Messages to Firelily and Bright Star – 24 December 2019


FIRELILY: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, Amen. Our Lady has been here since the beginning of the rosary, or even before. Many angels are surrounding Her, some of the little angels are adjusting Her veil and She wants to give us a message before we go down to the grotto.

OUR LADY: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, Amen. My sweet children of Bethlehem and all My children throughout the world, My sweet elite, I ask that you remain at peace. Tonight, I ask you to mediate on Our journey to the stable when We went to Bethlehem. We were rejected by many for there was no room for Us at the Inn. I ask that you meditate on this as you walk down to the stable in silence until you arrive there at the stable, where you can begin the third joyful mystery. My children I am much pleased with you gathering here today. May you have a holy and happy Christmas for every year as we arrive at this time Our Lord awaits for you He longs for you. For as He arrived in the world and was born then was the beginning of the salvation of us all when we can get to Heaven as He opened the Gates of Heaven by His death on the Cross. I ask My children that you love Him more and more each day. And that is all until you arrive at the grotto. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, Amen.

BRIGHT STAR: Since the decade began the star at the top started to shoot up much light from it and then stretched into the white cross. It is very huge up into the sky and the bottom comes down just behind the nativity of Our Lord here in front of us. There is a huge gate like at the centre of the cross that opens up. Through this gate I can see many angels coming. There is St. Michael that is coming through first and the other archangels that I usually see there are nine archangels that come and they slowly come down the path and divide into two parts both sides of the road that is coming down, it is like a light that is coming from the white cross coming down to the nativity here. There is [are] millions of angels now coming, they are going everywhere over this property. As far as I can see in all directions there is [are] angels everywhere in every colour and each angel is carrying a gift and the gifts are all beautifully wrapped. Some are like silver and gold and red and white just beautiful gifts that each angel is carrying and all of the angels have one. And I see the Saints coming through starting with Padre Pio. Padre Pio comes first and I see St. Charbel coming there is [are] many saints. The Apostles now come, they move over to the right-hand side and make like a semi-circle and they’re all facing towards the road that is coming down.

It is like a beautiful golden light, the light illuminates from the road itself. And now I can see Our Lady is coming She has the Baby Jesus in Her Arms, He is wrapped in a beautiful like white blanket, it’s not white like we know it, it’s beautiful. I don’t know how to explain it, it’s such a beautiful blanket that She has Our Lord wrapped in. She carries Our Lord in Her left Arm and in Her right Hand She has a rosary. It’s Her white rosary with golden beads and a golden crucifix and at Her Side I see St. Joseph, He is coming also. He has on a brown tunic and Our Lady has like a royal blue tunic and they’re dressed as you see Them sometimes in the olden days of just simple but beautiful trimmed in gold and such bright colours, that it’s hard to explain how beautiful but simple it is. Mother has this beautiful Smile on Her Face just the light seems to radiate from Mother. Mother raises Her Hand and Jesus also raises His Hand and They bless us in unison.

OUR LORD AND OUR LADY: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, Amen.

OUR LADY: I greet you Bright Star of God’s L ove and I thank you once again for answering God’s call. My son on this Most Holy Night I ask you to reflect upon My Divine Son Who is so rejected by this world now, O My children the world goes deeper and deeper into darkness and My Son’s Church is going to go deeper into darkness. The evil one My children is now going to attack My elect. You will suffer much My children in the next year, so I call all My elect to prayer. Only through prayer My children will you have the grace to continue upon the road your God has set you upon. Be faithful to your prayers My children. Do not let the things of the world take you from the path My Son has asked you to walk. O My children so much is going to happen in the very near future. I ask you My children to take account of all that you have and all that you need because one day My children you will wake up and your whole world will have changed and you will not have time to go out and purchase the things that you need. I warn you of this My children because I love you and because you have been so faithful to Me and to your God. O My children We have travelled throughout the world calling Our children from every nation. O My children now is the time for you to stand for what is truth. O My children you must unite as one. I have prepared a soul, My children, to go throughout the world calling My children to rise up and defend the truth. He will soon go forward through the nations with the sword of justice in his right hand and My most holy rosary in his left. He will drive the evil from all the places that I desire him to go. O My children he will guide all of Our children. Be at peace My children there is only one truth. Only pride keeps you divided My children, misinterpretations.

O My children you have been called by God since the beginning of time to come forward to defend the truth. This My children is your job to pray, to fast, to do penance, to make reparation for all those who do not. I ask you My children to take these words to heart. Do not let the things of the world sway you from what I have called you to do. O My children the devil is so cunning he will take you from your path with just little things. Be concentrated upon all that God has asked of you, the time is now so short my children but you can still save many souls through your yes, through your prayers, through your fasting. O My children please, please I ask you to continue to offer more every day. Offer everything you can My children, I assure you, your God will reward you in a very special way. My children you have seen how the sons in my Son’s house are now standing up for the truth. I ask you My children to stand up with these sons of Ours to defend the truth within the Catholic Church. O My children this is part of your job to go forward to defend the truth, to defend My Son in the Holy Eucharist, to defend all the truths that the Catholic Church teaches. O My children I love you so much and I thank you for your continued fiat. You have saved so many souls My children because of the little things you offered Me. Your God will not be outdone in generosity My children for He loves you so much.

I thank you for coming tonight. O My children such a few with so many to carry. I ask you My children do you love My Son enough to carry the load for your brothers and sisters who do not understand. O My children this is what I ask of you tonight. Do not count the cost My little ones, be strong, be soldiers of truth that we have called you to. This My children is what you have been called to since the beginning of time. I love you My children and I thank you for answering Our call and being faithful to all that God has called you to. I ask you My children please, please pray, pray for the souls who do not understand. Pray for those within the Church who will soon be tempted by the Antichrist. O My children they do not know how strong his power will be and without prayer and fasting and offering sacrifice many will fall into his web. O My children I love you so much, I desire not one soul to be lost to us in Heaven. Will you help Me My children, will you continue? O My children please come together under the banner of, “Faithful and True”. Be faithful My children, I assure you, your reward will be great in Heaven.

BRIGHT STAR: Mother now looks around and Mother comes down to each person here and She still has the Baby Jesus in Her Hand. Mother bends down and She kisses Bishop Pio on the forehead and as She does the Baby Jesus blesses him. And now Mother has gone to everybody here, Mother has done the same to each person. Mother has now gone up beside St. Joseph.

St. Joseph comes forward He has a staff within His Hand and St. Joseph places His staff upon Bishop Pio’s head and as He does a lilygrows from the side. And St. Joseph takes the lily and places it within Bishop Pio. He also goes through all those who are here and does to each the same. And when He comes to [Name Withheld] St. Joseph takes [Name Withheld] head in both of His Hands and He kisses him on top of the forehead and He blesses him.

ST. JOSEPH: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, Amen.

BRIGHT STAR: St. Joseph has gone back, stood beside the Blessed Virgin. Mother’s so happy tonight the light that light is just gleaming from Her Smile as She looks at each of us here. Mother’s eyes just seem to penetrate each soul. And as She looks into those here Her Tears fall down Her cheeks, She loves us so much that you can just see the love in Her Face. Mother now raises Her Hand again and She Blesses us.

OUR LADY: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, Amen.

BRIGHT STAR: As Mother was blessing us I seen [saw] all the angels, they came and placed different gifts inside of each person here and t here was [are] many angels that have gone throughout the whole world. And there is [are] people everywhere that are receiving these beautiful gifts from the angels. Mother says:

OUR LADY: They receive these beautiful gifts from Bethlehem, from My Divine Son born here upon this Earth for the salvation of mankind. My children I ask you now to continue with your prayers and I thank you for your fiats. I ask you My children to come here each day until the sixth for I have many graces that I will offer all those who will come here every day to collect the graces that God has to offer. O My children please reread these words, take them to heart My children for much is about to unfold in the New Year but trust in us My children for We will be at your side the whole time. Be at Peace for the road will be heavy but the graces will be many. I love you My children and I Bless you. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, Amen.

BRIGHT STAR: Mother will stay with us now and I will remain quiet.