Roman Order – Sermon on Holy Thursday – 9 April 2020

Roman Order – Sermon on Holy Thursday – 9 April 2020

Holy Thursday Sermon

Feasts of Priests, Consecrated of God

Take, eat, this is My Body …

Drink in all; for This is My Blood The Blood of the Covenant, which is going to be shed for a multitude in remission of sins. (Mt 26-27)

Dear Romanists,

Dear Bishops, Dear Priests

Here are words that say it all. These are the Holy Words upon which the Church has perpetrated, led Her children, through centuries and centuries. These Words of Our Lord Jesus Christ resonate in our hearts like a sweet refrain that soothes, like a melody that rocks us, and in these particularly difficult days, like an encouragement, a Hope, a Safe Value.

These Holy Words show us the Greatness of God, The Greatness of His Goodness, The Greatness of His Love. We can then say, “Happy are we because God loves us. ”

Throughout His Life on Earth, Jesus never ceased to prove His Love to us. He was an Example to follow. And this is why we are invited to put our steps in the One who is. We have to imitate Him.

On this day when we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, we commemorate the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist. This is where Jesus announces His Holy Death to us, through the Sharing of Bread and Wine. He prepares the way, He prepares our hearts for the Divine Will, for His Death on the Cross.

This is how, through Parables, Jesus guided and instructed those who listened to him. The Disciples who followed him recognized in Him, the Messiah, the One who will redeem His People, and they remained faithful to Him.

Through the Divine Mystery of the Holy Eucharist, even today, Jesus sacrifices himself on the Wood of the Cross. He bleeds and suffers because of our sins, because of this world at war and rebellious, because of the indifference of Men in front of His Merciful Love, because of this world in distress, forgetting to put God first in their life. On our consecrated altars, the Precious Blood of Jesus still flows. It sinks to redeem us. It flows to purify us. It sinks to save us. As in the past, God gives His Life for His Children.

The Great Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus tells us well: “To love is to give everything, and to give oneself …”

As we know, His Mission is not over. He must come back. And despite His Physical Absence on Earth, He is present in our lives, and especially in the Holy Eucharist. God hides under the veil of the host.

This is what reminds us in this Holy Thursday, it reminds us of the Divine Sacrifice, the Sacrifice of Love.

Especially invited to reflect on what Jesus said during this Holy Meal, we are also invited, we consecrated of God, to reflect on the Priesthood that we carry, to the Greatness of the Mission entrusted to us.

We were chosen, we said yes, and we were consecrated. We put ourselves in the Service of Christ, in the Service of the Church, in the Service of our brothers following the example of Our Shepherd, in the greater humility. We have taken on our small shoulders the Cross of Jesus, and without fear, we go forward every day celebrating, the Holy Mass, repeating the same gestures of Jesus at the Last Supper. We can then affirm that we participate more and more in this Divine Mystery of the Eucharist.

Dear Brothers and Consecrated Ministers, what grace we have in being able to hold the Holy Body of Our Jesus in our hands. What a precious grace to share with the faithful the Body of the Crucified Christ. What grace do we have! When we celebrate our Holy Masses, let us not forget this beautiful gift that God gives us every day!

Unfortunately, in the world, many consecrated people allow themselves to be tempted and fall. Many leave their clothes for another life.

Dear brothers and sisters, we who are guided by God, do not give up, hold on, stay attached to our convictions, our beliefs, our Holy and Healthy Values.

As the world suffers from the Suffering caused by this deadly virus, the Coronavirus, we must continue to celebrate for the faithful around us.

In the world, souls are deprived of the Holy Eucharist, because the Churches are closed. Many Christians are deprived of their precious spiritual food. But we who have the grace to celebrate, abuse it! Let’s be more fervent than usual.

We are the Ministers of Christ, we are His Representatives on earth.

In this Holy Week, we are called to renew our commitments to the Holy Church, and to Our Pope, Our Petrus Romanus.

Let’s not be afraid to say yes to Jesus again. Let us dare to give Jesus our Fiat.

Through the Charge entrusted to us, we have the responsibility to help the souls who listen to us. We have to help them take the Right Path, the right road. We have to help Peter II to hold the boat on the stormy waves.

Dear Consecrated Persons, Dear Ministers of God, let us pray for all those souls entrusted to us. Like Jesus Good Shepherd, let us protect our flocks, our faithful, from temptation, discouragement, from all that could mislead them. Let us be Examples for them.

Also, let’s not forget to pray for those who seek God.

Let us pray and implore the Blessed Virgin Mary to give us many priests, many Holy Priests. The Church is in dire need.

My Dear, desacralization is underway. Souls lose the sense of the sacred. The Church is in danger. We must support it, and even more today.

We who walk in the Truth, join our forces, our prayers to support the New Church on the march.

Dear Romanists, Dear Brothers, Dear Ministers of God, let us put ourselves under the Protection of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Let us ask the United Hearts of the Holy Family to watch over our Ministry, and to protect our Fiat in these difficult times.

Happy Thursday to all.

In the Love of Jesus, receive our Love.

We give you the Blessing in the United Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Superior of the Roman Order of the Redemptive Mother, Monsignor Barthélémy, Monsignor Matthew, Monsignor Luc, Father Jacques, Father Philippe and Father Paul