Message to Valentina – 22 February 2020

The Virus

Valentina (Sydney Seer) – 22 February 2020

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VALENTINA: During my morning prayers, the angel appeared and said to me,

ANGEL: “Come with me, I will show you a place where this virus is being made.”

VALENTINA: We entered a large building that appeared very clinical and was spotless. The angel took me to the laboratory where they create these viruses. I could see a few people working there. They were all dressed in white protective clothing, like spacesuits, fully covered, including the face.

Inside the laboratory, there was a bench on which the angel sat and then asked me,

ANGEL: “Do you know where we are?”

VALENTINA: I said, “No.” The angel continued,

ANGEL: “We are actually in Wuhan, in the laboratory where they created this virus and tested it.”

VALENTINA: The angel, with his index finger, pointed down, said,

ANGEL: “It all happened here, right here is where they created the virus.”

VALENTINA: I stood next to the angel and exclaimed, “Oh no, this is very creepy in here.” The angel said,

ANGEL: “Do not worry about it. It will not touch you or affect you. Trust in the Lord for He will protect His own people.”

“I warn you that you are living now in the most dangerous times. The evil people are trying to harm God’s people by inventing all kinds of poisons and spreading them.”

“Without people knowing, they release the virus and let it spread. They then tell people they are working on a vaccine, which will take a long time. In the meantime, people die. Guard yourself with prayer to ask Jesus to protect you.”