Message 800 – 21 December 2019




Feast of Saint Thomas the Apostle

Reflect deeply on Christmas for Redemption of man began on this Feast Day – Donald Trump is a man destined by Me to rescue the people of the U.S. – Argentina believe they have been misdone, but they forget to pray – Australia is being chastised through heat and sorrows – Many children in the Middle East are starving and hungry for the Truth – The Antichrist looms very near; will become public very soon. A new Planet will be seen, because the world’s axis has been moved. Great Chastisements will come upon Italy.

WILLIAM: The sky is opened and behind the White Cross is a very large – it looks to me like a Planet – and beside that Planet is Earth. Now I see the White Cross open up and there is a ‘street’ that is formed from the White Cross down to us. There are many Angels standing on the road to the White Cross. They are all different Angels this time. They are carrying a sword of Light depicting the time of Christmas. The Angels are all dressed in pure white and they are waiting for Our Lord to come through the White Cross. Now I can see Jesus coming – gliding down – and behind Him are many, many Angels and next to Him is Saint Michael.

Jesus is dressed in pure white and His Most Sacred Heart is visible on His Chest. He has on a beautiful three tiered Crown – all mingled with roses and crosses. Jesus is carrying a very beautiful candle and He comes towards us and steps in the room and He smiles. Saint Michael lifts up his sword very high and there is a sparkle coming from the sword. It seems to shimmer – it goes in waves.

There are many Angels around Our Lord – they are smaller Angels. Jesus looks beautiful; He smiles and gives the candle to another Angel and He says to hold it. Jesus takes up a beautiful Rosary – I don’t know where He hid it, but the Rosary is a beautiful colour. It is blue and has golden Our Father beads. Jesus kisses the Crucifix:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I greet you, My beloved son, future Vicar of My House upon Earth. I greet My beloved children present and the children of the world. As you know, Christmas is near and I ask all of Our children to reflect deeply on the meaning of Christmas, this year, because mankind have [has] dried up. They are purchasing many goods throughout the world to give at Christmas. The gifts that they believe come from their hearts. This in itself is acceptable, however, the time of Christmas is a time of great reflection for mankind. Mankind seems to think only of the worldly goods being exchanged in the name of Christmas.”

“My sweet children, please reflect deeply on the meaning of Christmas, for the redemption of man began on this Feast Day, but mankind have [has] sullied this gift. It should be a time of great peace and harmony in the world, but man’s sins have dulled the very meaning of Christmas, My dear children.”

“So let us look at the world today. You had a vote in the United States to bring down My beloved son, Donald Trump. He is a man destined by Me to rescue the people of the United States, but yet, many of those in power – instigated by the Illuminati and the Freemasonry – to destroy what is good for the nation. I ask My children to pray for your President, because of what they have concocted to bring disunity and division amongst My people. Pray, dear children, because America will be chastised, because it shirks those things that are good for it. The American people will understand, with time, of what they have done. Pray for your President.”

“My dear children, I weep many times, because of man’s sinfulness – working to destroy the very essence of goodness. Many nations now are being punished, because mankind has willed it so.”

“The children in Argentina in South America, are suffering now because they believe that they have been misdone, but My children, you forget that you must pray. It is only through prayer and sacrifice that many Graces can be given to mankind.”

“As you see in your country, dear son, Australia is being chastised through heat and sorrows. When will the people open their hearts to truth? With the suffering that has been given to the Australian people, how many have thanked God for their protection and Blessing? Very few, dear children and this is only the beginning – for the fires will continue and the dryness will continue, until Our children raise their voices to My Throne. Pray, dear children.”

“To the people of Britain, you have gone through with a new law, bringing forth Brexit to an understanding of division. You will understand, with time, that many laws and rules have been challenged and changed, but not for the benefit of My children.”

“To the people of Ireland, I have called many times to listen to the voices that I have sent to your nation. My daughter, Maria Divine Mercy, has delivered the Messages of My Sacred Heart. Mankind must follow My Words before they fall, because mankind will not obey My Words – therefore, they will receive the justice that is necessary to open their hearts.”

“To the other Apparition Places in Ireland, I ask Our children to listen carefully to the Words that I have given over many, many years. Listen and obey.”

In My visitation to you, My dear son, I have spoken many, many Words about the Middle East. Many children are starving and are hungry for Truth, but many of Our children are taken away and misled of the Truth and that is why the nations are falling in disarray, not knowing where the Truth lies. But I have spoken many Words to My people, but many words are dishonored and not believed.”

“Pray, My dear children, for the Antichrist looms very near and his reign will become public, very soon. Pray to open up your hearts, to know what the Will of God is – for all children will be accountable for all things in their lives. But at this time it is important that all of My children in every nation think about Christmas, because it represents holiness and peace to men of good will. Peace will be restored after the Great Chastisements of the war that is coming upon mankind. Therefore, dear children, I ask you to pray.”

“The Planet that you see behind the White Cross is a new Planet, that will be seen by the world, in astonishment, because the world’s axis has been moved and will be moved much more, for mankind will see visible signs in the Heavens. These are the signs before the Antichrist walks openly to mankind.”

“Pray, dear children. Pray the Holy Rosary of My Most Blessed Mother. Pray that She will be acknowledged by Holy Mother Church as Mediatrix and Co-Redemptrix. Because it is through My Most Holy Mother, that various Graces and peace will be restored to the world.”

“I love you, My dear child. Continue to carry the cross, though it is heavy at times. But you are the ‘emblem’ of My Most Sacred Heart. Continue to go forward in the Light of My Most Sacred Heart and be not troubled, for I have handed down Singular Graces to those close to you, so that their hearts will be open to My Divine Will. The Divine Plan of My Sacred Heart will be fulfilled in the coming years, because it is My Will that everything is placed in the right place, so that everything will be fulfilled to the letter. Be not afraid, for I am always with you, My son. Take courage.”

“I Bless your off-siders, to give them the courage to follow through with My Most Holy Will and place My Holy Mother always at their side. I love you, My sweet son and I ask that you carry the cross that I have given you. You will be the Light of the way for My children. Take courage.”

“I will speak to you quietly now.”

“Remain strong, dear children. Offer up the Rosary to make reparation to God, for this year was a year most difficult for many of Our children. But next year will be far greater in the trials that will be sent to all of Our children of the Light – especially My holy souls, the Seers and Visionaries who carry a heavy cross for the salvation of the world. Continue to go forward in the Light of My Sacred Heart and be not afraid.”

“Pray for Pope Benedict, that he will have the strength to give up his life for the salvation of Holy Mother Church – and remember, dear children, what this means to the world. For soon, a Great Chastisement will come upon Italy to awaken Our children, who have fallen asleep. I love you, sweet children and give to you My Sacred Heart, to strengthen you in the coming months. I Bless you, My son and My children: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

“I wish you all a Blessed Christmas. May 2020 bring you Divine Graces, so you will understand the Divine Will of the Most High.”

WILLIAM: Jesus now takes up the beautiful big candle and brings it towards me.

OUR LORD: “This candle, My sweet son, will bring light to many people who have fallen asleep and gone into darkness.”

WILLIAM: Jesus now kisses me on the forehead and goes over to the left of me and Blesses the souls who are present with me. Jesus goes back and makes the Sign of the Cross:

OUR LORD: “In Nomine Patris et Filli et Spiritus Sanctus. Amen.”

WILLIAM: Jesus now glides back and takes many Angels with Him. Many of the Angels remain here and all of them have been given a beautiful lighted candle. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.