Message 798 – 22 November 2019



The First Warning of Great Darkness is at hand – Australia: The fires are only the beginning; watch the bridge and major buildings; there is a plan to sabotage the water supply – Australia will be chastised, because of the murderous act that has fallen on the ‘Innocent Ones’ in Abortions – I, as your Creator, do not accept ‘Same Sex’ relationships or ‘Euthanasia’ – Iran already has nuclear weapons; it is placing them strategically, so that they will hit Israel very soon.

WILLIAM: I see Saint Michael who is with Our lord Jesus, near the White Cross. I see two large – what look like Planets above the White Cross, but they are not Planets but seem to be Asteroids and the Moon is in the middle, above the White Cross. Jesus is with Saint Michael. He comes down very quickly and is wearing a large beautiful Crown. Saint Michael is to His right with his wings wide open.

Jesus steps inside my room. He wears Priestly garments. Saint Michael has on a silver sword and he waves it above Jesus. Jesus takes off His Crown and hands it to Saint Michael.

OUR LORD: “I greet you, My beloved Warrior of God and Defender of the Faith! Today I come as King and Warrior of the Armies of God the Most High.

WILLIAM: Now, millions of Angels appear behind Jesus and they sing: “Hosanna in the Highest.”

OUR LORD: “Today I come to guide you, My precious son, to prepare you, because I have chosen you to lead My scattered sheep, as it is time that My children will be led to take up the challenge given to you and the Remnant Soldiers, to fight the Battle of Truth contained in the Holy Book of the End Times. Be prepared, My son, because great changes are coming, where you will lead the children to fight the Iniquitous One and his followers. You will soon travel and prepare My children around the world, where you will meet those whom I have chosen for you and to prepare the children who are waiting for their Leader, so the enemy will be crushed. This Crown I wear is the Crown of Leadership and it is for you, My son.”

WILLIAM: Saint Michael comes over and places the Crown on my head. Jesus says:

OUR LORD: “It is a Crown which has many, many secrets with it. Be at Peace.”

“Today I come before the Feast to prepare the children of the world, as many changes are coming which will astound mankind, as the Leaders have been chosen by the Antichrist and the Nations, who [which] will form the Ten Nations of Babylon, so that mankind will follow the ways of the Antichrist. This is occurring now, My sweet children; watch and pray!”

“The events in the world are preparing for mankind to be swindled to accept the Mark of the Beast, which is “666”, so that all will be united under one, which is the Antichrist and the demon who rules mankind.”

“Woe to the inhabitants of the world who listen to the demons, because time is running out for them. But before the Antichrist reaches the entire world and enslaves it, I will bring forward the Great Signs, which will convert nearly all of mankind; but before I do that, I ask My sweet children to open up your hearts and souls to the Inspiration of the Holy Ghost, Who is waiting for the change of hearts, to perform the Greatest Miracle of all time.”

“My beloved sheep: do not concern your hearts, because your King and Saviour is close at hand and it is only prayers that I am waiting on, for Me to convert the world.”

“The First Warning of Great Darkness is at hand, My beloved children. It will be like the Great Darkness that will come, but it will be My First Sign that I will give you – so prepare with much prayers and sacrifices. This Sign will come, when all of the Ten Secrets have been revealed by My Most Holy Mother at Medjugorje. Be not afraid, My children, as this Warning is to open the hearts of Our children who have gone asleep.”

“Pray, dear children of Australia! The fires are only the beginning, because the enemy will use this matter to attack the people. Watch the bridge and major buildings and watch your water, because there is a plan to sabotage the water supply. Make yourselves ready and pray.”

“Pray for Melbourne because destruction will occur unless many prayers are given.”

“ To the Seer of Sydney: A major Message will be given to her, even though she has been told to keep away from you, My son, but one day soon, she will realize that all that My Most Holy Mother and I have given to you, is very true – [Valentina]. Pray, sweet children, because Australia will be chastised, because of the murderous act that has fallen on the ‘Innocent Ones’ in Abortions.”

“Let it be known I, as your Creator, do not accept ‘Same Sex’ relationships or ‘Euthanasia’, but warn all those involved to pay attention to what I am saying, because I am the Lord your God and Iook heavily upon the Australian people, for all the offences committed against Me and My Holy Word.”

“Children of the world: I give forewarning to mankind to repent now, while I still am waiting for your return to goodness and love of God, by loving mankind, your brothers and sisters, because mankind continue gravely, not expecting that I will act, but I tell you most solemnly, the sins of the world have reached such heights – if it were not for the prayers of the Blessed Mother, the Saints and Angels and 5% of the world, mankind would have been wiped out – but it only remains a little longer.”

“Be aware of Iran, because it already has nuclear weapons; it is placing them strategically, so that they will hit Israel very soon.”

“Concerning the United States of America, things have not changed a great deal, because the fabricated Media, who only speak part of the Truth, continue to tell the people of America that America is the strongest and [that there is]he truthfulness in what it says. Therefore, it should be believed. But I tell you most solemnly: those who have taken Donald Trump on an agenda of misleading the people are sadists and speak untruthfulness, so that the public are misled.”

“I will tell you now, that the President is good and trying to lead its [the] people on the right path – and the constant distraction of the Representatives will pay the price, very soon. But I say to the President to lower the taxes towards China and other Nations, because it will bring destruction upon the people of the U.S.A. I Bless the President and those who are trying to lead the people in truth. Never forget God – the King of the U.S.A. – Who will help and guide you. I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“And finally to the people of Hong Kong: Since the time that your little part of the world was handed over to Mainland China, the enemy has been working to destroy you. It is through much prayer that the people of Hong Kong will be saved. The method of strike and harassment will only alienate you. Work slowly through prayer, that is what will destroy the great power of China.”

“I love you, sweet children and ask you to stop the strike, for soon the Army of China will take over. I love you, sweet children and I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“That is all for now, My son. I know that it is difficult, but know your time is arriving soon, as men of great influence are preparing your path and the world is waiting. I will speak to you now privately.”

WILLIAM: Jesus and Saint Michael Bless us and Saint Michael came over and placed both of his wings around me, kissed me and Blessed me. Both Jesus and Saint Michael make the Sign of the Cross and go very quickly up the white road. The two Asteroids are on fire and come closer together and the Moon is very red and trembling.