Message to Yellow Lily – 21 October 2019



YELLOW LILY: Our Lord was here – I saw Him briefly during the Mass, not during the Consecration – just before. He stood right here. He has been here for a while. Our Lord stands there again. He is in sandaled feet, a white tunic – I again see the knotted cord/cincture He wears around His waist, just as Bishop wears.

Our lord is smiling and His Head is down, but He feels bright and He has His Hands up Blessing us. He takes deep breaths in and out. He seems to me to be enjoying the incense too. He looks back at the statue of His Holy Mother and blows a kiss. I watch Him blow a kiss to Bishop, to Olga, Natasha, Melissa and Miriam (His two Hands) for leading prayers and for bringing Me for travelling, “for I know you were (Our Lord says) a little bit nervous.”

Our Lord looks to me and I give a nod. He blows a kiss to Rosemary to say thank you for your little chapel here. Our Lord again looks all around swinging Himself with His Arms just like this – swinging Himself around. He smiles – His Head is up:

OUR LORD: “Ah My people! What a Palace We are in – what a Palace; what a Mass; what Benediction We have celebrated.

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord puts His Hands like this – like in a humble way. He says:

OUR LORD: “Thank you for coming. How well you serve your Jesus. How much you please Him.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord puts His Hands up like this together and looks up to the Father in Heaven. And we pray for all those who cannot join us now and who are watching down indeed from Heaven, enjoying the celebration.

OUR LORD: My little ones – for you are indeed My little powerful ones! Never forget these quiet moments. How many Masses We have enjoyed in quiet and so little – just as in the Upper Room; there were wonderful Masses there – the first Church.”

“Be not afraid of what is occurring and what will happen. Yes, it will happen rapidly, for Rome has indeed lost its head, it has lost its Dome, long since. But now Francis makes and sees no point in hiding it. Continue, My little ones to pray for him. He is a lost soul and he is threatening his life – he is threatening his eternity. Very shortly, the powers that be of the dark side, will cast him off. Know this, the Throne of Peter is not to be abandoned, but We will raise it up for all to see – and this means, My little ones, it involves you. For very soon shall surround this place; shall surround this group – an Extraordinary Miracle; a favour – and the people will come like hungry little ants to a picnic. You look at what an ant does – how strong an ant is. It is a good incept and My people will come like this, hungry for the Truth, which is sweet and good; and you, each one of you – My Eagles and My Knights – will take them by the hand and lead them here to Charbel – to prayer – to greater orthodoxy, for here (and Our Lord says ‘here’) is where everything tastes good. People long for discipline; people need discipline. You are children, My children, so for the older ones, they need to direct the younger ones – just as in a home – and this is what you will do, My little elect; and these homes – these chapels – are all over the place. You are not alone.”

“Jesus has said many times, that this vestibule will have more come to it. I tell you truly, this room will not hold all the people that are to come. Look at the door – they will be standing in the door; they will be standing up the stairs and Rosemary: (Our Lord looks to you) they will come here; they will come here and they will come to that little Church up the street and they will come to all the little homes I will direct them to – and other Parishes. We will not be turned out. Understand, the favour I am so soon to grant, will usurp anything that Rome has planned; that the mighty red hats have planned. They think by making it easier, by making it more inclusive, more people will come.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord raises His right Hand and shakes His Finger:

OUR LORD: “No! No! Not so! But they will dwindle away finding other places – the true places – to pray. For those who seek God, ache (and Our Lord says: ‘ache’) for Truth. The sword in My Heart is great; the swords in My Heart are great; the pressure is great, because I see My people – how they are unloved. I tell you truly, there were many more times than what has been recorded in the Gospels, when Jesus fed thousands, because I cannot ignore the hungry. I cannot ignore My people who long for the Truth and who long for a Father.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord is looking up to Heaven. Now he looks down to each one of us and His Smile is so sweet. Our Lord looks so poor and humble. He says:

OUR LORD: “Will you help Me? I know you will. Thank you for helping Me and thank you for helping our Little Pebble of Divine Love.

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord laughs. Our Blessed Lord says:

OUR LORD: “He is very frustrated by the wait. But there will come a time again, very soon, where he will long for ten minutes all to himself – just as indeed your Jesus did.”

“My little ones: (Our Lord is looking to me) “It is important (Our Lord looks to all): in the busyness of life, which I understand; remember, find ten minutes – just ten minutes – where you and your Jesus can be alone in Our Throne room, in Our Citadel. I tell you truly: it is a gilded place. For some of you there is no floor that you can see, or walls – it is pure white. Imagine your room where Jesus will come. Let Jesus and you design it; think of the walls, the ceiling, the curtains, the chairs, the rug. Think of where your Jesus comes and you come too. Let it be a park bench; let it be two chairs; let it be two thrones – and I tell you truly, Jesus and His little ones hold hands; they sit and hold hands and you, My little one who trusts in Me and who loves Me, will just sit with Me. We don’t have to talk. You can just hear Me breathe, and I will hear you breathe. Just a closeness that requires no words, only a beating heart. It doesn’t need any words – just ten minutes of your heart and that ten minutes will grow to fifteen and twenty and more and more and more, because you will long for it. (Our Lord Laughs) You may even burn a few suppers because of it.”

“Do not fear! What is coming will not touch us, because we know better and we have good help. (Our Lord looks back at His Bishop) There are great things coming. I will place much responsibility on all of you, but as you continue unafraid, with your Rosary”, (and I now see Our Lord hold up a black Rosary – a beautiful black, like a marble with a thick silver chain; it almost looks like a weight – a shiny weight. Our Lord is saying to me the word “onyx”. It’s black onyx – and Our Lord says:

“As you pick up your beads and you pray them, you will be strengthened and you will not fear and you will not be sad by what is happening in Rome, because we know it will be stopped and we are excited at the Plan of Mary – the Plan that will rescue the Remnant, which will become the body in whole. I tell you truly, yes, we do wish that more of our good Cardinals, good Bishops and Priests would speak up; they will speak up. We will, with our prayers, give them courage and we will with Our Miracles that defy explanation, give them strength.”

“I tell you truly, many little brother Priests will come – will seek us out – just as the secret Disciples did. They will seek us out and become open in their allegiance. We are going to win and he who is now usurping the Church with all those with him, with his conspirators, will be crushed. (Our Lord is heavy hearted) They have lost their way and so, if they do not gain it back again, will lose their heads. Indeed I tell you; indeed it will become – (Our lord says) – bloody. There will be open fighting and there will be physical violence There will be great unrest, but in the midst of this unrest you, My fellow doves, will be at peace, because you know, under Jesus and Mary the sun will not fall, and the moon will rise always for you.”

“You see: (Our Lord smiles so sweetly) I am always with you; I will never leave you and I will always make sure you have (Our lord points to the Altar) food to eat. We will not do without. There are more brothers coming, dear Bishop. Be aware and you will stay awake.”

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord says – actually Our Lord is turning to you:

OUR LORD: “Your prayers will change; you will stay more awake (and Our Lord says:) You will miss the snooze. (Our Lord says:) How sweet your smiles are. I long for these times and I long – (Jesus presses His Hands like this to His Heart) – and I cannot wait for our other brothers and sisters to come to fill the homes, to adore Me, so I can adore them in our Oneness.”

“There will be again a huge – (and this is Our Lord using the word ‘huge’) rise in Eucharistic Miracles, but it will not occur in the great Basilicas – it will be in the abandoned, or nearly abandoned, Churches. It will be in the quiet Adoration Chapels – they will not be ignored.”

“As well, I will grant to this House of Prayer and to all My Charbelite Houses of Prayer all over the world, extraordinary favours. They will be immutable and from them, more little Houses of Prayer will spring up. I promise, our numbers are small, but our people are great and our numbers will grow.”

“We – (Our Lord has His Finger up again) must remember to allow souls who are learning of us and in us, the free movement of coming and going. Communities will always change – that’s what they do. Sanctity is lost moment by moment and gained moment-by-moment, by degrees and that is why ten minutes and ten minutes and ten minutes in the quiet of your hearts, is important. I am not speaking of a faraway time, because what is occurring now – the abominations are occurring now. So Jesus rises up. I will not be silent and My little ones you are to know, an extraordinary favour is about to be granted here. Let the people come; let them come and let them go – always welcome with a soft hug and a warm smile, just as your Jesus does.”

“You may, as people come to you and I will send them to you, direct them. You will see; you will see greater mistakes in the Mass, as what is occurring in Rome, will be promoted throughout the world. We are prepared to take them on – (and Jesus says) – here and now. You do not scandalize me; you do not scandalize My Mass. If you see something and you act forthrightly on My behalf, you are defending Me and it is not an outrage. I am with you – I am with all of you; I am with all of My all of you’s all over the world. I Bless you and I Love you and My Blessings will pour down on you.” +

YELLOW LILY: Our Lord covers His Hand with His smile. He says:

OUR LORD: O, if you know what I have planned that is coming so soon. Jesus enjoys the surprise. I love you all! I love you all!

YELLOW LILY: Father you have to get up. Our Lord is looking back at you. If you would:

BISHOP: Please Our Good Lord in the way He wants you to in His Perfection and that you bring a great many souls to Him: “Benedicat Vos Omnipotens Deus, Pater, et Filius, et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”

YELLOW LILY: Bishop, you should know that Our Blessed Lord has turned to you and He has done this to you: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

Our Lord blows a kiss to us: “Thank you brothers. Again to each of us