Roman Order – Address on Easter Sunday – 12 April 2020

Address of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ

April 12, 2020

Dear Romanists,

Christ is Risen! Christus Resurrexit!

Sitting on the rolled stone of the tomb, The Angel said to Mary Magdalene and the other Mary: “You have no fear! I know you are looking for Jesus the Crucified One. He is not here because He has risen, as He said. Come see the place where He rested. Then quickly go and tell His Disciples, “He is risen from the dead, and behold, He precedes you in Galilee, there you will see.”

This is what I had to tell you.

After having been unjustly scoffed at, tortured, insulted, humiliated, despised; after being rejected by All, The Son of Man comes out of His Silence, from His Tomb to announce to His People that He is Risen, that He is Alive, that He has conquered Death.

We can, by this Divine Mystery that is the Resurrection, have the certainty that after death, our life will continue, we will be resurrected. On this Easter day, by His Resurrection, God comes to offer us Hope. He comes to warm our hearts; our hearts which have let themselves be hardened, our hearts which have been let down under the weight of sin, under the weight of trial.

As in the image of Christ, during this Holy Lent, during these forty days, we were tested in different ways: either by illness, or by the death of one of our loved ones, or by temptations of all kinds, either by despair, and especially by this Deadly Virus which rages and which devastates Humanity. We strictly fasted, prayed earnestly, and today our efforts are rewarded. All the Hope that we had placed in Christ, all the efforts that we have made, all the reparations that we have offered to Christ, all have not been in vain. No, dear Romanists, today God comes to meet us through the Resurrection of His Son Jesus. He comes to us, to each of us, to reward us, to console us, to lift us up, to give us back the Joy that we had put aside because of the hardship.

Dear Romanists, since the beginning of The Mission, we have been walking with Christ on the Way to Calvary. Despite the difficulties, the persecutions, the betrayals, we have stood firm, we have fought. Each day was difficult, each day was heavy.

Today, still in the image of Christ, we are in the tomb, we must hide, be careful to remain free. But today too, my dear Romanists, the Resurrection of Our Divine Master, Our Lord Jesus, fills us with Hope, because we can say with certainty that we will taste the “Resurrection”, this rebirth of Mission . We are addressing you, you who have remained faithful, you who have fought, who have fought without fail, be confident, Jesus is coming. He comes to our aid to rectify what has been destroyed.

We can read in St. John 2:19 “Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up”. Since God spoke the truth in these Words of the Holy Scriptures, since in three days God has straightened up what has been destroyed, God will straighten out and the countless crowd of faithful will rise up.

The Mission will bloom again like the first flowers in spring. The Servant could not be better served than His Master. He had to be betrayed, rejected, humiliated, denied, forgotten, neglected. Like Peter who guides him, Our Peter II could only commune intensely with the sufferings of Christ.

Dear Cardinals, dear Bishops, dear Priests, dear religious, dear consecrated people, all of you Communities, Faithful Souls, You Little Rest, stand up today, stand up for your God. Cheer the One who died and came back to life. Give back the Glory which is due to the One who saves everything.

Let our hearts be pierced by the Light of Easter, by this burning Fire, by this Fire which devours, which consumes, which strengthens, which vivifies, which supports; this Burning Fire, which is none other than Christ, the Living. He wants by His Resurrection, to come today to visit us and console us. Christ wants to purify us, to renew us. Let our hearts open to His Goodness. Let’s not be afraid to hope again, to believe that we will go further.

Dear Romanists, see what Love is made of Our God. Condemned to Death because of sin, God sent His Only Begotten Son to remove us from the abyss, the abyss of sin. Let us be grateful to Him. Let us be good children, with simple hearts, innocent hearts, devoted hearts. Let us show our Father in Heaven that we love Him, by helping our neighbor, by being united.

We have a very special thought for our brothers and sisters who left because of the Pandemic which is shaking the world, and for all the victims who are affected by it. We offer prayers, Holy Masses and sacrifices for them.

Dear Romanists, here is a prayer that Jesus offered Himself:

Come Lord, with Your Eucharistic Power make me smile again.

Come Lord, with Your Power, give me Joy even in tears.

Come Lord, in me welcome everything.

Come Lord, let my face shine with Your Resurrection. Amen.

Through this prayer, everything is said, Hope is asked.

Dear brothers and sisters, to concretize our Unity, to show the Father that we really want to live in the Union, we invite you to recite on this Feast Day, this Holy Easter Day, and at midday very precisely, this prayer Powerful over the Heart of God.

We entrust you to the Good Care of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. This Holy Mother who did not fail before the Sorrowful Passion and Agony of Her Son Jesus. She shared each of Her Sufferings. She received in Her Hands the Inanimate Body of Her Child. At the foot of the Cross, She was offered to us for Mother. At the tomb, She must have laid him down, the Bruised Heart.

At the Resurrection, She shared the Joy of the Disciples.

So, in His Example, let us remain strong, patient, and persevering. She is our Model of life. Let us remain ardent in prayer, the recitation of the Most Holy Rosary, His favorite prayer.

We wish each and every one of you Happy Easter Holidays.

May the Risen Christ fill you with His Gifts, these Graces you need, protect your Fiat, and fill you with the Light of His Glory.

We give you the Blessing in the United Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

Holy Easter feasts to all.

The Superior of the Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother, Monsignor Barthélémy, Monsignor Matthew, Monsignor Luc, Father Jacques, Father Philippe and Father Paul