Message to Yellow Lily – 17 October 2019

Message to Yellow Lily of Canada – 17 October 2019

Oct 17, 2019 3:29 pm


JESUS: “My people, greetings from your Christ who speaks His truth through little souls who seek Me out and turn their faces to Me in earnest prayer and hope! Know, I speak in the definite, with clear words, only those who are not of Me speak in confusion and want to live and promote chaos.”

“As he, who wears the white hat, has chosen in free will not to speak for Me, or want Me, or love My people, I will come out in openness against him. Let those who have ears to hear and a heart to understand, know: Francis does not speak for Me, he does not act for Me – it has never been his intention to do so; he has given himself over to work for the Father of Lies, who is the Beelzebub, in full knowledge. He knows that the Blessed Sacrament is My Mortal, Divine Heart, it is My Flesh, built by Mary in Humaness and God in Endless Perfection and Eternity!”

“My people, do not be confused, I knew who I Am forever, I did not doubt ever that God, is My Father and I am indivisible from Him and His Movement, His Person, of the Holy Ghost. Can I speak plainer? Francis, you have chosen this course, you and those with you, have picked this course – so be it; know all this can be forgiven but as you continue down this path things will only become worse and worse for you. You say you are not afraid of schism, there will come a time when you will regret these words with all the other words you have said and not said, to sow division.”

“I shall stop you, you may be sure! I am stopping you now in the little, faithful ones who continue in our efforts of love in discipline, in upholding tradition and a firm understanding of sin, clearly defined in the 10 commandments and the Holy Gospels!”

“Do you wish Me to speak clearer My little ones? I shall surround those who seek Me in protection and light and assurance! You will know the true one to lead the church because of the fruits that surround him and the light that emits from him, you will know him because of his understanding, and because of a pure love he shares! You will know the true one because, as in the days of old, he will be surrounded by little ones who long for the truth – a truth desperately lacking now!”

“You will know the one chosen by Jesus and Mary because we shall surround him in miracles, that defy human understanding, so that, as in the days of old, those who knew Jesus was the Savior and Messiah, knew He did not do these things by Himself, but in agreement with the Father who sent Him.”

“With the miracles surrounding him, our chosen one, our Pope, shall come a knowledge of mysteries, which, my people long to know; not muddled philosophies and false theology, but a clear, definable truth just as a sunset with unmistakable boundaries, yet filling the skies, as a man looks!”

“These miracles will be outside of our chosen Pope, as he is outside the corrupted buildings and institution! Our chosen Pope, is elected by Jesus and Mary and the world will know it, it will be the Elect that acknowledge him, because our works and mercy will be undeniable around him!”

“I shall say more, I Am not silent now, my people, your Jesus is not quiet! No! I Am in you, easily found as sought, calling, calling, always calling! These miracles spread across the earth will begin soon! You will know the difference, you always can see truth first and foremost by the joy it brings and by the peace settled within.”

“Jesus says more soon. I love you and ask those wondering about the words spoken here, how often has Francis said this?”

“Your Saviour, who has always known who He is, forevermore, God-Incarnate.”

Jesus, The Christ