BOOK OF TRUTH – Bk 3 (Main Points) – 29 December 2019


Main Points – 29 December 2019

5th September 2012 – 6th June 2013

16th December 2019

19th September 2012: Conversion takes place first – then the persecution – then the Salvation – in that order.

12th October 2012: There will be different levels in the New Paradise of 12 Nations.

At the bottom level there will be towns and villages, all working in a well of peace, love, happiness and contentment. No one will want for anything. I will be their King, their Master and I will Reign among them, in Mystical Union.

Then there will be higher levels. They will keep all nations together in union with My Teachings and all men will mingle in complete harmony with each other and with the beasts of the Earth, both large and small. All will survive by eating from the Tree of Life. No one will lack nourishment. Then there will be the Governments of the Nations. They will ensure that all will be in accordance with My Teachings. My Governments will be ruled by My Saints and Apostles. This will continue until the very end, when the second resurrection of the dead will take place, for the final confrontation.

Satan will be released, along with his demons, for a short period. Then all evil will be destroyed. My Mercy will, finally, be presented to the world, in the New Heavens and the New Earth combined. Then all will be revealed, as the Mystery of God will be shown to all, in its full and final Glory.

5th September 2012: My beloved daughter, nation after nation is going through a transition right now. Not one nation can fail to understand that much change is in the air. Not only do the laws, which govern their countries begin to change, but the faith they once had seems to have evaporated.

The apostasy has spread like wildfire and has almost reached breaking point. …. Do not follow your governments, who proclaim the Word of God to be a lie.

A great clash will become apparent and man will separate from man. Brother against brother. Neighbour against neighbour. There will be two camps – those who love God and those who don’t.

17th September 2012: A Protestant Nation – Great Britain – will convert soon to My Ways.

20th September 2012: God The Father: The time of My Son is being merged with your time, children, and soon all will become one. The time for the New Paradise has been fixed and all has been laid down for My children’s new home, the new world.

22nd September 2012: So many poor deluded souls, who believe that they are receiving Divine Messages, are being led astray by the evil one. He does this by preying on their love for Me and targets especially holy, devout souls.

Messages received by genuine Prophets or Chosen Souls are either true or false. There is no in between. Heaven will never send a Message, to contradict another Message, received by a Chosen Soul from Heaven.

23rd September 2012: Many cannot accept that Holy Scripture contains all the answers they seek. … You can call on me at any moment and I will respond. … The top of the hill should be your goal. Only when you reach the top will you find peace.

24th September 2012: It is a sin to hate another. It is a mortal sin when you murder another or try to mortally wound another soul, in the name of religion.

27th September 2012: I call on you all to save those souls, who will stubbornly reject the acceptance of God, by reciting this Crusade Prayer (79) for two-billion lost souls:

“O dear Jesus, I beg You to pour your Mercy over the lost souls. Forgive them their rejection of You and use my prayer and suffering so You can, through Your Mercy, pour over them the Graces they need to sanctify their souls.”

“I ask you for the Gift of Clemency for their souls. I ask You to open their hearts so they will go to You and ask You to fill them with the Holy Spirit, so they can accept the Truth of Your Love and live with You and all of God’s family forever. Amen.”

28th September 2012: This man will tell the world he is the Messiah and he will be applauded by many leading world figureheads.

They will present him first, as an extraordinary and compassionate political leader. He will be seen as a talented peacemaker. His airs and graces will display a mystical image, which will seem to be of Divine origin. His handsome good looks and his tantalizing personality will appeal to the masses. He is to be revealed to the world soon and his appearance will be sudden.

Those leaders who will present him as a saviour, the man will bring an end to the war in the Middle East. … This is why this false messiah will be accepted so easily. He will say he is the Messiah. He will tell everyone that he is Jesus Christ who has come back to announce His Second Coming. He is the Antichrist.

I will announce My Second Coming before the sign of My arrival, which will appear in the skies all over the world.

9th October 2012: The final deceit will be when the Holy Sacraments have been replaced by pagan substitutes. All will be presided over by the False Prophet, who will claim to be the High Priest over all religions, combined into one. All those who follow blindly will be devoured by the Beast and be lost to Me forever.

10th October 2012: Paganism will be enforced on all of God’s Churches. The time has come for the division of humanity. I will come and divide the Earth

13th October 2012: Then there will be the introduction of a global vaccination, which will kill you, if you accept it. My dearly beloved daughter, the prophecies foretold at Fatima, now begin to manifest in the world.

The One World Government, created in those nations who are working tirelessly together, have almost completed their work, which is soon to be presented to the world. In its wake, there will be the New One World Religion.

15th October 2012: Those who survive at the end time will not die a physical death.

You must keep away from those who are pagans and pray for them. If you do not keep away, you will be seduced by lies and unclean spirits.

In My New Paradise they will become perfect, immortal bodies. Those on the Earth will become immortal at the Second Coming, in the blink of an eye. As the trumpet of My Messenger rings out, the dead will be raised, as well as those whose names are in the Book of the Living, to enjoy |Eternal Life in the 1000 years of My New Kingdom,

This is My Promise to all of God’s children. Those who survive at the end time, will not die a physical death. They are blessed. They will be turned, instantly, into perfect physical bodies, in mystical union with My Glorious body. It will be then that they will meet those who died in My favour, who will be raised from the dead. They will live in My New Paradise.

18th October 2012: My dearest daughter, the time for Me to send My only Son, Jesus Christ, back to gather all of My children, is close. … My greatest desire is to reveal Myself to every single person.

Soon, My Son will be sent to unveil the Truth of the Creation of humanity. … While this event will create great hope and joy in many souls, for others it will be a torment, which they will not be able to bear.

After this will come the great divide. … I, their Father, will make Myself known by the Power of the climates. Those souls will be shown My Love through My Prophets.

The skies will unfold and be pulled back. Like a scroll, they will roll over until the signs of the Heavens are revealed.

My Divine intervention will be witnessed by billions. .. the truth of My Divine Plan and the mystery of life on Earth will be laid bare for all to see.

The end of suffering on Earth is near. The final persecution, where the evil one reigns over My children, is completed. Then the freedom I have yearned for, My children, since the beginning, will be theirs at last.

25th October 2012: The swell of My Son’s Remnant Church will continue, because of these and other Holy Messages, given to genuine Visionaries all over the world.

27th October 2012: It will be by their hand that lightning, earthquakes and tsunamis will strike the Earth. They will be stopped. They will suffer terribly and their agonizing end has been foretold.

Terrible chastisements of such magnitude, will wipe out those heathen who reject the Word of God. … Much destruction will result because of the wicked work which these atheists groups intend to force upon the Earth.

28th October 2012: It is to save the innocent souls, infected by liars, that I punish the wicked.

29th October 2012: All these ecological upheavals will continue everywhere, until humanity has been purified.

3rd November 2012: Soon sin will be no more. The scourge of sin will be a thing of the past.

5th May 2012: The Earth will groan in pain as the Antichrist prepares his entrance.

6th November 2012: The Hierarchy of all the Angels in Heaven gather at the four corners of the Earth at this time.

If you stand up and refuse to accept the Mark of the Beast, I will protect you. … Centres organized by My Prophets over the years, will spring up, each like an oasis in the desert.

The Second Coming of My son will take place soon. … While you are being prepared through this and other Missions, that it will be announced suddenly, when it will be too late for many to turn

9th November 2012: This Vaccination will be a poison and will be presented under a Global Healthcare Plan.

10th November 2012: Global Vaccination: One of the most wicked forms of genocides ever witnessed since the deaths of the Jews under Hitler – targeting infants and young children.

He will now destroy those who perpetrate this wickedness upon His children. He will no longer stand for this evil and now His Hand will fall in punishment.

Those among you responsible for inflicting terrible suffering on your fellow countrymen and fellow citizens, know this: You will be struck down finally with the scourge of illness and then you and those who pay homage to the One World Group, will be wiped out before the Battle of Armageddon begins. … The time of reckoning has come.

11th November 2012: Many will simply make the transition from this life instantly, without having to experience death, as you know it. … The New Paradise will be filled with ecstasy. No words can describe this beautiful Creation. … The Mystery of the Final Covenant will become clear to you.

At last the suffering experienced, under the reign of Satan on this earth, will be no more. … Those of you who redeem yourselves, in My Eyes, will be given the keys to open the gates.

20th November 2012: This group of twelve, representing powerful nations, is an affront to the existence of My Twelve Apostles. They will present and supports the Antichrist.

I now warn you: to those of you who try to bring abortion into your nations; to those who defile My Christian Churches and to those who honour the Beasts; your days are few. For you there will be no future, no Eternal Life, no access to My Kingdom.

21st November 2012: One half will not deviate from the Truth. The other half will twist the Truth.

(For the sin of Abortion) – I will tear down their countries. … The nations, which constantly try to make it available to more women and who promote it as being a good thing, will be taken out and dealt a punishment from which there can be no recovery.

25th November 2012: My Crown has been prepared and I will arrive in Glory. … This event will take place over a number of hours and it will take a strong man of faith to shout and rejoice. So many will be shamed and frightened when they see Me. Even then, if they ask Me to forgive them, I will do so right up until the very last second.

30th November 2012: The enemies of the Jews in all Nations will gather together in unity to crush Israel.

The Jews who rejected the Covenant of God – their power over the land of their forefathers will be taken and the only solution will be to sign a treaty where they will become slaves to the Antichrist. The treatment of the Jews will be worse than that shown to them during the genocide, which took place in the Second World War. It will be in Israel that the Tribulation will be seen. … The man of peace will enter the world stage.

The Beast with the ten horns, that is the European Union, will crush all traces of God.

7th December 2012: I call on those of you who love Me to listen carefully to the words of the false prophets. Watch how they will not be questioned by Priests; how they will be promoted by them and how they will be allowed to preach lies from the pulpits. … They will pave the way for the false prophet as foretold who will come soon to claim his throne.

This man, directed by Satan, will be seen to become a friend of Israel. Then he will appear to defend it with the support of Babylon, which is the European Union. … The false prophet, who will profess to be a man of God – he and the Antichrist work already in unison. … These are dangerous times for My True Prophets.

Know Me. Know My Prophets. They will suffer the same sufferings which I endured.

12th December 2012: When My Word given to Visionaries and genuine Prophets, is made known to the world, it attracts immediate criticism. Why is this? It is because it is I, your Jesus, Whose Holy Word will always be questioned and criticized before it is denounced as heresy by sinners.

25th December 2012: There will be a great deluge. You will also witness smaller floods across other countries.

My dearly beloved daughter, My Plan of salvation for the world began in My time, on the 22nd December 2012. The great battle begins. This period of Great Tribulation will last some time.

The wars will escalate until the big war is declared and the world will change. … All these things must happen before My Second Coming. … The climates will all begin to change.

27th December 2012: God the Father: Soon, a new Light, a new Sun, will be seen. The time for the changes, as foretold, when the Earth will turn, the Planets will change and the climates will no longer be predictable, is upon you.

The Light of the New Dawn – The New Era – will slowly, but surely illuminate the world. Soon a new Light – a new Sun – will be seen. It will be larger and will cause much wonder. This is the Sign of My Power and My Majesty. It will be a Miracle and will prove that man does not fully understand the secret of Creation.

30th December 2012: The wars in the Middle East will accelerate and be widespread. They will involve the West as well as the East. The turmoil will be halted by the man of peace – the Beast, the Antichrist. Many will, in time, believe that he is God, the Messiah.

20th January 2013: It is the Missions of the True Prophets, which cause outrage.

1st February 2013: God the Father: I will wipe out those nations who spit in My Face. It is for the sins against the innocent, whose lives you have destroyed, that My chastisement will be cast down upon you.

14th February 2013: This is the final battle. My Vicar has fallen. My Church will fall, but soon it will rise again.

15th February 2013: Marriage is not acceptable before My Altar if it is between two people of the same sex.

17th February 2013: The False Prophet will now take over the Seat in Rome.

18th February 2013: They will bring God’s children under the rule of the little horn, who will sit in pompous splendour in the Seat of Peter.

20th February 2013: The Great Illumination of Conscience will take place after My Holy Vicar has left Rome.

25th February 2013: He will be a very close ally of the false prophet and is under no illusion as to who he is – the son of Satan.

18th March 2013: The division in the world, to be brought about by Gog and Magog, will split families in two.

2nd April 2013: I wish to bring over 7 billion of God’s children home, finally, to their Eternal Paradise.

4th April 2013: Only those with the Seal of the Living God will escape this form of genocide of the soul.

6th April 2013: The time for the Comet to appear, of which I spoke, when people will believe that there are two Suns, is close.

The stars will soon change and the time for the Comet to appear, of which I spoke, when people will believe that there are two Suns. It will seem that the two Suns will collide. My Rays of Mercy will fall on every human soul. … No sound will be heard only the sound of my Voice. … They will come face to face with the state of their souls. All will remain still for fifteen minutes. … They will convert in billions. …The others will be told that The Warning was caused by a disruption in the Earth’s atmosphere.

When Miracles of God are witnessed on such a grand scale know that My Plan to bring humanity into the realm of salvation is in the final stages.

7th April 2013: This new temple, they will be told, is a Church, which unites all because God loves all His children

My Messages will never stop until the very last day. My Voice will never die.

17th April 2013: This Sign, not to be confused with the Mark of the Beast, will be go symbolize the new One World Religion.

Soon the mark of Communism will be seen by a special sign, which will appear in Church, which will remain open; in the media; on items of clothing; in movies and this sign will be proudly worn by those in high places. It will be seen as a badge of honour and flaunted by members of the hierarchies in all main Churches and Religious Denominations. You will see this symbol in public places; on Altars; in airports and on the garments worn by leaders in the Churches. This sign is not to be confused with the Mark of the Beast.

The day the daily Sacrifice of the Masses are stopped … will be the day this symbol appears on the Altars and before all the Tabernacles in the world.

21st April 2013: The Tower of Babel will, once again, be erected and presented as a Temple of God. It will be located in Rome and will feature the new symbol of the new One World Religion. My precious Tabernacle in gold, defiled in all its Glory, will sit in the centre of the Altar for all to see. … My Presence will, at this time disappear. … The existence of Hell will be publicly declared by the Church to be nonsense.

24th April 2013: My beloved children, out of His great Love for humanity, My Son now prepares you for His Second Coming. It is because He Loves you that He speaks to you now through His Prophets.

26th April 2013: The Antichrist will be from the east, not the West.

The Antichrist will quickly bring about, with the help of the enemies of God, a war between two nations headed by two stubborn and powerful leaders. These wars will escalate and spill into other countries. When the threat becomes so serious that it begins to affect the most powerful nations, then the peace negotiations will begin.

Out of nowhere will step the Beast. He will bring an end to the wars. He will be highly intelligent. His handsome good looks, charm and sense of humour, will be like a powerful hypnotic magnet. He will become a celebrity.

So special will the Antichrist appear, that nations will clamour over themselves to encourage him to visit their countries. He will be loved and will copy the last detail – every moment of My Mission. This is not a man like any other charismatic.

30th April 2013: A new form of the Cross will be introduced.

The word ‘commemorate’ will be used and all Churches will soon be stripped bare of their treasures. … The new atrocity will not be based on the simple cross – instead it will feature, discreetly, the head of the Beast. I ask you to gather My Holy Crosses now and keep them in your homes, along with Holy Water. … We will remain united until the time when the trumpets peal out and the announcement is made that I am to reveal Myself, finally, in My Second Coming

7th May 2013: The Plague will be more widespread than AIDS:

This plague will be visible on the face and the sores will not be healed until the Great Chastisement is over. The plague will be more widespread than AIDS and will be one of the first signs of the coming Chastisement. This will then be followed by a famine in one third of the Earth and will be witnessed during the reign of the Antichrist.

His followers will suffer an agonizing punishment and it will be seen on their faces through the plague.

10th May 2013: The only Water necessary for the survival of God’s children will come from the tree of Life.

My dearly beloved daughter, blessed are those who respond to the True Word of God, for they will be the first to arise and enter My New Kingdom.

Those who have not been given My Holy Word, including those countries where I Am condemned, are the first souls I must reach out to. Through no fault of their own, they have been reared from birth to deny God, the Maker and Creator of all that is. I will strive to convert them through this Mission and promise that once they are shown the Truth, during The Warning, that they will be drawn into My Mercy quickly. I will never forsake those who have been deceived, through false doctrines, for they are helpless and are in need of My Love and Mercy.

My desire is that My followers now prepare to climb the ladder, a long and difficult climb, towards spiritual perfection. Those of you who have been blessed with the Gift of discernment My Voice, contained in the Book of Truth, have a duty to Me. This is what you must do. Use the Gift I have given you, to prepare for the spiritual perfection, which is required of you now, as I build My Remnant Army on earth. Your responsibility is to help those who are too weak, too proud and too stubborn to accept My Hand of Mercy. It will be through you that I will be able to grant all souls, including those who are not worthy of My Mercy the salvation needed to live forever in My Glory.

Oh how wonderful is this Glorious New Kingdom of Mine. If you could only see it, not one amongst you would ever utter another word against Me. This will be your new home, the place where you and your family will enjoy eternal ecstasy, peace, love and joy, mingling with all that is created by My Father for your happiness. Think of it as a new dwelling, similar to the way in which the Earth was created, only this New Heaven and New Earth will have no sea. The only Water necessary for the survival of God’s children will come from the Tree of Life, where all life will be sustained.

Every need will be catered for and love will abound so that no discontent of any kind will exist. Laughter, love, joy, colour and fine things, which no man has ever seen during his time on Earth, will be plentiful. Happiness, which is beyond your grasp on Earth, will be a Gift to each of you who is given the key to My Kingdom.

The life ahead of you is adorned with great gifts and you will remain in a constant state of peace with love for Me. I will Reign in union with all God’s children and not one of you will want for anything, so great is My Love. This is the only life you must strive for, as no other life will exist after the Great Day when I come for you.

Your Jesus.