Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother – 29 March 2020


29TH MARCH 2020



The Superior General of the Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother


Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Deacons
Men and women Religious
All the Communities around the world
All Romanists
Au Petit Reste,
All souls of good will

May the Peace of Christ be with you!

“You are Peter and on this Peter, I will build My Church.”

I must remain silent in the tomb and remain anonymous, but I have not failed in my charge. Can the servant be treated better than the Master? Many contradictions have carried the Ministry of Christ to Earth. Likewise, there are many contradictions surrounding the Mission of Petrus Romanus and also that of the King of France. We are living in the time of the Catacombs where religious persecution is at its peak. Like the frightened Disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane, many fled, but they had heard the Words that were said. The Messages had to materialize for the eyes to open and the faithful hearts to feel confirmed in their Faith.

A deep and singular bond unites Petrus Romanus and the King of France, because they are of Divine Law. After having been a movement and in front of the number of adhesions around the world, where true reception is made and also, in front of the peculiarity of the Mission entrusted, Heaven founded The Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother. Its goal is to “Romanize” the Petit Reste so that it is named, enumerated and marked as Romanists, partisans engaged to seat the Last Pope, Pierre le Romain, Pierre II, on the Pontifical pulpit and seat the King of France on the Throne. The Romanists will raise “the stone that men have trampled underfoot” and will elect it. Indeed, it is not a usual conclave that will define the Last Pope. He will be elected by popular acclamation. The King of France will be brought to the skies. Those who believe in the Papacy of Petrus Romanus and the King of France are by the Grace of God, Romanists.

A Delegation has not ceased to travel the world to bring Divine Messages, to open Communities, to make Works of Mercy and, to prepare the way for the Advent of Petrus Romanus and the King of France, such are the requests from the sky.

During a Private Audience in the Vatican, a complete dossier was submitted. Secrets have been told about the future of the world and of the Church. Cardinal X (in pectore) of the Roman Curia, whose identity must be protected, looks favourably on The Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother by supporting it with Petrus Romanus and the King of France and the help we have need. A letter was sent, which was intercepted by the Diocese, even though it was not intended fore the local Ordinary. Parts are missing from this mail.

Many Prophecies and Secrets entrusted by Heaven have found their fulfillment, which authenticate the Messages. Furthermore, Secrets have been sealed to testify to the Divine Origin of the Ads. The fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris; the Rohingya genocide; devastating fires and the extinction of species in Australia; paedophilia in the Church; the invasion of locusts in Africa; global warming; rising water from melting ice; the war in Syria, Coronavirus; the exodus of many populations; the situation of migrants are part of the Secrets that have been realized. Thos who remained faithful, heard, believed and live what was said by Heaven. Symbolic, prophetic and eschatological visions are given to prepare humanity.

The Beast and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are striding forward.

The European Union is unhealthy – its laws subjugate countries. The agitation, which is shaking France and many other countries: strikes, violence, demonstration are the warning signs of a globalized popular uprising.

The Coronavirus was made by human with the intention of killing in large quantities and is a worldwide warning that Heaven allows to punish. It is a serious contagious respiratory and digestive infection, that affects humans and animals. The Superior General of the Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother was given the means to stem this deadly epidemic.

As the Last Pope, Peter II, needs his Twelve Apostles and Disciples of the Last Times, the King of France needs his Twelve Knights. The Sword of the King of France has already been forged. Many more events are to come. What will come will be terrible. Until men bow their knees, the “Hand of God” will fall. The political, social and economic situation will continue to deteriorate. As long as those in power continue to enslave their people, God will punish. Blood will flow and the white cassock will be stained with blood. On Rome, the flag of IS will fly.

The Ecclesial situation is unstable. The Roman Curia is torn apart. Desacralization is underway. The King of France will return to France; her title “Elder Daughter of the Church” – because she will once again be the First of the Catholic Powers. Earthquakes due to volcanic and tectonic explosions, will intensify. The vibrations and the tremors will cause the brutal rupture of the earth’s crust and breaking waves. While the Holy Land will be in the hands of IS; the King of France will launch a crusade with the help of his Knights, to wage battle and deliver the Holy Land. The Apostasy progresses inexorably. World War III has already started, it started in the “Land of the Rising Sun”. A huge hydraulic dam will rupture and the damage will be considerable. A Blue Night will emerge during which terrorists will carry out synchronized attacks. A terrible genocide is brewing – it will be as devastating as that of the Shoah.

When the “Tower of London” collapses – in other words, when Queen Elizabeth dies, a series of Apocalyptic Trumpets will sound. This event will be decisive. The Martyrdom of many Christians will be bloody. Chemical attacks will decimate populations. A nuclear disaster will bring terror and misery. A nuclear winter will come, characterized by the darkening of the atmosphere and the drop in temperatures due to the accumulation of dust and ash, which will cause a widespread nuclear conflict.

Paris and Rome will disappear. An asteroid will crash. The future of humanity rests in the hands of Petrus Romanus and the King of France. Chrism with its monogram (khi and rhô) and the motto “In Hoc signo Vinces” will be a sweet consolation in these times of tribulation. The Roman Virgin, Sainte Petronillé, venerated at Pierre de Rome, is the Patron Saint of the Kings of France, because she was the “daughter” of Saint Pierre. The link between Petrus Romanus and the King of France is established. The Feast of Saint Petronilla on May 31, should be an occasion for prayer and thanksgiving.

Adam opened a time of fall through Original Sin. However, Christ, the New Adam, inaugurated a Time of Salvation. (Epistle to the Romans V). In the same way Petrus Romanus and the King of France will open the time of the Celestial Jerusalem, a New Alliance will be sealed. An Appeal is launched for the gathering of the Petit Reste. The Unit must prevail in order to achieve Victory. Le Petit Reste is invited to become a “Romanist”. Le Petit Reste is a Catholic traditionalist – faithful to the Dogmas, it is because he is, that he is also Roman.

It is important to regroup and rally. This Urgent Appeal launched to all the Seers, the Mystics, the Privileged Souls, the Communities, the Cardinals, the Bishops, the Priests, the Deacons, the Religious, the Romanists, to the Little Rest. A union of hearts will encourage common action. I ask you to enter the “Stone Boat”.

To all who read and hear these words, I invite you all to embrace the Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother, such is the request of Our Lady. Long live Petrus Romanus and the King of France! May God give His Blessing! I ensure you of my prayers and my affection.

I give you the Blessing. Amen.

The Superior General

of the Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother