WORLD WAR III – Nostradamus and Bayside

WORLD WAR III – Nostradamus

(From the writings of Nostradamus and the Bayside Apparitions)

10th January 2020

World War III was predicted around 1950, as the war in Vietnam came into being, which ended up with the country being taken over by Communism. Since that time, many wars have broken down over 70 years, but the Great War has been simmering and we wait for this to begin.

So what Nations will form the Great War and how will it start? First, you have the four Super Powers waiting on the sidelines; you have the U.S.A., China, Russia and Europe. So where will it start?

The Middle East is the place where the Third World War will start. The Antichrist is waiting for it to begin. He is living in Egypt. Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey will be the countries from where the Third World War will come, as they will attack Israel from Lebanon and Palestine. The war will last six to twelve months, then the Antichrist will make himself known and he will organize a Peace Plan, which will be accepted by Israel and the neighbouring countries and World Peace will be restored. The Antichrist will be a world leader and become widely known and loved. As for when this will be, we need to look at Pope Benedict XVI, because it depends upon him. When he leaves the Vatican it will be taken over by the Communist Forces, but the Antichrist will reign from the Vatican and it is at this time the Great Warning will come. So let us see how the war will start and finish.

“And you will be hearing of wars and rumours of wars; see that you are not frightened for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end. Jesus Christ” [Matthew 24.6]

The Moslem Invasion of France and Europe is implied. The Antichrist – the third and the last one – will come from the Middle East. He will launch a campaign against Italy and the Balkans. At that time the adversaries of Jesus Christ and His Church will begin to multiply greatly.

The armies of the three allies – namely the Arab Antichrist of Iran and Russia and Central Asia, will join forces and invade Europe, so that the coming of the Holy Monarch from France, will transmigrate, chasing out the abomination of the Antichrist who made war against the Royal, who is the Great Vicar of Jesus Christ, at the end of time.

But before the forces of evil are defeated, a Great Sign will, be given by God – a solar eclipse – more dark and gloomy than any since the Creation of the World. In other words, the Great Warning. It will happen in the month of October; that some great dislocation – shifting of the Poles – will transpire and it will be such that one will think the mass of the Earth has lost its natural movement and that it is to be plunged into the abyss or perpetual darkness.

The Greeks are historical enemies of the Turks. The war will not last long. They will use chemical, biological and tactical nuclear weapons; the resulting horrible slaughter will keep the Italians from interfering and coming to the help of Greece. There will be famine in the land and sea and great heat from the Sun. The fish will die from extensive heat.

A horrible pestilence will fall upon Corinth, Micopolis and the Gallipolis Peninsula. It will devastate Macedonia and Thessaly. In Amphipolos an unknown evil. Greece will refuse to surrender to Turkey, but the weapons will destroy it.

Civil and Religious war will break into Italy; the Pope is killed; Italy will be facing the clouds of war. There is a drought in Italy and Military intervention in Bosnia. All this will engulf the whole Earth in global warfare. It will rain stones. There will be a Comet that will come close to the Earth – it will bring strong thirst to a portion of the Earth.

It is amazing how several warnings about a Comet striking the Earth (just after World War II commences) were given to Veronica Lueken, and Seer of Bayside, from Heaven.

On 25th July 1973, Veronica described that great calamity as Mother Mary showed her in a vivid vision thusly:

“I see a large globe suspended in the air; it is the globe of the Earth. I see this large ball [Comet], it’s heading very fasts, with its long tail behind it, giving off these gases. It is very big and very long and way off in the distance. I can see what is a ball [a Comet] – it is like a sun, very burning and red. It seems to e going all around the Sun as though it is being pulled in. But no, now the ball [the Comet] is beginning to turn; it’s bouncing.”

“And now the ball is making a dive into the path of the Earth. Now it’s caught like a top and it’s spinning. And it’s starting to [revolve] around – around the Earth – and the tail now is pulling away from the Sun. And the ball is going around the Earth and the tail now is starting to drift over onto the Earth. I see now the oceans, the waters. I see the waters churning up and this land U.S.A. is just going down into the water. Oh-h!”

On 24th December 1983, another vision of the same Comet was given to Veronica from Heaven:

“Oh! I see the sky, it’s becoming a very, very bright red, almost an orange – a red-orange – and the light is so bright it hurts my eyes. And I see this huge gray-coloured ball, a rock-like formation; as it’s turning now it’s changing colour, becoming an orange-looking ball. It’s going fast across the sky; part of it has broken off and it’s going now behind the Sun. I see the huge Sun – it’s like a ball of fire and this [Comet] is another ball of fire. A piece now is broken off and it’s hitting into the Sun. Oh! There is an explosion! I can’t look. Oh-h! And I see people now holding onto the chairs in their houses. Everything’s rocking; the very foundation is rocking in the houses and they are all frightened. Many are running into the streets – others are running and closing their windows. I see a great mist coming in the sky and there are pieces of dust rock falling and the people who are outside are stumbling.”

“I now see this darkness – a great, great mist and then a deep, musty-looking haze and it’s now going and passing across the Moon. Now there is no moon – there’s no light. The Moon’s absolutely covered. I can’t see it; there’s no light. Now the Sun also seems to be shooting out particles and I can see this other ball [the Comet] that looks like a small Sun now, coming from behind, twirling and also shooting out particles of fiery rock. Now one piece is very large and it’s falling down; it’s falling into the water and the water is rising very, very high. Oh!”

On 25th July 1985 Veronica once again viewed the horror of the Comet:

“I see a ball of fire [the Comet]; it’s coming fast through the sky – it has a long red tail. It’s red; it’s fire! And now it’s coming down to the Earth. Oh! It has hit through the water; it’s brushed through the water. There are waves rising higher, higher than anything possible I could have seen. The waves are terrible. They’re washing half of the of the continent [of America] out to sea.”

Apparently, a human attempt to blow-up the Comet in the sky, in order to render it harmless, would fail.

On 24th December 1973, Veronica had the following vision:

“I can see that great ball [the Comet] again. It is very, very large. Oh, my goodness! Now there’s also something over to the left of the ball. It looks like a space-ship, or something long with casing. And I see that it’s behind it, but all of a sudden I see the top of this metal casing blow off; like disintegrating from the intense heat of this large ball [the Comet. Oh, my goodness!” (Veronica coughs) “the smoke! Oh, My goodness! Oh, I see now threw are people inside this metal-like casing starting to explode. And it just blew into a million pieces and there’s nothing left of it. I can’t see anything; it just seemed to explode and be carried away by a great force. There’s not a thing left of it. Oh!”

On 25th July 1977 Jesus said in a vision through Veronica:

“My children, much of the sorrow that will be sent upon mankind – much of it will come about because of his own making. The greatest loss of life, My children, will come with the explosion of a nuclear warhead upon mankind. The Ball of Redemption shall follow and not much shall be left of flesh upon Earth.”

On 18th June 1991, Jesus gave the following warning through Veronica:

“My child and My children, you will keep a constant vigilance of prayer going throughout you world, because I repeat again, near the Throne of the Eternal Father, He views a ball so immense, so beyond all man’s speculation, that it will destroy over three-quarters of the Earth. It is in your atmosphere. It has been noticed by few, but the few seek not to bring fear to the hearts of mankind. They do not know that it is the Eternal Father who now will guide the Ball.”

On 18th September 1988, Mother Mary affirmed to Veronica and to the faithful gathered at Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers Shrine prayer vigil, held at the Vatican Pavilion site in Flushing, New York:

“Within this century this Ball [the Comet] will be sent upon mankind – it will be here within this century [before year 2000]. For even the scientists have failed to recognize the speed of this ball.”

There will be war between Turkey and Iran. The Antichrist will devastate Malta on his way to conquer Sicily and Italy.

Turkey and Greece are invaded by Iran. War beside River Araks next to Armenia and Iran. Trebizond in Turkey is occupied.

The Third World War will start with the Arabs along with Iran and Russia; the enemies of France will take over Marseille.

The Antichrist will appear on the world scene at a time when Nations will be going through economical hardships. He will assign to each person a number and it will be lasered on the hand or the forehead. Those who refuse to be part of his diabolical system will be outcast. He will win over the Rulers of the world.

“I shall show you the judgement of the great harlot (Rome) … and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast – the Empire of the Antichrist – having seven heads and ten horns and the woman, the impure, was clothed in purple and scarlet and on her forehead a name was written; a mystery – Babylon the Great – the mother of harlots and the abomination of the Earth. I saw the woman, the impure, drunk with the blood of Saints and with the blood of the witnesses of Jesus. The seven heads are seven monsters on which the woman sits. They are seven Kings – those of ancient Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Meilo, Persia, Greece have fallen, the Roman Empire.”

“The ten Kings of the Middle East and North Africa. These will wage against the Lamb – the Lamb will overcome them. Rome will become desolate and naked.”

Invasion of Europe from Africa and Asia. The great one of Asia will lead by land and sea a great army. The Antichrist will destroy three. His war will last for (27) twenty-seven years. The dissenters are put to death, taken prisoner and are exiled. Blood, human corpses, water reddened and earth ravaged by hail. The wars started ten years ago around 2000. There will yet be the Great World War.

In 1846, Mother Mary gave the prophecy to two children from La Salette in France that there will be wars up to the last war, which will be waged by the Ten Kings of the Antichrist. These Kings will have a common policy and will be the only ones who reign upon the earth. Before that happens there will be a time of false peace in the world and men will think only of pleasure.

Brothers and sisters are marked by the Beast. It is displeasing to see them being marked on their chins, foreheads and noses. Through all Asia there will be a great proscription. It is expected that Nationalists and Islamists will take political power in Turkey to break its ties with the West.

Italy will become the play-ball of war; blood will flow on every side.. The Temples will be closed or desecrated. Priests and members of Religious Orders will be put to flight and will die cruel deaths. The City of Rome is pummeled by fire from Turkey. Italy the Great is laid to waste.

The Frenchman will penetrate the mountains by leaps and occupy the great area of Milan. The Frenchman (the Gaul), Ogmios, the Great Celt and the Great Pastor – all are the same person.

The shifting of the Poles on Earth; it will be in the month of October that some great dislocation of the poles will transpire and it will be such that one will think the mass of the Earth has lost its natural movements. It will be putting an end to life of the Antichrist and destroying his mighty army – some time near 2030.

The appearance of the two Suns: the Great Pontiff will be forced to change his residency from the Vatican.

The Antichrist invades South France; a great army by sea to approach Marseille; France defeated. France attacked by an atomic missile. Russia’s last dash to the South and to the West. The Holy Roman Empire is reborn.

During World War III Russia will assault Cologne and Vienna; the Holy Empire will come to Germany. The Antichrist will reign in Avignon; Geneva under siege; Hunger and thirst in Geneva; the inhabitants of Geneva are destroyed. A new invasion into Southern Spain during the coming World War III.

A Frenchman will lead the Holy Armies – those of the U.S.A. Canada, Russia and Northern Europe will unite – Russia seems to change sides.

During the Third World War – given to Veronica Lueken of Bayside – countries will disappear. Revolutions in Italy, Africa and Europe. The Pope will flee Rome, then a great cataclysmic Warning will be given; if not heeded, then mankind will receive the world-wide Great Chastisement – World War III, followed by a surprise entry of a fire Comet. Three quarters of mankind will be destroyed. There will be a minor chastisement and then will come a Great Warning and the greatest of Chastisement. It comes in two parts – the Third World War and the Ball of Redemption.

America will be chastised, which will reduce America to half in land.

It is to be understood that what we have written is from the writings of Nostradamus and from revelation around the world.

The Great War will come to the world when the Four Great Kingdoms will rule, but it will form into the Ten Kingdoms, which will rule the world under the Antichrist. One third of mankind will be devastated, but the Great Warning will come after the Antichrist will become known and peace will be made around the world and the Apparition Sites will proclaim the Truth, as all the Apparition Sites will become known and approved – not by the Church, but by the belief in the Word of God.

The Church will be devastated by the Warning, but the eight billion people around the world will be converted to the Catholic Church. All faiths will join the Church and there will be millions converted to the Truth and the war will cease. It will be a great revival of the Faith, but the Antichrist will be blinded during the Warning, but will recover after a year or so and will lead a major part of mankind for the three-and-a-half years where the Church will go into decline and I will lead the Church during this time as Peter the Roman or Peter II, but I will be named Peter Abraham II, as I will be spiritually the Pope – but in a mystical way. The French Monarch with myself, will fight for the Church and will fight the Antichrist from France, Germany and the Philippines.

The majority of Catholics will be formed in the Philippines, but I will rule the Church from Koln in Germany and will govern the Church in France and will also rule from Austria and a small Nation near there – Lichtenstein.

We, the French Monarch and myself, will fight the Antichrist and his army and will free France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, England and part of Italy. They will also form the Armies of Truth, even thought the Ten Kingdoms of the Antichrist will overcome mankind, but the True Church will survive, even though we will be under much suffering – even with the Great Warning being on our side.

The Antichrist will survive the Warning and will muster through for three-and-a-half years and the Vatican will be destroyed, but the temporal Vatican will be in the Philippines and will survive until the Antichrist goes to Jerusalem to proclaim his power before all of the world.

The Great Monarch will go to Jerusalem, but will give up his life and I will rule the Church until Jesus Returns the second time, which will be once the Church of St Peter’s is destroyed and the Antichrist has reigned his three-and-a-half years. He is destroyed when he tries to ascend to Heaven. That will make the end of his reign.

Then the Three Days and Nights of Darkness will come and cleanse the world. People who will be shocked will still have the chance to convert; they will have one-hundred days left to convert and then Jesus will Return in all His Glory before the world. All those who are to be saved will be lifted up to meet Our Lord and they will change instantly.

The World War is a sign that we have reached the end with the arrival of the Antichrist.

I wish God’s Blessings upon all of God’s children.