the path of sin.

This pathway, which looks pretty, appealing, enticing, glorious and full of wonder, changes when you get half way down it. The changes you come across mid way shows you that you are not being satisfied. This strange empty and disappointing feeling continues unabated for the rest of the journey. You cannot understand why you feel like this. Your experiences, pleasurable on the exterior, are full of unexpected disturbing, nasty feelings which are mixed with anger, frustration, loneliness and fear. It is only when you meet your idol at the end of your journey and look into his wicked eyes, which dance with condescending amusement, that you will scream until you are hoarse. It’s not until that final moment that you will scream for My help, but it will be too late. There will be no turning back at that stage. You will have made your choice in this life and although I will cry bitter tears of deep sorrow for each of My lost souls, I cannot save you at that stage. Your free will, where you choose your own destiny, will be completely out of My Hands.

Through this Message, harsh though it is, I am giving the world the final Warning, out of Pure Love for each of you. I plead with you finally to hear My Voice now so that you can save your souls.


5th June 2011: They will see great signs in the skies before The Warning takes place. Stars will clash with such impact that man will confuse the spectacle they see in the sky as being catastrophic. As these Comets infuse, a great red sky will result and the Sign of My Cross will be seen all over the world. They will be shown the proof of My existence.

Welcome the Warning, for then you will be given the proof of Eternal Life and know how important it is.


9th July 2011: My daughter there are at this time a number of Visionaries with whom I communicate with the help of My Blessed Mother, Michael the Archangel and the Holy Trinity, but they are fewer than you think. Some of the Apostles will be hidden from view, their work known only to the Saints in Heaven. Then there are those who the world will eventually recognize as My Messengers – you are one of these.


20th July 2011: The Great Tribulation will commence as I have said before the end of 2012. Already through the prayers of My Visionaries the power of the New World Order, is beginning to dilute.


29th August 2011: My punishment on countries guilty of legalizing abortion will wipe out nations. Your countries will divide into little pieces and fall into the ocean. Your vile clinics and hospitals, where you carry out these practices, will close and you, the guilty among you, will be cast into the fires of Hell for your heinous crimes.

12th September 2011: My dearly beloved daughter, very soon now the world will stop and the period after the Warning will change the way man will look at the world. No more will material pleasures and excesses excite. No more will people treat, as gods, the idols they make of celebrities and wealth. No more will they be so quick to condemn or treat their neighbour cruelly.

13th November 2010: Freemasons – Illuminati: To My children who have been sucked into the Illuminati and other evil entities: Once there, you are doomed to eternal damnation. Don’t you understand that what you have been promised in return for your soul is a lie? I will be coming as Scripture foretold, very shortly. The world will plunge into darkness and despair. Yet I will forgive all and every single one of My children who, when their sins are revealed to them, no matter how offensive they are, instantly at the moment of Confession. They will enter body and soul into Paradise when Heaven and Earth will become one.

I hope that through My modern day Visionaries and Prophets that you will finally listen.

14th November 2010: The Church has lost its way and is plunging into darkness. This is when the Last Pope will emerge and the world will be lost under the misguided direction of the False Prophet.

15th November 2010: Hear Me now, My children, the Antichrist is ready.

You need to stockpile food now.

Pray for My Visionaries and Prophets so that they are protected. They suffer torment by the Evil One. The Antichrist will strive to make you believe he is the Chosen One. He will be seen as a Messenger of Love, Peace and Harmony in the world. People will fall on their knees and adore him He will show you his power and you will believe it is of a Divine Source. My children, he will confuse you terribly. He will appear powerful and confident, humorous, caring, loving and will be seen as a Saviour . His handsome face will appeal to all…. Many will die for their faith in Me.

20th November 2010: Please find shelter as groups of believers. Begin to grow your own food. Save what food you can and put it away. Begin to plan now as if awaiting a storm. Know that darkness will descend to such an extent, that to survive you must be prepared.

23rd November 2010: The Red Dragon, the new world enemy, is scheming now and will destroy cities in the West.. Pray for conversion as this evil cannot be stopped. Pray for those souls, who through the Nuclear War will die.

26th November 2010 – Warnings on Global Vaccinations: Trust no sudden global initiative to vaccinate. Be on your guard. Country by country these are colluding to control as many people as possible.

Start planting your own food. Stock up as if a war is coming … Never let them control your minds. It is a war on you, My children. You are the target. The problem is you cannot see the enemy.

29th November 2010: My daughter, write this to warn the world of the persecution being inflicted on My Chosen Souls sent to the world to impart the Truth, in order to save souls in advance of My Second Coming.

You will notice that My Chosen Visionaries, Seers and Prophets are the ones who will be rejected outright over and above the False Prophets. These beautiful souls of Mine, chosen for their simple devotion, will suffer in union with Me, the rejection that I suffered at the hands of mankind.

I urge all My followers to listen to your heart. … These Messages are being given to you out of pure love.

7th December 2010: The Warning to Mankind.

18th December 2010: Those who continue to boast that they do not believe in Me or My Eternal Father, will be given just one more chance to open their hearts.

20th December 2010: The time is drawing close for the Advent of the Great Tribulation. This event will commence from the end of 2012 and must not be confused with the time or the date for My Second Coming on Earth.

God won’t allow a plan, to deplete world population, to happen. The Great Tribulation will now unfold before the eyes of a disbelieving world. … Believers do not fear for yourselves or your families. You are being protected. Please pray the Holy Rosary and My Divine Mercy [Chaplet] at all times, to help ease and avert some of these disasters. As these global disasters commence with dramatic changes in weather patterns – which have already begun in a mild form – they will be seen as global warming. Yes, mankind has damaged the Earth, but these disasters will have nothing to do with climate change.

Calling all religions to join together. Fight the group that represents the Evil One.

25th December 2010: Examine your conscience now before The Great Warning, which precedes My Second Coming. The time of The Great Warning has been decided.

28th December 2010: There are now a vast number of Angels being scattered all over the world, as foretold, to prepare the earth for My arrival. Many of these Angels are in human form and, like you, they chose this role.

However, never ever judge those who say they come in My Name without clearly assessing their Messages first. Watch out for those Prophets who suffer ridicule, or who cause outrage when they claim that they are receiving Divine Messages from Me or My Blessed Mother. Do not succumb to the temptation of casting immediate judgement on them, before you listen carefully to the Messages themselves. These Messages will not simply relate to My Teachings. They will instruct you how to live your life in My Name in order to achieve salvation.

Some will lack education; some will be the opposite and will be articulate. Many will not fit in with your understanding as to what constitutes a holy person.

Sin against My Prophets deeply offends Me. When you reject My genuine Seers and Prophets you are turning your back on Me.

1st January 2011: This time, as the year 2011 commences many, many changes in the world are now about to take place. This is because the world, My children, as you once knew it is about to change:

• Your money will be worthless and the only way to trade will be in gold or silver.

• You must find shelters for prayer, because your Churches will be sold for monetary gain.

In three years time you will understand why this is important.

To the Media: Your word will no longer be heard. … Instead the Truth will now be hidden from mankind through the dictatorship you are about to witness during the Great Tribulation. Then your word will be denied just as My Word is. No one will listen to you because the only word delivered to mankind which will have any impact, will be by the Secret Channel. You will find yourself in the wilderness and will end up trying to communicate to a disbelieving world, just as I do at this point in time, when your word is not heard.

16th January 2011: Live simple lives, children and do everything in moderation. When you eat, drink, sleep, rest and relax – ensure that it is done in moderation.

28th January 2011: Always look on your friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues through My Eyes. Always look for the good side. Show love to them and they will feel My Presence. They will be drawn to you and won’t know why. Through My example, imitate Me and you will help Me convert My lost children.

If My children all followed My Teachings then there would be no wars, greed, hatred or poverty in the world You need to sit down quietly every one of you for just half an hour each day.

5th February 2011: You can only show real love to others when you love Me. It is through love that you will be blessed with the gifts of looking at other human beings through My Heart, which is full of love and compassion.

6th February 2011: My beloved children you will soon be made aware of My existence through Chastisement. Very soon now, believers in God, the Almighty and Atheists alike, will be given the final Gift before the glorious day when I return to Judge. This Great Event will open up your hearts and you will look in awe at the wonderful Love that I show you in this Act of Mercy. Once this event is over, all those believers along with those who will convert because they will finally understand the truth, will form My new army on earth.

Love is not man-made. It is a Gift from God. Love comes from only one source, Love is God. God is Love.

7th February 2011: It is because of this piece of Scripture that they will survive the Warning. Then they will be pure and with the Blessings they will receive will then be ready to face the trials that will follow.

17th February 2011 – Rise of the Arab World, three Leaders to be assassinated: They will do this by cleverly removing Leaders. … When the Warning takes place My Word will be heard more readily after the conversion takes place.

This will be the time for My holy followers to unite defiantly against the tyranny that will emerge in the Western World, especially in Europe. … More of My Angels who now infiltrate the earth as human beings will help show these poor misguided souls the Truth.

3rd March 2011 – Democracy to Disappear – Priests will be Martyred.

11th March 2011: My beloved daughter, the Purification, which will be suffered by mankind through wars, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, heat waves and mud slides, is continuing because of the sins of mankind.

2011 is the Year of Purification. People everywhere will understand that these events are not natural. They are caused by Divine Intervention to make man understand finally the Truth of the Scriptures.

24th April 2011: This year is important because it marks the beginning of the New Era of Enlightenment due to commence in the world shortly. My great gift of Mercy will bring huge relief to believers and create a vast sense of euphoria among those non-believers, who will convert.

15th May 2011: – Avoid ancient spiritual practices including use of tarot cards: The use of crystals, meditation, reiki, yoga, tarot cards, belief in spirit guides, metaphysics and so called faith healers are there to entice you.

Ascended Masters: These Angels do not come from Heaven. … Most of these practices are presented as being good for your self-esteem, confidence, control over your life, all of which is a lie. Bible warns of dangers of magic – fortune telling.

Warning about fanatical devotion to Angels: Is your devotion to the Angels at the expense of your love for Jesus Christ?

23rd May 2011 – The Warning will be a dramatic event: It will shock many people in the world as it will be a dramatic event where the skies will open and the flames of Mercy will shoot up across the world. For many people will not understand what is happening. So shocked will they be they will mistakenly think that they are witnessing the end of the world. Tell them to rejoice when they witness My Glory for this …. will be the most spectacular example of My Mercy.

This, My children, will be your saving grace and will prevent those who would otherwise have been condemned from entering the depths of Hell.

25th May 2011: The time has come for the battle to rid the world of evil and the rule of Satan. God the Father is now about to unleash many earthquakes, tsunamis and floods in an effort to make you wake up.

Climate catastrophes not witnessed since the days of Noah.

31st May 2011: The Warning will change everything, but it will present a fork in the road – one of two paths, the path of salvation, or the path of damnation.

Chastisement will wipe out much of the world. Pray hard that man chooses the first. For if he doesn’t, the world will suffer the most severe Chastisement with much of it wiped out.

1st June 2011: My beloved Vicar’s days are numbered. He will have left the Vatican before The Warning.

7th June 2011: It is important that My followers keep alert to any new Pope that may come forward, for he will not be from God.

11th June 2011 – Liberators in the Middle East want to control The Jews: … the Jews are under threat now on all sides. All of these events will be interrupted by the Warning.

25th June 2011 – New Paradise on Earth will last one-thousand (1,000) years. (First Message from God the Father)

1st July 2011: Already prayers said through this Visionary and other Seers has eased the immediate dangers facing Pope Benedict, but not for too long. … If I say months that could be any time within a year. Never confuse human interpretation with those of the timelines given to you by Me.

3rd July 2011: The false Visionaries will push themselves into the limelight. Their focus will be centered on themselves. Their Messages may seem authentic – but there will be two aspects that will expose them The first is that they will be central to the Messages – they will be confusing, hard to read and will not leave a lasting impression on the soul.

This is the most important time in the history of the world. All the signs have been given to My Visionaries throughout the last century.

Many of My children will lose their souls to the Antichrist who is already here on this earth. [After] The Warning: After that those hardened sinners and followers of Satan will deny My existence. My followers will be torn in two. Many millions will have converted but they will be confused by the lies spread by the Evil Group the One World deadly Organization. If enough people cannot stay on the true path, then it will not be possible to avert the impact of the Chastisement. He will unleash earthquakes on a magnitude never experienced before; volcanoes in the most unlikely places.

6th July 2011: Pray for My Vicar Pope Benedict, for he is surrounded by Masonic forces who are now making every effort to dethrone him; these evil forces have been infiltrating My Church since Vatican II. Many laws were passed which offend Me, especially the presentation of My Holy Eucharist by Lay people.

8th July 2011: The banking crisis was deliberately planned by the One World Order. The New World Currency will be presented to an incredulous world; it is designed to control you. Although the Warning will convert millions … it will not be enough to stop these evil slaves of Satan and the Antichrist.

Plan your food supplies now: Grow and buy seeds that will keep you alive. Buy silver or gold. Find locations where, as a group, you can meet to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. For in time your Churches will be burned to the ground. Pray that your homes will be given the special blessings to safeguard you. Plan to have blessed candles in your home.

Buy gas stoves, blankets, dried and tinned food, water purification tablets and candles, along with religious images to sustain you and your families during the Great Chastisement, which will follow the Warning.

10th July 2011: My Warning, the Great Act of Mercy, is such a great Gift of Love, so please welcome it, for it will result in much conversion.

19th July 2011: When this great Act of Mercy takes place, you will rejoice. This will make you so strong that you will sail, without hesitation, towards the New Paradise on Earth – so smooth will the transition be.

24th July 2011 – God the Father will destroy the plot to overthrow currencies.

12th August 2011: If only those souls who follow Me and who know that I am communicating through various Visionaries, would open their eyes and listen to what I have to say. … An abundance of Graces now flow over those dear holy souls, so that they are empowered with the gift of interceding for lost souls from this day forth.

13th August 2011 – No other Planet can be inhabited by man.

25th August 2011 – Climatic Chaos will now be experienced by a number of countries. My Father is angry: My Beloved Father will withhold much of this punishment until after the Warning.

28th August 2011 – Many souls are perishing in Hell because of the sin of pornography.

My children, always understand that those who proclaim My True Word through genuine Visionaries, will suffer ridicule, just as the Chosen Soul whose role it is to impart My Divine Messages to the world does. You, My army will be no different.

31st August 2011: I am gathering My army quickly now and this will swell into a group of over twenty (20) million souls soon.

7th September 2011 – Do not be fearful of The Warning – Await it with joy: My precious children must not be fearful of the Warning. Many will feel frightened and this is understandable, but they must listen carefully to Me. I will come to each one of you. You will see Me and feel Me in your heart and soul. At last you will see Me and your soul will be enveloped with love and excitement. The Warning must be awaited with pure joy in your hearts.

19th September 2011: This is why the number of Messages I now send into the world has increased. … The role of My Messengers is to prepare every person on this earth, so that they are ready and worthy to live in this New Paradise.

22nd September 2011: Prepare your family for The Warning. If not, they will suffer the burning pain of Purgatory during My Divine Mercy Illumination. For the first time in your lives you will be truly alone in My company. Without a sound you will witness My Crucifixion and for unbelievers they will then finally understand the Truth of My Suffering for mankind. You, My children, will be given strength known only to the Saints in Heaven. This strength will forge the backbone of My new army on earth afterwards. This great army will save millions of other souls from the clutches of the army led by the Antichrist. … Global powers who want to deplete the population of the world – I won’t allow them to do this.

23rd September 2011: The Holy State of the Church is now at risk as is the State of Israel. The Warning will put a halt to this and other atrocities. You will be protected. Satan’s grip begins to loosen.

25th September 2011: I promised I would return. To pave the way I have now sent My Prophets into the world, including you, My daughter.

The Warning will convert millions. The period after that will and must be spent nurturing souls.

29th September 2011 – Satan’s Days are almost at an end on this Earth: The Warning – This world will be very different to the one before. For at last their eyes will be opened to the Truth of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory.

Prepare your homes with blessed candles and a supply of water and food to last for a couple of weeks. My followers are surrounded with the Graces you need to survive The Warning.

30th September 2011: I ask that all My followers now protect themselves from Satan. They must sprinkle every corner of their home with Holy Water, wear a Benedict Cross and keep Rosary beads close. Pray also to St Michael the Archangel. … Many will spread lies about The Warning after it takes place.

2nd October 2011: The sun will begin to pulsate and spin in the lead up to the world as it is being prepared for The Warning. Rejoice when the sky explodes for you will know that I am truly coming into the world. … The world will stop in great shock.

3rd October 2011: The Warning – This is to be a day of Glorious Divine Mercy which will envelope the entire world. My Rays of Mercy will be poured out over every single soul, man, woman and child. No one will be excluded. No one. … This is My return to save you once again This is the Purification I have spoken about. … These Messages are going to continue beyond The Warning.

4th October 2011: The Era of Peace will be enjoyed by all of My followers. It will be a period of love, happiness and peace. There will be no disease, pain, financial worries, because everything you will need will be provided by Me. … The Era of Peace is not far away now.

5th October 2011: The global leaders are building armies, weapons and poisonous substances, all with one goal in mind, to destroy My children.

8th October 2011: As My genuine Visionaries go forth into the world, so also will the false visionaries. You will know them by carefully scrutinizing their messages for the world. … The Most Holy Bible has been tampered with.

Wherever My Holy Word is contained you will find love. My Messages breed love and harmony and will not fail to affect your soul.

False visionaries will impart messages that are not easy to read or understand. Denounce messages which contradict My Teachings in any way for you can be sure that they are false. … There are less than twenty (true Seers) and fewer then you think. Each of them have been given a different role but My Voice and My Instructions will have a ring of familiarity.

9th October 2011: After some time if man does not turn his back on his wicked ways, I will destroy those countries which pay homage to the Deceiver. They will hide when My Hand falls in punishment, but they will have nowhere to go.

17th October 2011: My Presence will be revealed in a way that no one will, nor can ignore, for the Heavens will open, the stars will collide, so that My return to save you will be felt in every corner of the world at the same time.

23rd October 2011: They are already trying to poison My children in the most cunning ways through your water, medicine and food. Please stay alert at all times. … The News Media are not the real enemies. They create enemies in order to justify retaliation.

24th October 2011 – My arrival will be sooner than you expect, so please prepare your souls.

26th October 2011 – New Age followers will now infiltrate the world to convince My children that they have been sent to promote My Holy Word.

This is the era for the false prophets to emerge … My children will be sucked into a darkness they will find it hard to disentangle from.

Be wary of those who refer to Ascended Masters – or who talk about a new era of light – these souls do not take direction from Me.

2nd November 2011 – Weather will begin to show strange signs: So many of you in the world today, children, can now be saved in a way that previous generations could not have been.

11th November 2011 – Signs will appear in the sky first – the sun will spin: Once again the signs will appear first. Many people will sit up and take heed when they see the changes in the skies. They will witness the sun spin like never before. Then they will see the Cross. This will happen immediately before the stars clash in the skies and when My Rays of Divine Mercy will cover the earth. … They must not think that this is the end of the world – for it is not.

30th November 2011: Remember children, I am so close to all My followers that when The Warning takes place My army will immediately surge to become a powerful adversary of Satan.

12th December 2011: My dearest daughter, spiritual jealousy is a terrible thing and afflicts many of My Visionaries. I desire all My Visionaries, Seers and Prophets undertake a Sacred Mission to save souls.

13th December 2011 – Avoid the pain of Purgatory: Most people in the world will experience the pain of Purgatory immediately after The Warning, for a short time.

14th December 2011 – Second Coming to happen soon after The Warning: The Warning will happen most unexpectedly and when man is caught unawares.

15th December 2011 – My children have been stripped bare in this year of Purification: My children everywhere are now prepared for The Warning as a result.

2nd January 2012: There will increase now a widespread jealousy of all Visionaries and Holy Messengers in the world. This has been foretold, for these are among the many Saints of the end times. … Reject the authentic Seer and you reject the Word of My precious Son.

Block the work of these Visionaries and you block the salvation of souls.

3rd January 2012: Two billion souls will convert as a result of these Messages.

4th January 2012: Much prayer is needed to ensure that this Nuclear War and other atrocities are averted.

Nations will attempt to begin to destroy each other in the East.

55.3 million die each year

151-100 thousand die each day

Age of death daily: Male, aged 78; Female, aged 85