Message to Yellow Lily – 27 September 2019

Message to Yellow Lily of Canada


Sept 27, 2019


“Please send My blessing to all this dear group of the Sorrowful Mother, I am theirs, with more to come – I am to bless them with My abundance for their fidelity, with all My Elect with the Little Pebble. I am about to restore My church in the face of great changes designed to disgrace her and further confuse the blind! Very quickly come the new changes, of which we, true, will know to oppose and disavow; thank goodness – be thankful, for good seed and thick, rich ground, made fruitful in prayer, adherence to tradition and an understanding of the Eucharistic life! What God has set down should not be changed, nay – worse, mocked.”

“Francis dangles by a thread over a fiery furnace and with him, all who conspire in the crimes he brings! O frauds, you intend to crucify Me again! O empty, polished cups, you are cracked so thrown to the ground and broken in to a million pieces as you intend for My church! Shall I not defend her? How foolish you are if you believe I am far away from the grieviousness you commit and plan! Is not Jesus to be angry, when you promote a false mercy and work, for the evil you have allowed in you, – to rule you?!”

“Know, in a very, very, short time, I will physically oppose you! I will create and bring to the world through chosen souls and a ground swell throughout the globe, one faithful voice, and My voice in the prodigies to be given, will cause the haughty to tremble!”

“Men of God, you have forgotten Me!”

“To Francis, a warning again, you toadstool, desist in your course – you are about to be dropped – a great tumble comes! I have said it. Let all who read this know – even after, I Am God, broken-hearted but never crushed!”

“For My little, My faithful and My learning children, no harm comes! Only pray with Me! I never forget you, bring Me your troubles, bring Me all confusion, all anxiety and every hurt, let Me – I will, I do, gather you up!”

“You will know where to go and where to find Me. With the evil being discovered in the Church, know her Groom saves her, lifting her feet from the ground! Let these last stumbles take place, for we move from the cliff to the clouds!”

“Note the two types I speak to here, note My tone and difference in speech, pick your side and love rightly, love greatly; pray for your enemies and those who have lost their way – in this is a oneness Christ needs and smiles at!”

“Be thankful, count your blessings – they are not obscure with Me, who is always with you! Amen.”

“Forever, your Jesus, Son of Mary, who labours”