Message 802 – 3 February 2020



Australia has received a great chastisement through the devastating fires – Once again I am sending you a virus from the Province of China – Those countries which have committed abortions, euthanasia and same-sex marriages, will be chastised – Volcanoes will erupt in Italy, Indonesia and Africa – The Book of Lucifer, The Red Book, will have the prayers of division – I will take you to Heaven, change you and teach you the Words you must preach to the world before I Return. You will be strengthened and be the first to get your youthfulness back.

WILLIAM: I see the White Cross in the sky. It is opening up and I can see white Angels coming through the Cross and marching towards me in my flat. There are millions of Angels forming a guard of honour carrying shields and on the shields is the French symbol of the Monarchy.

Jesus is coming through the Cross. He is very handsome and is wearing a white garment showing His Sacred Heart, Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart and another heart, which is mine. Jesus comes to my home and greets me:

OUR LORD: “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Be at peace, My son.”

“I greet all My beautiful children on Earth, especially those who have been faithful to My Calling, even in these dark moments. I greet you, My cherished son, William, who has been going through much suffering in the last couple of months, but be at peace, My little son, because all these trials have won many hearts and given privileges that would not have been given in the way I have designed it.”

“Today I have accorded special favours upon certain souls, so that they will fulfil the Divine Will of My Father and yours. I am very pleased, My son, for many Graces have been opened up so that My Holy Will is done. My son, I have given directions to hearts and this will be fulfilled. I am pleased.”

“My beloved children of Australia and the world: Australia has received a great chastisement through the devastating fires which have destroyed much land, but yet not many lives. The children that have died – they have been saved through the Mercy of the Father. But many people in the Nation have not thanked Me – yet God has been merciful, as not many have passed away because of the rejection of God’s children, who should have thanked God for His Kindness. The fires will continue and people will pray more. A deluge of water will fall upon the land to quench its thirst.”

“My children! My children! When will you turn to God Who is waiting to help you. Pray and ask the Eternal Father to forgive your sins, then you will see how swift My Father will respond.”

“As for the children of the world: once again I am sending you a virus from the Province of China. Ask God the Father to intervene, because that is what He is asking for – His children to seek His Forgiveness.”

“My children, as time moves forward the world will be chastised – those countries which have committed grave wrong doings – namely abortions, euthanasia and same-sex marriages and many horrendous crimes – will be chastised by My Father, even before the Antichrist will make himself known to the world, because God seeks that His children will become aware of where they are headed.”

“My children, this is only one virus that will plague you, but there are many others, because it is in the Power Groups which will create more diseases, so that they can control all the people of the world. However, this current virus is not the one that will subdue many, because there is one coming where they – the enemy – will try to manipulate everyone, so that they will be able to place the Mark of the Beast on every soul and by doing this, they will maintain control over the masses. But be not afraid, because I am asking you not to take the Mark of the Beast, as many will die – and you will not be able to eat or buy food. But trust in Me, as all those who pray and trust in God the Eternal One, will have nothing to fear, for He will supply the food that is necessary for you to keep safe and whole. Be not afraid, My beloved children, because God will watch over you. Pray My Mercy Prayers and the Holy Rosary.”

“My children may be wondering what is happening, because Messages are coming very few, as the events are about to happen in the world, which will make people think very seriously, because the signs are very near. The previous warnings before the Great Warning are very near, as you will notice, more and more chastisements will come and the movement of the Antichrist is very close.”

“Volcanoes will erupt in Italy and Indonesia and a volcano in Africa will erupt very soon, causing much ash and darkness to fall, as the Antichrist is setting himself up as a Leader of men -and shortly will make himself known throughout the world, as a very clever man, solving problems for Leaders of countries. The wars in the Middle East are to escalate very much, until it will become very unstable and bring the Third World War.”

“Keep your eyes and ears open to the countries of the Middle East, because the war will escalate until the Muslim forces will make a move towards Europe.

“Pray, sweet children, because the days are coming when the Church will become one, as every effort is being done to achieve this and the Church will bring out the Book of Lucifer, which will be The Red Book, which will have the prayers of division – even though it will be proclaimed as a Book of Enlightenment – to bring all Religions into one.”

“The movement of Britain away from Europe will bring forth great division within the country and its neighbours. Ireland and Wales will move away, which will make Britain weaker.”

“Pray, dear children, for China, as moves will be made to remove the freedom from Hong Kong and moves will be made to take on the Island of Taiwan, to bring it under the Chinese Regime.”

“Pray for America, because disunity will come to this Nation, as the enemy is very strong. Pray, dear children, because Jesus can no longer hold off the many chastisements that will befall it. Pray for Mexico, as civil unrest will come to this Nation, as the volcano will cause many deaths. Pray for Argentina – a country that has forgotten its heritage. Pray, dear children, because blood will flow until its children turn to Me.”

“Pray for Africa, because these countries have succumbed to the temptation of worldly pursuits, because they have witnessed the greed of Europe and America. Pray, dear children. I Love you and am seeking that you turn to Me, your Loving Saviour. I Love you.”

“Today, My sweet son, I have come to reiterate the need of prayers, because mankind is becoming lost in its own desires, but are forgetting that Heaven exists.”

“This is all I wish to say, but I will say just one more thing to you, My cherished son: continue on the path that I have placed you upon, because your path is changing very rapidly and will continue to do so, because plans are in the making to free you and set you on the road to reach all of mankind before the great Chastisement comes. But before this, the Great Sign will be given to the world, which will be God’s Divine Mercy.”

“Before this comes, I will take you around the world to deliver My Holy Word one more time. Then I will send the Great Warning and in this time I will take you to Heaven, where I will change you and teach you the Words that you must preach to the world before I Return. You will then be strengthened and will be the first to get your youthfulness back. Be at peace, My son, because I am very pleased with what you are doing. I will give you all the Graces you will need to fulfil My Divine Will. I will now speak to you privately.”

(Jesus spoke to me privately)

“I thank you, My sweet son. Very soon you will hear from the French Monarch, to prepare the path that you will go. There are many countries that will open the door for you. I have placed the doors open for your journeys and you will be strengthened to fulfil every step.”

“I Love you, My sweet Angel of Divine Love and I Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen – and thank you for your heart heartedness. You will be contacted by other Mystics and Seers who have been waiting a long time to be able to meet you.”

“The Philippines will open the door very soon. I Love you and Bless you: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Your Loving Jesus +++

WILLIAM: Jesus Blessed me and then He floats back with the Angels. The Hearts on His Chest are glowing very much.

OUR LORD: “I Bless you, My son: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. (three times) Pray, My son, as it is very important. You will hear about the Holy Father very soon. Pray for him.”