Message to Visionary A of Japan – 4 April 2020

Message to Visionary A of Japan

4 April 2020 @17:10

Our Lady:

It’s not as if we don’t have finances. It is a request from the opponents of Jesus, who are members of darkness. They are in trouble if we stand in Japan. Everything is locked and keyed.

If the children of Japan pray — if all the children pray My Rosary … this Mother can rise. The prayers of the children of Japan are still not enough. It remains a self-centered thought. Please ask this Mother for help. Pray the rosary.

Please offer the Trient [Tridentine] Mass, which my son Jesus  likes to do. My heart-broken Jesus’s priests, the Trient Mass … Japan must change now.

From the heart of this Mother Afflicted, I bless all the children of Japan. +


Visionary A, my dear daughter. Keep praying as you are. Keep your grieving heart in it and keep praying. I’m sure this mother will provide for you. We need to reveal the darkness of Japan.

I am the Immaculate Virgin Mary, your Mother, the Mother of all Love, the Mother Mary, the mediator [Mediatrix] of all Grace. And the Mother of Salvation, Mary the Mother of Salvation who grieves. Please give this to Australia’s loving son, the next Pope. Look to him for guidance. What should be done in Japan’s country?