Message to Yellow Lily – 15 February 2020

Message to Yellow Lily of Canada

15 February 2020


YELLOW LILY: I see Our Most Blessed Lord dressed in a white tunic in front of me and lovingly condescending, He wears the white cincture, knotted on His left side, sits at His waist.

JESUS: “Peace to my sweet children here and everywhere, peace, to my hope for them and in them, hope!  My children, do more than hope as the confidence of Almighty God and man together  tells you, as hope, because He is all love in you and for you!”

“Thank you for making your pilgrimages for Me, your Jesus is honoured!  I am honoured be they long or short ones, as you bring Me your day and the days, all your steps are mine, all breaths and beats are too!  Working together to save souls, unreservedly, without reserve, our entire of self and activity, undertaken in joy and enthusiasm, through responsibility, known or unconsciously.”

“You see – I use all!  I come to you, do you see how fast?  Have I not answered all your prayers yet?  Because the greatness of your requests, corresponds to the time in which something is revealed.  What does this mean to you and the world you live in?  For each one of my children, your words, requests, prayers, – sneezes, are treasured – they serve a purpose, that is so important to God! It is easy to believe when one knows God that our minutes, our seconds, are intimately planned, – easy when we trust because of love – what I wish to impart, what I wish you to ponder in intimacy, how well God has done this for you – surrounded in your free will!  How well does God know you!  He has planned through your circumstance, practice, habits, internal calls, your desires, needs, personal fulfilment, discernment and pride, the surest road to your salvation!”

“That is how well you are known and how much you are loved!”

“Cling to your families, teach through your example and remain confident in My eye and most assured protection!  Count the minutes in excitement as we draw closer to victories of your world and your church, an apex of this time

Unafraid, we move forward, God has drawn His lines where the darkness shrinks to the light, war comes, we fight – we win and while we win, we live to the full because your Jesus loves you all,  and has counted your minutes – all you do for God now, which really means forever!”

“Love you, unreservedly, your intimate,”