BOOK OF TRUTH – Bk 5 (Main Points) – 16 December 2019


8th April 2014 – 23rd November 2014

16th December 2019


10th May 2014: My dearly beloved daughter it is not for you to understand now, but know that I will raise up, within My Church, a man who will stand up and proclaim the Truth. He will do this at a time when no other Cardinal, Bishop, Priest or any Sacred Servant of Mine will have the courage to do so.

The man I will raise is a brave soul and many will be relieved when he speaks up. When he does this, many more will rise up and speak out, thereby saving many souls. When he is raised, I have other plans to bring all those faiths together, who do not accept Me, Jesus Christ, as being the Son of God. All of these Divine Plans have been foretold and millions and millions of people from, across the world will then realize the Truth. They will then swell and be Blessed by Me, so they can gather all creeds together, with the sole purpose of ensuring that the True Word of God is proclaimed.

I will draw the heathen first, for they have not been given the Truth. … l will regain three times the amount, by ensuring that God’s children do not forget the Truth.

8th April 2014: You will know these traitors by their symbolic gestures, which insult My Divinity. Soon, those of you with eyes that can see the Truth will be able to distinguish between those who truly serve Me and those who do not. From Holy Week this year, the cracks will appear and the meaning of My Crucifixion will be twisted.

When Satan attacks humanity, his first focus will always be on the family. He will destroy marriages, encourage abortion, seduce people into committing suicide, break up families. Then he will destroy and break up My Family – My Church.

9th April 2014: My Son, Jesus Christ, will he betrayed by another Judas and one with great authority.

10th April 2014: The New World Religion will be expected to bow before the image of the Antichrist; it will not be the Sign of the Cross they will make – it will be by way of a hand signal. … I will bequeath to each of you .. a form of protection against the power of the Beast.

17th April 2014: My New Paradise will become the world without end – as foretold. The old Earth and Heavens will disappear and a New World will rise. .. What God foretold to all of His Prophets will take place for He does not say one thing and mean another.

21st April 2014: The beginning and the end of the world will become as one. … There will be no Heaven, no Purgatory and no Earth – there will only exist two entities: My Kingdom – where life will never end – and Hell for those who won’t turn to Me.

27th April 2014: The days leading up to the arrival of the Antichrist will be days of great celebrations. … Where there is no sign of the Cross, then run, for you will be drawn into error. You will know that the time for the Antichrist to enter My Son’s Church has arrived, when the Tabernacles have been adjusted and, in many cases, replaced with wooden versions.

The Mass will no longer be celebrated. On that day the Antichrist sits proudly on his throne, the Presence of My Son will be no more. God’s Army – the Remnant – will grow and spread.

1st May 2014: My Promise to come again will be fulfilled in the lifetime of this generation.

13th May 2014: The sky will be darkened for three days, immediately before I return. … I will arrive suddenly to the sound of trumpets and the sweet sound of the Choir of Angels. The sky will be darkened for three days, immediately before I return. Then it will be alight in a multitude of colours never seen by man before. I will be visible to every man, woman and child, of every age and there will be great shock, but also great excitement. … Many will be unprepared and will find the event to be overwhelming.

24th May 2014: Once paganism grips My Church, this will mark the final chapter.

26th May 2014: The Credo Prayer, which acknowledges Who I Am, will be changed.

31st May 2014: My dear child, I wish to call upon parents of children and young people all over the world, to consecrate them to My Immaculate Heart.

Crusade Prayer (153) – The Gift of Protection for children

“O Mother of God, Mother of Salvation, I ask that You Consecrate the souls of these children (List them here …) and present them to You Beloved Son. Pray that Jesus will, through the Power of His Precious Blood, cover and protect these little souls with every kind of protection from evil. I ask You, dear Mother, to protect my family in times of great difficulties and that Your Son will look favourably upon my request to unite my family in one with Christ and grant us Eternal Salvation. Amen.”

4th June 2014: The Feast Day of the Mother of salvation, will be the last day accorded to Me, the Mother of God.


Crusade Prayer (154) – Feast Day of The Mother of Salvation

“O Mother of Salvation, I place before you today on this day, June 4th, the Feast Day of the Mother of Salvation, the souls of the following (List names). Please give me and all those who honour You, dear Mother and who distribute the Medal of Salvation, every protection from the evil one and all those who reject the Mercy of Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ and all the Gifts He bequeaths to humanity. Pray, dear Mother, that all souls will be granted the gift of Eternal Salvation. Amen.

6th June 2014: The world will soon be presented, by the enemies of My Son, with a wicked book, which will have the number one embedded within its cover in red and black, with the head of a goat hidden within its design. … It will encourage all those who read it to adapt a new way of thinking.

13th June 2014: That will be the Greatest day since God Created Adam and Eve. … I will save every soul who calls on Me just before the skies close; the mountains collapse and the sea floods the Earth and then the Heavens will disappear along with the old Earth. Up will rise My New Paradise, the New Heaven and Earth. … Even those who have sold their souls to the devil will be saved, if they so desire, by calling out to Me on the Final Day.

19th June 2014: My child, the Miracles commanded by My Eternal Father will be made known soon in all parts of the Earth. … The Earth, the sun and the moon will react to produce very unusual spectacles and it will happen over a period of three years.

The Miracles I speak of will include great Acts of God, which will involve tragedies … great Signs in the sky; the movements of the Earth and colours associated with nature…. I will place all My Apparition Sites around the world.

13th August 2014: The time for the Prophecies of La Salette and Fatima to be fulfilled, is very close.

14th October 2014: The Keys of My Kingdom, of the world to come, have been prepared.

24th October 2014: The Hand of God will use the Sun to alert the world. … When you see changes in the sun; when it seems larger; shines longer and out of season, know that the time is getting closer for My Second Coming.

The world will become darker – darker of the spirit, darker by day. … The sun will dissipate until finally no light will cover the Earth for three days. On the fourth day the skies will burst open and the Light – the likes of which you will never have believed possible – will pour from the Heavens. Then I will be seen by every person. I will in all My Glory, as I come to reclaim the Kingdom, promised to Me by My Father.

3rd November 2014: Euthanasia is an abhorrent act in My Eyes.

9th November 2014: I will salvage 5 billion souls because of this Mission.

23rd November 2014: The Evil Spirit of Jezebel will do all she can to infiltrate My Church on Earth. … She will use sorcery and witchcraft to create the impression of miracles. This is yet another adversary of Mine who, under the influence of Baal, will try to harm God’s genuine Visionaries and Prophets.

9th December 2014: I was sent as His Messenger throughout all the ages. My dear child, I am the Immaculate Virgin Mary, the Mother of God and I come to reveal to you the purpose of My Mission on Earth.

I am the Handmaid of the Lord and I was appointed by My Heavenly Father to bear His son, Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the World. Just as I was called upon to fulfill His Most Holy Will, through the Birth of His Only-Begotten Son, Who was sent to give Eternal Life to all of His children, I have been given the role of His Messenger throughout all the ages. I was sent as His Messenger to reveal the Mysteries of His Heavenly Kingdom and at all times, I came in His Holy Name to impart important Messages for the world. I did not come in My own right, because I would never have been given this authority. I came in the Name of God, as His loyal servant, for the Glory of God, so that He could call souls into His Divine Mercy. Now I come again in this, the final Mission, sanctioned by the Most Holy Blessed Trinity in the salvation of souls.

I played an important role in the Coming of the Messiah the first time and I come, finally, as His Holy Messenger, in these the times of the end, before He, My Son, is manifested in His Second Coming.

All through the ages, when I appeared in the Apparitions on Earth, a sign was given to the world. In many cases I revealed important prophecies through the Gift of inner locution, but in some cases, nothing was said at all. Instead, a sign was given and those blessed with discernment understood what it was that God wanted His children to know. It is because of His great Generosity that He sanctioned these Divine Interventions, for His only Desire was to save souls.

My Eternal Father, Who Created all things from nothing, intercedes only when He desires to rescue His children from the deceptions, which are planted in their hearts. It is when the evil one creates havoc that God always steps in to open the hearts of His children to the great Love that He has for each of them. Accept this Mission, dear children, with graciousness and give thanks to Gold for His Great Mercy, without which many souls would be lost.

Your Beloved Mother,

Mother of Salvation

29th January 2015: It will be the Roman Catholics and the Jews who will face the greatest opposition in the times ahead.

This is the final Chapter