Message 796 – 27 October 2019



You are now into a Great Spiritual Battle for the Truth; Satan and his dominions have sullied My Words and placed confusion upon them – The Great Battle will begin in the Middle East, where Satan rules. Israel must prepare because the dark side is ready to invade with the forces coming from Iran and even Russia – Pray for Lebanon, because it will become a graveyard – Very soon the volcanoes will erupt and cities will be burning in Italy.

WILLIAM: I can see a huge ship with large sails – it looks like Noah’s Ark, but it has a deck on it, like a ship of the 16th century and it reaches to the sky, towards the White Cross. The White Cross opens and I see Jesus coming – gliding down – dressed in white armour. There are many Angels coming from behind Him. Before the ship came a dome formed around me, like a shield. All my Angels have formed a guard around me and there are millions of Angels from the Cross, to me.

Jesus looks like a Soldier. He pulls out His Sword and stands before me. Saint Michael is at His right. Jesus shows me His Sword – it glitters and is inscribed in gold – but it is on fire. The inscription says: “Who is Like Unto God?” Jesus offers me His Sword.

OUR LORD: “I Bless you, My son of Predilection, Warrior of the Truth; I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My son and all of God’s faithful children! You are now into a Great Spiritual Battle for the Truth, as Satan and his dominions have sullied My Words and placed confusion upon them, causing My children to go into great confusion and misgiving. Therefore, I have placed the Angels of Peace and Understanding upon the world to prevent this, so that My children will understand what is happening in the world, as many of Our children have gone astray and are being confused as to what is happening in the world. These Angels are Warrior Angels I have prepared and sent millions upon the Earth now, so that My children do not go astray. Pray to the Angels, My children, because they are powerful and they will help you now, so that My children will not be deceived by the power of the Evil One. Pray, My sweet children, the Saint Michael Prayer daily, so that you will be enlightened of the times you are living in.”

“The Sword that I gave you, My son, is to vanquish the Evil One at all times. I am now preparing you, My child, for the Battle with the Fallen Angels and the Antichrist. Pray to My Most Holy Mother, Whose Victory is near, because you are Her Defender. Be at peace, because I will show you what has to be done within a short while, as you are being prepared for your journeys around the world, where you will uplift My children and prepare them for the Great Battle, which will come into the world very soon.+”

“The Great Battle will begin in the Middle East, where Satan rules. Israel must prepare because the dark side is ready to invade My Israel, with the forces coming from Iran and even Russia. War will break out and many of My children will be sacrificed.”

“Pray, dear children, because Turkey will be the main thrust, because many hearts are in denial, because the Antichrist is moving his spirit upon the Leaders of these Nations to cause a great rift between many people. Pray for Lebanon, because it will become a graveyard, as the enemy is strong there.”

“My children – all of My children: the Third World War is very close and many children will be lost, because men have forgotten its [their] God and have relied upon itself [themselves] without praying, because without prayer you will be misguided into the hand that is causing this strife, namely the Antichrist – the man of all sin and iniquity. Pray, My children, for the people of the Middle East, because those who rule these Nations do not want peace, but the ruination of Israel.”

“My beloved children of the Middle East, why do you seek so much unrest? Abraham was a man of God who brought peace in your land, but you, dear children, follow Mohammad and his teaching – yet it is clouded over, because the lowly follow and believe in peace, but in reality always seek war, because the word of Mohammad is being misused and bringing forth destruction. But I am a God of Love and Peace and Truth; seek ye the Truth, My children and it will be given unto you.”

“Pray, dear children, the prayer of the Virgin Mary – the Woman clothed with the Sun – the One Who Appeared at Fatima – the Lady of Peace.”

“Egypt, the place where the Antichrist comes from; Egypt: My children, you are called by Me, your God, to come to Me, the True Saviour of Mankind – Jesus Christ, the Messiah! Be careful of the one who proclaims himself to be Me, because he will devour you, unless you open your hearts to the True God. Egypt has a second plan to remove all the faithful servants of God. Be careful, My children of Egypt, because your God sees all and will defend what is truth.”

“My children of Nigeria – a very large Nation – which is divided, because of these souls wishing to use the people of God for gold and pleasure, forgetting that God sees all. Even though you have many people – but many of them are starving and being treated as slaves. I call on the Government to change their [its] ways, because you are suffocating My children. Many of Our children are waiting for peace and stability in their lives and it is you who could make it easier for them. However, do not forget that I, Jesus the Christ, love them and I will help them. Pray, dear children, because the God of Love and Mercy is opening the door for all the people of Nigeria.+”

“My holy son: today I wish to speak to many Nations, because many of My people are asleep and leaving the road of Truth. To the people of Ireland, I have not forgotten you. You are prosperous now, but you have left your faith in the gutter, believing your prosperity will shine as you travel within the Common Market of Europe. But I tell you most solemnly, as you move forward, to remove yourself from the Union of Britain, you will find yourself wanting, because it is the plan of the British Isles to remove itself from the Market of the United Nations of Europe, but it will be the wrong thing to pursue. Your ties with the Market will cause a separation, which will divide the British Isles and the Market will also dissolve eventually, because, from the vast numbers of countries it will be divided between various Nations, which in turn will grumble because Communism will triumph in the world.”

Pray, sweet children, because there will be many more bombings of self-programmed sinners, which will detonate Britain, Germany, France and Italy. Very soon the volcanoes will erupt and cities will be burning in Italy.

“My children, I call on all to pray, especially the Holy Rosary and the Mercy Chaplet, because it is in these two prayers that the world stage [is] waiting for My Word to echo throughout the land, because the Warning is near. Keep on listening to Our Voice, because you will be told six months in advance when the Fire from Heaven will come, opening up the hearts of men. No woman, man or child will be wondering any more if there is a God or not.”

“I love you, My sweet children and send you a Powerful Blessing: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And you, My son, most pleasing to Me: be prepared, because the tides are about to turn for you and all that I have told you will come about. I Bless those souls dear to you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Trust and go ahead preparing all that you need to, because all that I have revealed to you is about to occur. I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Jesus comes up to me and hands Me the Sword. “It is the Sword of Truth, My son. Be at Peace.” Jesus Blesses me with Saint Michael: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Jesus says: “This is the ship I will be guiding. Peace be with you.”



The Little Pebble is a Sign and a Star for God’s children

In 1993 Our Lady referred to the Little Pebble as a “Star”. On a number of occasions the Little Pebble noticed during the Apparition, that Our Lady had a “star” next to Her Immaculate Heart. At first, he did not understand what this meant; but then Our Lady explained:

OUR LADY: “You, My dear child, are this Star that all may follow the path of Truth and Righteousness. It is there next to My Heart, so all may see and under-stand the Will of the Eternal Father for the Church and the world” (Message 398 – 13 August 1993).

Our Lord told the Prophet Ezekiel so many centuries ago — that he would be a “Sign” for his generation:

“The Word of the Lord was addressed to me as follows, `Son of man, I am about to deprive you suddenly of the delight of your eyes. But you are not to lament, not to weep, not to let your tears run down. Groan in silence, do not go into mourning for the dead, knot your turban round your head, put your sandals on your feet, do not cover your beard, do not eat common bread.’ I told this to the people in the morning, and my wife died in the evening, and the next morning I did as I had been ordered. The people then said to me, `Are you not going to explain what meaning these actions have for us?’ I replied, ‘The Word of the Lord has been addressed to me as follows, “Say to the House of Israel: The Lord says this. I am about to profane my Sanctuary, the pride of your strength, the delight of your eyes, the passion of your souls. Those of your sons and daughters whom you have left behind will fall by the sword. And you are to do as I have done; you must not cover your beards or eat common bread; you must keep your turbans on your heads and your sandals on your feet; you must not lament or weep. You shall waste away owing to your sins and groan among yourselves. Ezekiel is to be a sign for you. You are to do just as he has done. And when this happens, you will learn that I am the Lord.” (Ezekiel 24:15-24)

The Prophet Ezekiel was a Sign for God’s People – he received God’s Prophetic Word and gave it to them. God told Ezekiel about many chastisements that were coming and made Ezekiel a visible sign to prove it, as they would all realise later – when it all came true. How many persons have judged the Little Pebble through their human logic and reasoning? Yet he is a “Sign” for them. Many people today are asking: “What must I do?” Yet Our Lady identifies the Little Pebble as their “Star”. The Wise Men of the East followed their Star to Bethlehem – and they found their destination. They answered their own question by following that Star.

The Pharisees of today, finding no explanation within the Mysteries of God through their human logic, have become progressively blind and deaf to all that God is calling them to. It is similar to the time of Our Lord’s Day on Earth, when many Pharisees were seeking a “sign”; Our Lord said in the Holy Gospel:

“This is a wicked generation, it is asking for a sign. The only sign it will be given is the sign of Jonah. For just as Jonah became a sign to the Ninevites, so will the Son of Man be to this generation … On Judgment Day the men of Nineveh will stand up with this generation and condemn it, because when Jonah preached they repented …” (Luke 11:29-32).

As far back as 1985 Our Lord referred to His Little Pebble as another Jonah. Speaking of a great battle, the Battle of Armageddon, Our Lord said:

OUR LORD: “I send to the world another Jonah, My Little Pebble of Love, to warn the world of its pending disaster. You, My child, shall lead this army on earth in My Church, you shall lead My children in the very last age to victory over Lucifer. The Queen of Heaven shall be your guide” (Message No. 28 – May 13, 1985).

Thus, like Jonah, the Little Pebble is the “sign” for our generation, because God has made a new “Three-fold Covenant” with him (Message 395 – 3 July 1993). Again, for our generation, until their hearts are converted to God’s Will they will “look” and not see; they will “listen” and not hear. It is because they do not want to accept the truth — that the Little Pebble is the sign for all of us that God is truly calling this generation to do His Will. A very important Message received in 1995 by the Seer Thornbush explains:

OUR LADY: “Pray for My little `White Rock’, My Little Pebble of Love, for he, too, is living the Passion now very profoundly, for much is being asked of him … The mission of My sweet Rock of Love will increase to the point where he shall become a sign for many, a sign of Truth, a sign of Hope and a sign of Courage. Pray in reparation for those who persecute him and ridicule him” (Our Lady to Thornbush – November 13, 1995 in L’Avenir Canada).

Again, in 1995 Our Lady affirmed the earlier Message of May 13, 1985, wherein Our Lord said: “The Queen of Heaven shall be your guide”:

OUR LADY: “I greet you, My little `White Rock’, `Little Pebble of Love’ and `Little Abraham’ of these End Times: I greet you with My Immaculate Heart …. I will guide you, My little `Rock’, just as I am guiding you now, for the Holy Ghost Who Dwells in Me has sent forth a special Light into your soul.” (Message 485 – 15 August 1995 to Thornbush)

* * * *