Message to Yellow Lily – 3 January 2020

Message to Yellow Lily of Canada – 3 January 2020


YELLOW LILY: I see Our blessed Lord after assisting Mass and the Holy Rosary. Dressed in a white tunic, tall, peaceful, beautiful and tender, I see under the tunic, glowing red, moving out from Its burning center beautiful shades of red to pink.

JESUS: “My People! Greetings and blessings to all men of good will, to all families of righteousness, who seek and strive to meet the righteousness of God in their dynamic, God’s Eye is upon you – all these who seek first the Kingdom of God because right is right and wrong is wrong in principal.”

YELLOW LILY: Jesus moves the forefinger of His left hand from side to side.

JESUS: “We are not confused, we recognize chaos; does God rule His world in such a way? Does not His creation hold to an understanding, instinct or time that rules it, to serve and govern its life?”

“Yes, order in everything! This does not mean it does not enjoy a full life in how it was and is designed as to the purpose it serves, rather, enjoying a safekeeping, familiarity and readiness, for each species, and the boundaries given to it, because God is: a sign of His making! The water in order, does not exceed the land, except, and when it does, all things around it affected and moved and confused – scrambled and worried! Does God wish this for His Church, for Man?!”

“Let this be the sign! Francis is not of Me in his authority! His house is chaos.

I will not tolerate much longer, he will read this and know. I will send the tools to punctuate the Words I Am saying, My Words, Tools and Acts ordered carefully to out this fraud! He will not willing release his grip of the papal throne, so it shall be taken from him as only God can, in order and peace, with the realization of the faithful elect, that all things are possible by God, without disturbing the moral order He has made and loves in His Creation. Francis, your time is limited, soon only the cronies listen. Change your course – you will not.”

“A painful, public fall first, then comes the chaos you want in fullness – meanwhile, the people of God escape with the true, golden one, he will unite all My elect, as the Elected one. I proclaim him in the things I shall surround him with – My Truth, and My Acts as proof, what only God can do! Hidden now, but only as long as one does not wish to see. I match chaos with good, act for act. In the end what is not of God shall be washed away, with those who cling to their own princely vanity. Amen”

“Jesus, the Maker of time and little son of Mary.”