Message 795 – 13 October 2019



Anniversary of the Miracle of Fatima

The war in Syria and neighbouring countries escalating; Turkey will involve itself to bring forward the Antichrist from Egypt – Pray for Israel as Iran will attack it with Nuclear weapons – Japan has received a great chastisement – Hong Kong will not succeed with defiance of the clashes, because China is dedicated to Satan; only prayer will overcome the enemy – Guam to be rocked by natural disturbance – Australia to receive heavy chastisement due to the new Law, which is a disgrace to the people of this Nation.

WILLIAM: The sky has been open to the White Cross for some time. I saw the Miracle of Fatima being displayed: the Sun was moving from side-to-side and thousands of Seraphim Angels formed two rows from the Cross to the flat. They are very tall and are holding Rosaries and are praying as they form the two rows, making a long road. The smaller Angels below them are also praying the Rosaries.

Our Holy Mother comes gliding down towards me. With Her, I see the three Fatima children all aglow. Our Lady comes under the Title of Our Lady of Fatima; She is dressed all in white and wearing a crown. The children hold Rosaries and flowers. Our Lady bows a little and greets me – as the children do. Our Lady Blesses me with Her white Rosary:

OUR LADY: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. I greet you, My precious son, predilected of My Immaculate Heart! Today I come as Our Lady of the Rosary, begging Our sweet children to take up the Beads of Love, because We are in [a] fierce battle now with the Antichrist and his demons and millions of followers.”

“The Antichrist is making his moves to open up his heart to mankind. Soon he will manifest himself upon mankind, as the plans have been set for the world to acknowledge him and to accept him as the Messiah. It won’t be long now, sweet children, for the Deceiver of mankind to be hailed as the Messiah – and of course he will be the false one.”

“My children, the events of the world are quickly setting themselves up for mankind to accept the whims of the Antichrist. Therefore I am asking all of Our sweet children to become aware that Satan is slowly making his move upon mankind, as his time is short. The war in Syria and the neighbouring countries is escalating, where Turkey will involve itself to bring forward the Antichrist from Egypt, so that his reign will have solid foundation. Because, once the invasion is fulfilled in the neighbouring countries, it will bring forward the Third World War, My children.”

“Pray that it will not escalate, because if it does, then the world will find itself engulfed into a Third World War. Pray for Israel as Iran will attack it with Nuclear Weapons.”

Europe is on the throes of dividing between nationalities, because of Brexit – as Britain will divide the Nations and with the Islamic invasion taking place now, but under unusual circumstances through the Islamic invasion – not the usual methods, but by sending many Islamic people into Europe, which will bring a great disturbance upon the free Nations.”

“Pray, My sweet children, because as you know, the Apparition Places are slowly stopping, so that My children will concentrate upon the Divine Revelations of MDM, for it is time that Our children realize that the Major Apparition Places have stopped with Divine Messages, so that Our children will concentrate and the last Messages given to the world through MDM, are realized and accepted. But be clear in Heaven’s direction, that does not mean the Apparition Places are no longer needed – on the contrary, that means that all Messages given to the Seers of the past sixty years are to be accepted and promoted. But I wish to make it clear that these Messages, which are of vital importance, will slowly come to an end – while the Messages given to MDM are the final product of God’s intervention for mankind.”

“Now there remains only a few Prophets and Seers of the world which [who] still receive Public Messages, but these Privileged Souls remain true and will be encouraging Our children to unite and work together for the fulfilment of all Messages.”

“Remember, My beautiful children, that the Messages of MDM are vital now, for after the Great Warning, there will be two more books for all children to read, because the Revelations in them are for the followers of the Church, with full instructions as to what My Church upon Earth must do during the period after the Warning. Fear not, sweet children, because Heaven has everything planned for the salvation of the whole Human Race.”

“As for you, My beloved son, you will be instructed by Heaven, especially by the Seraphim who will guide you, to guide Our beloved children – especially after the Warning – because the Antichrist will be in his full power then, but his reign will be short – but you will be guided by Heaven to instruct the Church, as you will be its Leader.”

“Pray, Pray, My children! Prepare now, for the Warning! Store food, water and medicine – all that you will need for the Warning and afterwards, but have no fear, because We love you and seek your salvation and goodness, for you never should fear. I love you, My children and ask that you pray to My Holy men and women – just like the children of Fatima. Jacinta will be given to you, My son. She is a selected Seer for mankind, because it is through her, that you will receive many great Graces for the coming trials given to the world. She will be your spiritual guide. Pray to her often, because We have given her exceptional Graces to give to you. She will guide you to the souls that will help you and she will bring all those that are to be with you and guide you to the Mission that God is asking you to. She loves you very much, My son. She will guide you to where you are to go and why, because your Mission will grow rapidly, as you will go to many Nations before I come to take you to Heaven and then return to fulfill God’s Will for you, as the Mysterious Vicar for Holy Mother Church. Be at peace, My son: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“To the children of Japan who have received a great Chastisement: remember, sweet children, these chastisements are sent by God to warn the people to prepare themselves to seek Heaven, because My Divine Son, Jesus, loves you very much. Shortly I will send out My envoy to you. Listen to him, because he has a Message for the people of Japan. I love you and send My Maternal Blessing and love to you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“To the people of Hong Kong: I understand the struggle you are undergoing, but you must understand that you will not succeed with defiance of the clashes, because the enemy you are approaching is China – a country which is dedicated to Satan. It is only prayers that will overcome the enemy and shortly China will unleash its might and your small island will be overcome. But pray that the enemy of God will change to loving Jesus Christ, the only True Saviour. China is about to raise itself up against the Western World, because it is run by Atheistic Communism. All Nations of Asia must turn to God now, before it is too late. Pray for China so that God’s Spirit will enter the hearts which have gone cold.”

“Pray, sweet children, because the Island of Guam in South East Asia will be rocked by natural disturbances and it will be an outpost that China will invade. Pray, My sweet children, for the world, because My children are getting deeper and deeper into strife. Pray for Nigeria, dear children, because many of Our children are abused by the armies and many people are living a life of travesty, because they are forgotten by the world – but Heaven is going to send a heavy chastisement before the war breaks out. Pray the Holy Rosary, My children, because the world will not see the Truth until it is too late.”

“I love you, sweet children and ask all of you to pick up the Beads of Love and pray – also pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, because of these two prayers, united with many of the prayers that I have given to the world over many centuries, the world will be saved.”

“You, My Angel of Divine Love, remain at peace, because even though it seems [there is] silence from you – you are to know you are very prepared. I love you, child of My Immaculate Heart and send you a Divine Blessing to strengthen you + because the events surrounding you will change very soon and it will bring you joy and fulfilment, because all that you have prepared for, will now come to fruition. We have chosen several souls which [who] will help you very much. I send My Maternal Blessings to all those concerned. Trust, sweet son, in the Divine Gifts sent to you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“Pray for Australia, dear son, because shortly it is going to receive a heavy chastisement, due to the New Law, which is a disgrace to the people of this Nation.”

WILLIAM: The three children of Fatima come to me and hand me the flowers. Jacinta comes and places her arms around my neck. She says: “I will be staying with you, my brother, until the Mother of God asks me back. You will be vanquishing many demons, My son.”

Our Lady and Francisco and Lucy Bless me and others: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

All the Angels hold their Rosaries to make a heart. Our Lady now goes with Francisco and Lucy: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

All the Angels place their Rosary Beads as a road.